The Sandorian Grove: Root Function in the Stock Market as Behavior of Morphogenetic Fields    
 Root Function in the Stock Market as Behavior of Morphogenetic Fields4 comments
picture8 Aug 2011 @ 22:16, by Max Sandor

Additional Notes to the Quantum Fa Online Learning Experience: [link]

We can see the 'root function' as discovered in Skywork [link] around the year 2000 as a general template for the behavior of morphogenetic fields.

This means, that it does not only apply for personal transformation of individuals and small groups but it describes and reflects trends in political, fashion, and market trends (see [link] )

As an illustration, I overlayed a NYSE stock market graph over the Radical Transform / Root Function. The pattern used is a 'classic' double-bottom formation. We can see the 'melting point' as the beginning of a seemingly chaotic pattern, which I termed the 'dissolution of old pattern', and marked in stock market graphs by a temporary 'top', before a new 'alignment' sets in, until a new plateau which numerically corresponds to the previous patterns in Fibonacci relationships.

We can draw several insights from this analogy:

1. the same pattern applies not only for 'positive transformations' of mass behavior but also for 'negative' ones. This means, a psychotic breakdown of individuals, larger groups, and society at large, can be detected before-hand by the appearance of a 'double-top', the 'inverse' pattern of the Root Function. We can see TWO peaks before the melt-down.

2. All patterns are 'fractal': they apply in the micro-cosmos as well as the macro-cosmos. This implies that waves are overlaying other waves. Hence the limited usefulness in actual stock or futures trading.

3. Up-and down-trends follow the Elliot Wave pattern [link] from which we can determine the next 'plateau', provided an overriding larger 'wave' is not distorting the picture.

4. The fractal wave follows the 'Proto-Wheel' of the Quantum Fa principles (the 'proto-wheel' is the structure from which the 4 wheels of 4 principles each arise).

5. For Skyguides: we have to carefully watch the temporary peak between 'melting point' and the actual dissolution of the pattern! It can at times look like a 'resolution' of the problem as it may get quite 'high'. Only and only when we witness an 'upgoing' wave, we can be sure, we're out of the 'danger zone'. Once again, NEVER finish a Skywork BEFORE a new plateau has been reached!

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9 Aug 2011 @ 07:35 by daniela @ : point 5
Point 5 ... is truly fundamental. When there is a dissolution point or when a new solution is coming ther is a particular energy. This point implies a real change in life. when the resolution/end "appears", a look at the overall situation: all the modules or roles should have reached a different location, a different energy (people usually have a new light in eyes) and at this point I love to ask fild if all is ok and if all questions have received answers. This also helps to reach agreement of Being at the new situation. if something is still hanging appears at that time. the end of the end means a new beginning.  

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