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picture14 May 2011 @ 17:46, by Max Sandor

Why bother?

The mind of man is caught in a self-made prison of contradictions and paradoxes. This basic observation of paramount importance echoes to us from the human culture as known to us. Yet, time after time, this fundamental knowledge has been occluded, trivialized, or simply forgotten.

Whether we look at the ancient poems of India, the mystics of China and Japan, or the gnostics of Western civilization, the simple resolution of the seemingly unmitigable opposites within the mind of man has been made a mystery within secret traditions and squashed away or mutilated for the rest of mankind.

Patanjali, the presumed author of the famous 'Yogasutra', was so terrified of the potential abuse of his approach of reconciling the fundamental paradoxes in life that he refused to make clear how to a ṕolarization' is being created. We can put this concern to rest because this knowledge IS ALREADY BEING USED actively and consciously since many hundreds of years in order to control the 'ordinary people' and to make them cheerful slaves, grateful of being oppressed and being robbed their birthright to sanity.

We owe us therefore to ourselves and to all of those we love that we revive the ancient wisdom of how to transcend the paradoxes of life, not only to free our mind and live more happily thereafter but also to maintain a chance that the human race may evolve beyond the current state of slavery. And, let us make clear that also those who think of themselves as being a MASTER are subject to their own willful polarization into a master/slave configuration. Their are caught themselves in the web of illusions and delusions.

What's the problem?

We're being told since childhood that our life is a sequence of choices. While there is an obvious truth in this statement, it is also very misleading. It looks like as if we had a choice in making our choices. What if we are told from the beginning of our lives which choices we MUST do and which we should NEVER do? And, what if we were forced already as a child to a fixed set of alternatives for our choices and not being made aware of other possibilities? Improbably? NOT! It is exactly the way it happened and it is still happening to our children and our grandchildren every day, as we speak. You must be dreaming! In fact, you ARE dreaming but you think you're awake. Goethe zed: "No one is more of a slave than he who thinks himself free without being so!"

Free choice? Does it exist? YES! But only if you free your mind first from its inner contradictions. And many a philosopher claimed that the ability to make a free choice would be the TRUE challenge for a human being, that what finally elevates him from the condition of being an unconscious slave of his own confused mind, being just slightly above the instincts of an animal.

What did the ancient masters do?

The few traditional approaches still known to us or recoverable from ancient texts, are mostly alternate contemplations of the two sides of opposites (Gnostics, Buddha for example) or 'head-on' contemplations of a pair of opposites. While this works to a certain degree, there are considerable obstacles to overcome in the process. How do we find the 'true' opposite to a condition while still being in that very condition? Traditionally this is either left to the genius of a Guru, and of those there are very few, or we have to engage in the quest of 'finding the opposite' (note that there are modern approaches like PEAT, Knowledgism, for example). But the Koan of a Zen master, the head-on approach, even if the paradox of the Koan is 'perfect' for the student, may take an unknown time of contemplation before reaching a one-time 'satori' (enlightenment). Patanjali's ingenious innovation was that the realized that every condition in itself is already polarized. That means, from an holistic viewpoint you can ignore the opposite force to a given condition and split up the condition ITSELF in two opposites. We can call this introvertive depolarization, and consider the previously mentioned methods as extrovertive approaches.

What has all of that to do with the 'Girapoli Effect'?

While doing many depolarizations it had been observed that every oncea while a person during the 'depolarization process' is witnessing an effect that is clearly going BEYOND the usual state of super-relaxation that arrives at the conclusion of any successful polarization, be the latter called 'satori' or 'pleroma' or a kind of 'samadhi'. It was further noticed that the two opposite poles within the mind of the person began to ROTATE just PRIOR to the 'depolarization' itself.

What is that funny name all about?

The first systematic classification of these super-energies was done in Italy. The word 'gira(re)' in Italian means 'turn/rotate' and 'poli' means poles, therefore 'rotating poles'='Girapoli' and we left at that.

And now?

Find someone who can guide you through a session of depolarization and engage you first depolarization. You could try yourself but this has been found extremely difficult and it is much easier and effective to get some help. It is even better if you find the procedure integrated in some larger paradigms such as Max Sandor's Power Coaching, for example, in order to take maximum advantage of your new powers.

Girapoli animation: [link]
Power Relations [link]
Power Coaching [link]
about Polarities and Facilitators [link]

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