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picture23 Jun 2011 @ 15:09, by Max Sandor

What makes is so different for a learning experience whether to read a book, see a video, or hear an audio, witnessing a speaker live, or being in an interactve workshop?

How come it makes 'click' for a person when I show him or her the truth of personal archetypes in a few minutes in a shopping mall or in a coffee shop but people reading books about Fá and its polarities and archetypes are NOT getting it after years of 'studying'?

'Learning how to learn' was already fascinating me as a child but until recently I had it all upside down: truth is not taught through words in a book. Words are just pointers, we KNOW that, thank you, Count Alfred! Still we behave to the contrary in daily life.

So, again, WHAT makes the difference if the student 'gets' it or not?

After a series of amazing teaching experiences [link] with small groups via the Internet using Skype it made finally 'click' for myself.

The teacher must be OPENING HIS HEART to his students and POINTING EXACTLY TO WHAT THEY CAN GRASP despite their and their parents' previous confusions !

Wikipedia's article on the concept of h'oponopono [link] , even though hopelessly outdated and ornating its ramblings with romantic landscape pictures instead of more information, still gives a good picture of the origins of this concept.

What is there portrayed as a 'belief system' we now KNOW to be truth:

The errors of our forefathers are repeated through us we are passing them on to our offspring UNWITTINGLY if we are not putting an end to this charade.

The new science of Epigenetics attempts to explain to us what we can see in daily life. The experience of 'processing', helping others by guiding them through their past experiences, PROVES it to us. Why would we need some Hawai'ian fancy play of syllables to refer to?

We don't. But it helps to realize that this is not a glib exercise of propaganda to make people pay for something they wouldn't need. Going back to the roots is a revolution in teaching. The secret of 'dialogue-ing' is as actual as it was to the times of Gotamo Siddharto and the Plato.

Welcome to the PAST. Now let the FUTURE begin!

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23 Jun 2011 @ 17:24 by Trent @ : Yes!!!
That was EXACTLY my experience. Even though I had immersed in the energies of oshe and ofun before, I asked myself, "Why did I feel them so purely and cleanly during the discussion?" It was because I was connected to the teacher, who had a pure taste for them.

Your words are directly connected to these energies because you can do them cleanly. By sharing space with you, and truly duplicating the import of your words, I was just as aware and certain of them as you are. This goes with everything else that was discussed.  

17 Mar 2016 @ 08:57 by lmx @ : sdf
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