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picture21 Jul 2011 @ 22:58, by Max Sandor

We are familiar with the 3 'F' within the 'programs' of the so-called 'reptilian mind' an expression which I dislike very much and prefer to speak of 'cellular programming instead':

Fight, Flight, and Freeze

Yet there is another important component in modern man and this FOURTH response to the environment appears to more of a problem to most than the 'usual' three F's.
To stick with the 'F' gimmick, we could call it:


'Find' as in 'find food', 'find a way out', 'find home', and 'find a solution'.

The 'bacterial' behavior pattern of the 'Fourth F' shows as erratic motion, moving in circles, seemingly random tracking, or repetitive 'try and error' actions.

How come that this is such a big problem for today's man that it shows up as a suspect for emotional stress speculated to leed to cancer and other biological responses that we are used to call 'sickness'?

Man in our times has nowhere to run: wherever you go, the Hamburger, Pizza, cosmetics, and other chains have already rammed their landmarks into the ground: McKillroy was here (and all the rest of the multinational scavenegers).

'Fighting' has become a Don Quichotian nightmare: there are more radar and other cameras than street signs. Rebellion appears short-lived in futile, at least as a one-man-mission.

'Freezing' is the opposite reaction to the frantic searching of the FOURTH F and we'll see a QUADPOLE (as we should expect, of course):


and the closest equivalent we find to this in the 'wheels' of Quantum Fa appears to be:


as discussed the other day in the Quantum Fa Online Learning Experience (Course).

How do we put an end to the spooky craziness of cellular 'behavior'?


It is pointless to regard this kind of 'processing' as event-based 'trauma handling' and it is therefore a moot discussion whether this kind of approach (known in shamanic practices for a long time and now being popularized by RPT/Reference Point Therapy, for example) would 'erase' the 'incident' or not... there are simply to many basic cellular life processes involved and we should consider it labeling rather as 'group processing' than 'incident handlings'.

Certainly, most people, after calming down from the 'find frency', will return to the 'rat race'. Don't let that stop you.. if you don't process you can't win ;)

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22 Jul 2011 @ 05:04 by Mark @ : Triune Brain Plus
Thanks a lot Max for your communication. I am very happy you did put a link on my list.

Your ‘FIND’ is a good find !!

In the details I would like to distinguish between R-Complex items and cellular items.

As you said – it’s mostly a ‘quad pole’. Every basic system. Or in other words: 1 + 3. (One VP and 3 dimension points create the space of the system and space equals physical reality or relevance. For those who read this and are confused – sorry. I fully understand. Please just ignore. It’s only philosophical sald-dressing….).

In this way we also have the system of the Triune Brain – which in fact should be looked at as the TRIUNE BRAIN PLUS Because there is this 4th brain – which is the basis of it all – and this is, as you see it, the cellular brain.

Or with other words, I do not see the R-Complex as identical with the cellular brain. There is something called the R-Complex, which is a group of cells (the first group of cells in the hierarchy) which has the function of being responsible for the whole GROUP of cellular brains that are the body.

This R-Complex has MORE basic instincts than the cellular brain – even though of course they will be derivates of the basic cellular instincts, applied for a group.

Why is this important to differentiate?

Because in practice you will mostly not be able (IMO) to reach a duplication on the cellular level – but only on the R-Complex level – which is enough to switch off the R-Complex instinct activated and therefore the manifestation. Sometimes that which comes up in the R-Complex can be easily be seen as one of the 4 basic patterns on the cellular level – but sometimes not – or not without a fair amount of distortion. Example: you can feel how it feels when a body is hungry (hunger = R-Complex item) – but it surely it is less easy to feel, when a cell is hungry.

Fight, Flee, Freeze and Find – do contain different things of course:
- fight: attack, kill, eat, defending own body from being killed/eaten, defend group, territory,
- flee: run away, not able to flee = feeling trapped, giving up: apathy, death
- Freeze: freeze, ‘going dead’, hibernate, but also: urge to hide (be in the dark), to be safe, protected, feel walls around you
- Find: here we could put the ‘find food’ – but this is a bit of a distortion.

So here are some more not really in any order:
- needing energy (hungry for: energy: food, water, light, warmth (temperature control) , body contact (skin contact) - applies also for needing attention, approval, love or group-response (group acceptance), urge to collect things (food for not starving later)
- needing to get something out of the system (too full), vomit, piss, give birth - applies also for urge to communicate
- urge for sex, to procreate, breed, feeding others, building a ’nest’ (grab a hole, have a safe place for the group)

I do not yet have a ‘system’ of the R-Complex content (I would love to have one).

It is important to remember, that it is not the switched on R-Complex instinct that triggers sickness or problems – it is the fact, that it can not be dramatized and switch back, that the body is not allowed to follow its own instructions. (As you, Max, saw clearly, of course…).

That means: if we would have a list of all basic R-Complex items, we could even go for an assessment and do a huge clean out of everything which is activated and shouldn’t be…..
We would ask questions like: as a child, did you try to run away from something/ to avoid something and couldn’t ?
Things like that. Very very basic questions.

I am open for suggestions :-)


In the context with the above, I would like to explain a method for doing RHT2 (RPT).
(I will in future call RTP as one of the 3 parts of the Root Healing Therapy: RHT1 – similar to R3x, RHT2 – similar to RTP, RHT3 – similar to Deep Peat. But all are slightly different and seen as a whole complex of ‘attack’).

I had a body somatic.
One part of the body felt like a pressure and sometimes it was cold, it was an old somatic.
I was asked: “How does this spot feel?”
I said: “like the feeling of needing to vomit”.
”Ok”, I was told: “So it is like something needs to go out of the system?”
“Ok. When you were a child, did you try to get something out of your system and couldn’t?”
And I remembered my ‘hunger to communicate’ – whenever I was interested in something I had this urge to speak about it to my mother or father – but I couldn’t. My communication to them was blocked, as I feared their reaction. I had to control myself and often only told them part of what I really wanted to communicate.
In seeing this clearly I got a HUGE discharge. I mean I was several times in this session just linecharging.
I do not remember the exact R-Complex item we found (might be ‘being trapped’) – as it has completely dissolved.

So Sicknesses or old problems will contain the same kind of energy as earlier problems which had never been fully seen and acknowledged – and did switch on some R-Complex reaction which had not been switched off since.


24 Jul 2011 @ 07:41 by Mark Ruedi @ : Better understanding of 'Find'
The session today with a person from the island gave me more understanding and appreciation for Max’s finding of ‘find’.

Fight, Flight and Freeze – seen so far as belonging to the R-Complex – are in fact even a step deeper: on the cellular brain basis. And here is also the ‘find’ ( which is the 1 of 1+3 ) - containing the three others, as Max pointed out.

The problem of my client today was ‘being worried all the time’.

Sometimes the worrying could become panic, but mostly it was just worrying in the background. He felt always rushed and pressured to do something. No rest, no relaxations. He need to always ‘make safe’ and be ‘ready to fight back’, and looking for money getting in, etc. etc.

We did acknowledge all the justifications (gains), then all the feelings and then a few things on the R-Complex level. Then I became aware that this was the ‘Find’ which was activated – meaning: he was under pressure to assure his survival all the time, to find solutions for surviving all the time – even though his survival was not really endangered at all. So we acknowledged this – and then checked the three others on this level (fight, flight, freeze) separately, to make sure nothing was left there.

At the end we merged the feeling of being very worried with it’s opposite, the feeling of being fully relaxed (as per Deep PEAT) – and it merged nicely to the understandable astonishment of the client….

The guy was clearly very different after all this: he just stayed sitting in his chair comfortably as if he had absolutely no idea to ever stand up and leave and let me go on with my work ….lol  

24 Jul 2011 @ 09:52 by Mark Ruedi @ : The End Phenomena of Root Healing
Experiences with myself and two other people, have opened up a big new
understanding of what `Root Healing' can and will achieve for you and why: I
call it Emotional Equanimity (thanks xriz for this expression in the first

When `Root Healing' reaches the threshold of having deactivated enough of the
wrongly, permanently triggered (alarmed) instinct-vibrations in the R-Complex - and the Cellular Brain, the 3 brains are not needed anymore and go quiet…

(You will then automatically activate the brain best suited for a certain

The moment this threshold is reached – the EE (Emotional Equanimity) sets in.
You will be fully relaxed, in present time, the thoughts practically stop. You
have a very good body awareness and you are very much yourself, in harmony with
your surrounding and enjoying it. You have become "normal" again . . .

This state is of course not stable.
Instinct-vibrations will be triggered again by situations and environments and
you will be either not even aware of it – or can not act as the vibration wants
you to – and so again some instinct-vibrations will stay switched on …

But chances are good, that with the time – as you become more and more aware of
what is going on – this will happen less and your ability to `reset' the
R-Complex will become better and better.

I hope, we will one day become as proficient as a cat who can reset it's
R-Complex by whipping its tail….. and perhaps we will just do a little dance
like a dervish … to turn us out of this reality . . .  

17 Mar 2016 @ 08:56 by lmx @ : sdf
Tri-mouth sighed: "Do you eat is also really solid flesh!" And waved. Pan child knowing this old guy tied up with him the way, we can save a lot of things yet.

This old man one hundred or not, there is no way, according to his statement, he said that the place to day. Kui open in front, we accelerated feet away, walking to see the map, with map and hope that the memory of the old man can get there before dark, we have gone half a day, a start could still speak, and later on I think how green eyes green eyes grow dim, people constantly yawned, straight to sleep. Suddenly, the old man stopped not go.

Pan child scolded: "You play any tricks?"

The old man looked at the side of the trees, trembling voice: "That is ...... ...... what?"

We turn to have a look and saw that the grass twinkling, turned out to be a cell phone  

1 May 2016 @ 15:10 by Datherine @ : TiIQThiqhBRSP
smieszne jest zwalanie winy za wszystko na kościół, jasne kosciół wszystkiemu winny.Załóże sie, że ta kobieta miała w nosie nauki kościoła, a i tak zachodziła w kolejne ciocs…ża,.KÄiół nie odpowiada za ciemnote ludzi. 10 dzieci to patologia w rodzinie, która ledwo wiąże koniec z koncem, a kosciół namawia do wielodzietności nie głupców, ale tych których na to stać finansowo i emocjonalnie.  

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