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picture9 Aug 2011 @ 04:24, by Max Sandor

Many have tried, nobody succeeded...

Here is another attempt (Sandor, 2011, a few month before the meltdown, no posthumous adorations possible, oh well):

The algorithmic rules for the construction of this and similar Universes are:
(Note: the word 'thing' is used here as in Kant's 'Ding an sich' and Gotamo's 'dhammo')

Our Universe can be considered a closed system in which:

1. Every 'thing' has a predecessor.
2. Every 'thing' consists of a pair of opposites.
3. Every 'thing' persists based on a non-zero differential.
4. Every 'thing' is fractal.

These rules form an axiomatic system which follows the proto-wheel of Ifa. Its elements can be found in all major Universe descriptors, except Number 1 which is based on secret Ifa lore and formulated by Sandor, 2011, even though it is so ridiculously simple that it is commonly omitted. Sandor's formulation is similar to Gotamo's set of axioms ('Buddhism').

ad 1: 1. Every 'thing' has a predecessor.
(The first position of the wheel, cp Odu Ifa 1st wheel, Ofun (the FA rune).

ad 2: Hegel's 'Gegensatz', Gotamo's First Law of 'dukkha' (du+kha=two-sided), Taoist Yin-Yang, Gurdjieff's First Law of the Universe etc), cp the Rune Ur, Odu Ifa Oyeku.

ad 3: this means that everything is 'curved' or 'non-linear', Gotamo: 'anicco', cp Einstein etc, see Gurdjieff's curvature. A quasi funny aspect of the force of the beautiful Oshun, Odu Ifa Oshe, Rune 'Osh', Goethe's 'eternal feminine'.

ad 4: Gotamo's 'anatto'='not-of-itself'='not-original'='ado/adam' (aramaic:'copy'), Gurdjieff: archetype. The fractal property means that every 'thing' is built on an archetype or root pattern, the 'strange attractor'.

SUB-LAWS & interesting now-a-days (August 2011) observations:

a) 'duality based on non-zero differential' means that opposites are attracting each other. That does away with the need of a 'binding force' that drives splitted 'things' back to its original form like in some of my earlier formulations.

1. the explanation of gravity as 'mass attracting mass' is dead-wrong.
2. the exposition of the gurus of 'The Secret' movie of the 'Law', which is 'like attracts like', is dead-wrong.

(how about that for a few nice make-wrongs? haha)

b) clustering: Gurdjieff's second law of the Universe (the 'accumulation of similars') is a result of the necessity of a non-zero differential for persistence: all the marbles wind up in some holes in the sand (=ether).

c) the assumptions of 'a first cause' in theism and the 'before anything was cha-os' theory are both utterly pointless. It is tantamount to claiming that you would know where a 'circle starts'.

[to be cont'd in another Universe...]

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9 Aug 2011 @ 13:25 by Alkaro @ : WOW
WOW - beautiful picture.
Can you create such an universe with this law?

9 Aug 2011 @ 22:25 by mx @ : picture
I didn't do it... but it is certainly a reflection of the 'laws', that's why I selected it when I found it on the Internet.

It's from here:  

29 Sep 2011 @ 04:31 by Trent @ : Musings on the 3rd Rule
Your association of oshe with the 3rd rule makes perfect sense.

Oyeku = potentiality; ogbe = actuality. With just the two of them, there is no RECOGNITION of uniqueness. Or as JG Bennett says, uniqueness is not conserved. For in potentiality, all potential outcomes are equal--nothing stands out, nothing is unique. In actuality, the moment of actualization passes instantly and irreversibly.

Instead, oshe BENDS the flow from oyeku to ogbe, creating a curved trajectory, turning the manifestation into a process. One sees change or "becoming." Seeing creation move along a curve allows one to capture the uniqueness of what-is. Through perception of a curve, one can 'see' from where creation comes and to where it goes.

This also reveals how beauty becomes a trap. It is only a trap if one attempts to isolate it and remove it from the flow. As Goethe says of the Eternal Feminine (which you rightfully associate with this law!!!), "The Eternal Feminine/ Draws us on high." The curve literally draws one towards what every creation REALLY is.

Beauty is an illusion, of itself it is not what-is, but it is a necessary part of the process of recognizing the uniqueness of what-is (truth). The illusion is a necessary part of the game of revelation. Or as Ibn 'Arabi says, God discloses Himself only by hiding.

A great exemplification of this principle can be seen in the use of a pre-amp during the process of recording audio. The pure signal coming from the instrument normally goes directly into the recording device. However, this causes the signal to lose quality. Therefore, the signal is routed through a pre-amp, which (not literally!) BENDS the signal, slowing it down, making it persist, so that when it arrives at the recording device, it maintains more of its virtue (i.e. it is more of what it is).  

17 Mar 2016 @ 08:56 by lmx @ : sdf
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