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picture25 May 2011 @ 12:56, by Max Sandor

The last 2+k years have seen the great loss of the distinction of the fundamental cornerstones of human existence: Soul and Spirit.They have been collapsed into one and the same 'thing', their individual properties lost or perverted. Nothing good can come of something like that: should we blame if for the great confusion of Man of our times?

One of the most hideous confusions is not a 'melting together' ("con-fusion") but an inversion with subsequent negative polarization:

The Spirit's domain was and is 'to desire' and thus inspire the Soul to manifest its content. The Soul once was content with what it thus had and both lived happily thereafter and BEFORE the grand confusion had been setting in, some say even before the time of the unfolding of our Universes.

With the collapse of Spirit and Soul within the Mind of Man (or them pesky Universal ancestors for some who insist), the Soul started doing what it's worst at: desiring. And the Spirit commenced to try what it can't: owning, having, total control via solid connection instead of sharing inspiration, forgetting that Soul and Spirit are like Matter and Anti-Matter: if they would ever touch each other, the world would cease to exist.

The result became a disaster for Man, and thus for Creation as such: the great rainbow serpent is SAD, immensely SAD, looking into his golden sphere which we call our world, it doesn't see fulfillment, it sees the impossible longing of the Soul and the vain effort of the Spirit to 'Own' something, neither attempt leading to happiness: the only result is slavery to the many and solipsism for a few.

What to do?

The answer is as easy to see as it is difficult to do:

( will come to you!)

That's of course going against the grain of what we're used to do in our civilization:

We desired what we NOT had and therefore we had what we NOT desired.

The only ones profiting from this craziness are the few who are NOT desiring the properties of others, they simply TAKE it!

Too simplistic? Maybe, but it's as basic as a truth as the apple falls from the tree: you make someone desire something, be sure to provide the opposite, and. voilá, you created a willing slave from a man who could be free.

For example, have Barack Obama promise "A Just and Lasting Peace" (in his Nobel Prize Acceptance speech 2009) and make some war: the perfect recipé for enslavery in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Bravo! Ingenious & supersmart !

But if we would desire what we already have, wouldn't all progress end, wouldn't we fall back into the times of savage, uneducated people? That's the reasoning of what we came to call a 'polarized' mind, a mind unable to see alternatives to what it was programmed to perceive as 'true'.

Just try it, dear friend: transcend [link] the polarity of 'desiring & owning' and be surprised!

Or, do it the rabbit's way at the gate to Merlin's castle... [link] :) .. do the opposite of what your enslavers want you to do...

and then start doing to do what YOU really wanted to do ALL ALONG...
(and, YES!, it will come to you!)

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25 May 2011 @ 13:38 by a-d : Thank U Thank U, Dear.....
great stuff!.... good links too!:-)  

25 May 2011 @ 14:05 by Mark @ : Yes
And - I would ad:
what you really wanted to do all along, will come to you by itself - if you confront it.
And btw: (this is slightly beside the point, but not completely) I see a big chance for older people. Once you are in the age where 'getting some fancy material things for the few years left' seems ridiculous, and the same for any importances etc, you can turn your life around and get radically essential in re to what you really want :-))  

25 May 2011 @ 15:51 by mx @ : thnx mrk !
I modified the slogan once again (the last time?). to:

( will come to you!)  

25 May 2011 @ 16:46 by daniela @ : JUSTIFICATION
thanks .. good point! you're right! depolarizing during these days I realized the ability to accept any script, any fact, event, and any action (mine and others)! I am able to justify everything without a sense of "ethics" too, without of shared MEST anymore, because of infinite/immense ARC/KRC that comes.. NO RELIGION ANY MORE!! :-) This is demonstrated by your sentence "The only ones profiting from this craziness are The Few Who Are Not desiring the properties of others, they're Simply TAKE it! .. "It justifies the action of one who in this reality is called Thief?
A person who does not need to desire what does not have and then will have and do what he wants, what is the need to take it? however, if I'm happy and then
I desire what I've got, I do what I want of course will arrive what arrive and it's what I need. the fact that we need to take come from a need. What do you think?

26 May 2011 @ 10:01 by Tim @ : email bouncing
I tried to get in touch via email from to locate a facilitator near me, but the email address is bouncing.


26 May 2011 @ 13:17 by mx @ : Tim: try
what e-mail address did you see where?  

26 May 2011 @ 14:44 by luc @ : Holy words

26 May 2011 @ 14:55 by Tim @ : Link
Thanks Max. It was at "Find a facilitator ..." was the link.


26 May 2011 @ 22:01 by mx @ : thnks Tim!! & questions...
e-mail corrected in the link. thnks Tim!

Dany: that's the "Crowley Question" ;) Lao-Tze talked about it ... sometimes I tell some stories from the moments I developed it myself... maybe you remember some... mainly when I facilitatet the 'Power of the Free Will' exercise...
2 simple answers are possible:
1. you know it only when you're there (and before it's a moot point)
2. anticipating that moment, one can theorize that anything you do in this state is exactly the right thing at the right time, whatever it may be... ;)  

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