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picture28 May 2011 @ 22:32, by Max Sandor

In a human (pre-)embryo, after the formation of polar bodies and subsequent cell divisions which we may speculate follow the ConCur rule with 90-degree rotations, we see that ... "Within a few days after fertilization, cells on the outer part of the morula become bound tightly together with the formation of desmosomes and gap junctions, becoming nearly indistinguishable. This process is known as compaction." Wikipedia [link] The 16-cell stage lasts a full 3 days. The individual cells form a cluster similar to the Toth-Diagram [link] in 3D (see microscopic photograph)

We witnessed over the years that life forms create (?) or 'have' such a pattern around their bodies and that, at least for humans who went through the process and effort to analyze the energies in their space, the actual energies within the individual 3D-Toth Diagram vary from person to person. We know further that the activation or suppression of these prime energies are directly correlated to the abilities and preferences of the person. It seems that it is irrelevant (or synonymous) whether the space in which we hold an energy or the prime energy itself has a defect or special (hyper-)activation.

As we are within a fractal Universe, we can further speculate that we see the sequence of "Universe Unfolding" duplicated for the creation of a human Being.

Relevant for the person itself in his life, we see further the importance of reconstructing one's energy field and 'depolarize' any conflicts, for example using Girapoli-4 which yields exactly this full 16-energy array. This needs prior work of course using 'ordinary' Girapoli [link] .

The 16-cell structure is a particle representation. If we switch to wave forms, we can see structures known as the 'Flower of Life' that shows circles to indicate the 'wave-fronts' (a hybrid representation) or we can see Moebius-like wave paths which link the '4 Wheels' or sequences of prime energies (olodu). In the 'Flower of Life' movement, the base structure is also called a 'Merkabah', pointing to Egyptian mysticism.

We can also call this structure the (energetic) 'Morula' of the person. It describes his energetic 'home'. Its first appearance 4-7 days after birth could very well define the later basic properties of the person and be a decisive factor to the 'archetype' the person will later display in life (this speculation is pending independent verification with Skywork [link] ).

In any case, a strong point for pre-natal regression therapies such as the 'modern shamanic' Whole-Self International Institute
[link] that delivers the PreBirth Analysis Matrix (PAM) of John-Richard Turner, for example. I point to this modality because that's what Maria Lee applied for me some 10+ years ago, thank you Maria :) but I am aware of a multitude of other pre-natal consciousness techniques.

Wishing you all a good HMR !
(Happy Morula Recovery)

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We can also call this structure the (energetic) 'Morula' of the person. It describes his energetic 'home'.  

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