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 The semantics within the transfer of ancestor goals and a model of mortality8 comments
picture18 May 2011 @ 20:20, by Max Sandor

The greatest portion of a person's goals (and thus problems) do not stem from himself or his lifetime experience but result from the transfer of an immense collection of the goals of his ancestors.

A biological model how this transfer may happen physically has been created by Bruce Lipton, PhD [link] and it serves very well in demonstrating how the Memes of prior generations are being carried forward and impact the person already during the embryo phase via the dramatization of prior intentions, goals, fears, and behaviour in general.

One important issue is rarely being addressed: how is the meaning and/or interpretation of old contents being transferred?

A common observation made is "a person carries out the goals of his father/mother". "talents skip one generation", "all children rebel against the father/mother", and so forth. While these statements and popular wisdom reflect some level of truth, they are not quite accurate as we can witness in morphic field processing (Skywork) or when using QLFP or similar processes of Power Coaching [link] applied to ancestors. Especially if we strip expired goals in whole-sale fashion with the Girapoli Process [link] what we see is rather a flip of a pole of the category of Self/Other ("Obara").How can this be explained in a simple way?

We observe that a person perceives the impact of the ancestor's forces as a subtle (or sometimes cruel) push from his back forward and often from a direction slightly above his back, we can track this impact down to the perception of the embryo within the belly of the mother as chemical signals due to her emotional reaction to signals from HER environment and as responses to the content of words spoken within the context of emotionally charged situations. Such a model would not even require the existence and manifestations of the so-called morphogenetic field, an expression coind by Rupert Sheldrake [link] In simulations of 'real life' circumstances we can witness BOTH forces at work, and, what is of paramount importance, both follow the same transfer rules which we can model as follows:

1. As the ancestor force is perceived as pushing his goal or intention from the back forward, the descendant now becomes the substitute of the original target of the goal or intention.
2. Dependending on the existent array of predispositions, the descendent opposes the goal or concurs with it and becomes the ancestor of a new generation.
3. The NEXT descendent again opposes or concurs with the transmitted content. A DOUBLE negation results in a cloned goal of the grandfather generation, either decayed or enforced.

This rule can be taken to create a couple of truly revolutionary models, for example for the rarely explained existence of mortality and self-destruction in general.

A simple example: a person is decided to kill others, be it to survive or as a soldier. The intention when carried forward will 'see' his own decendant in front of him but the intention is just an information and has no intelligence on its own. It commands literally to kill what is in front of it and its descendents therefore become a substitute.

Ancestor's forces are subtle and weak but they're constant forces, whether via the morphogenetic field or via the signal model of epigenetics.

In the end, the collective intentions of the cells of an organism to kill or eat others results in the Thanatos impulse, the death drive. of the organism itself.
As a consequence of the evolution of the human body, genetically manipulated or not, and given that all cells taken in for food from the environment contain the Thanatos impulse, we see our own mortality. Augmenting longevity requires therefore to the minimum a reduction of the urge to kill other within the chain of ancestors.

Last not least, the formula applies to all goals and intentions, such the conditions of poverty, ailments, failures or success. It is not immediate obvious since a child is rebelling against his parents as 'polarization' effect (see also 'Polar Dynamics by Sandor/Dawson [link] ) The content however is being cloned and carries forward as a double negation of the original goal and substituting the original target with the descendent.

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18 May 2011 @ 21:36 by Ed Dawson @ : excellent... :)
The reduction of the urge toward death should I think include a careful cultivation or creation of equanimity toward that negative urge, as any resistance will prevent its reduction. Therefore the removal of polarization toward that urge would have to come first, yes? But unfortunately it does not appear to me to be a straight polarization. It in fact looks to me like ika being carried along a flow between oshe and ofun: growth progressing into decay. It is in fact ika being carried on the first wheel of olodu: life coming out of the darkness (oyeku), proceeding to growth (oshe), to completion (ogbe), to gradual decay (ofun), and back into darkness again (oyeku, completing the cycle).  

18 May 2011 @ 23:17 by mx @ : life cycle of Memes vs that of organisms
Lipton explained in an incredible way how a singular cell duplicates the functions of an organism, with nervous systems, perceptions, digestive tract, reproduction, etc.
But a cell is in itself bound into the paradigm of destroying other life in order to live... the 'formula' would apply to it as well... as a fractal manifestation so to speak.. and, yes Ed, I share your view on the first wheel roundabout in general. On the other hand, organizations like a human body or groups or tribes of human people (avoiding the word nation here), should be able to replace the individual components (cells. humans) and thus be able to recreate itself or mutate along the way WITHOUT the organism collapsing entirely like in human physical death...
so where does the impact of the first wheel (the complete cycle of action) come from? As humans we may cultivate now what you described above... but the MEME needs to be revised too...
a possible area to look at would the morphogenetic field that "expects" a MEME that incorporates as a physical compound to follow the decay within the cycle of action...
BUT ALL OF THIS IS BASED ON PAST BEHAVIOR... their effects are excactly that what we can learn to transform...  

18 May 2011 @ 23:24 by Ed Dawson @ : Hmmm....
Where does it come from? Frankly the whole system of binary splits and the wheels look engineered. Decay appears deliberately engineered. Why? To make room inside enclosed systems set up as zero sum games? And by setting up enclosed systems and thereby enforcing zero sum games, the decay wheel of ethics also comes into play - the Zousel figure. From win/win, decays to win/lose, decays to lose/lose, etc.

I do not like the setup. I want to file a complaint with the architect and his engineering staff...  

19 May 2011 @ 00:51 by bushman : lol, Hmmm
Well in Nature there must be decay, as well the Earth is a closed system for the most part. I mean it's only natural, also if you picture the system as a balance/scale, there is only one choice that can be made. Like once things are balanced, the only choice is going out of balance. So if everything is at one extreme it has no choice but go to the other extreme till it all comes into balance again, and then the cycle repeats. :}  

19 May 2011 @ 07:04 by Roy Dittmann @ : Epigenetic influences
I enjoyed this article, although some of it I didn't understand completely. Meditation, Linguistic clearing, Seva ( Service), Prayer, Deep Breathing as wella s Being in the presence of A Sat Guru's or Spiritual Realizer does powerfully afford the opportunity for Miraculous, Spontaneous Realization of Self ala Ramana Maharshi's Life and Teachings. This Human Transmission is so powerful that is "wipes the past clean" or clears most of these past life tendencies.  

20 May 2011 @ 15:19 by mx @ : epigenetic influences and the quest for:
the human transmission wipes clear areas of the past but not the drive for death if the yogi still feels it...
the point is to go BEYOND the formula of the architect in order to arrive at the architect ;)  

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