The Sandorian Grove: The Varuna Matrix in Quantum Fa: bridging Gnostics, Vedas, Runes, and Ifa?    
 The Varuna Matrix in Quantum Fa: bridging Gnostics, Vedas, Runes, and Ifa?6 comments
picture9 Jul 2011 @ 16:38, by Max Sandor

There are several ways of ordering the sequence and inner correlations of the super-energy patterns of the Universe, known in Gnostics as Ogdoad (the eightfoldedness, but with male&female manifestations resulting in 16 patterns), in the Vedic systems as evolutions of the Gunas Triad, in Rune Lore as 'Male' and in Ifa as 'Imale' or also 'Male'. (To avoid confusions for English speakers, we'll write the later here as 'Malé'.)

The 'Malé' in the Nordic system were the four seasons of the year subdivided each in four subdivisions, yielding sixteen 'super-energies' which were invoked via the 'ru-ne' system (See Karl Spiessberger's "Runen Magie", 1954). In German, 'Male' and 'Rune' are interpreted as meaning 'markers' and 'whisper', respectively. If we look at the associations made with the Varuna-System of Quantum Fa http::// we arrive at ma-(i)lé, 'Mother-Land' or 'Homeland', and 'ru-na' 'bringing down/manifestating consciously', meaning 'conscious invocation of the forces of nature'.

The Varuna sequence of super-energies is another angle of view of the 'Toth Diagram' and follows the 'traditional' yoruba sequence except for the principles of Oshe and Ofun (as proposed by Ed Dawson). These two energies are clearly part of the first 'cycle of 4', the first 'season' or 'expanded cycle of action' in the Varuna system, and the first 'Eon' in the Gnostics, and the upper inner tetrahedron in the 3D Toth Diagram.

The basic cycle, based on the Rigveda is given below. (note that 'Ri-G-Ve-Da' in Sandor's Varuna System is equivalent to the Quadpole Owonring-shogbe-Ofun-di, thus meaning the 'System of Knowledge of Magic of Deliberate Manfestation')

Cause - Beginning - Process - Completion

for example, for the first 'expanded cycle of action':
Fa/Ofun - Ur/Oyeku - Osh/Oshe - G/Ogbe

and for the second 'cycle of the physical Universe (MEST, here ESTM):
Ha/Irosun - Yr/Iwori - Ri/Owonrin - Di/Odi

you can figure out the rest for yourself, or join one of the study groups at the 'Quantum Fa Online Learning Experience' [link] !

Obviously, Sandor's Varuna System of linking the Nordic runes with the system of Ifa is allowing for an unprecedented recovery of our earliest language roots, given that we can now compare Yoruba and its root language Aramaic with Sanskrit and Nordic languages and retrieve the original meanings of many of the words we use today and discover how many of them have been perverted or distorted over time.

As a special note here and but one of countless examples, let us look at the word 'malé'. We see two major distortions:

- the Roman civilization, perhaps in an effort to demonize the 'Barbarian' cultures, turned the connotation of the name of the group of 'super gods' into the meaning of 'bad' altogether.

- the English speaking culture(s) turned the 16 'malé' into the 'male sex' at large, usurping the powers of the 8 female powers that are present in the godhead of 16. This created a problem: how do we now call the 'female' sex if the concept of 'Mother-Land' is taken as a 'male' power? The solution: adding 'fe' (fa/Ofun) in front it, which is a MALE force. Therefore, nowadays we are calling men from the 'Land of woman' and the woman from the 'Land of Male&Female' (fe-ma-[i]lé).

Go figure!

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9 Jul 2011 @ 18:34 by Ed Dawson @ : good
good correlations. I like.  

10 Jul 2011 @ 13:53 by system21 : Quantum Fa
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