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picture29 Aug 2011 @ 23:40, by Max Sandor

Rupert Sheldrake [link] who coined the terms 'morphogenetic fields' made the theory of 'morphic resonance' [link] a central theorem in his "New Science of Life".

In our research we early on found the phenomenon of what we called 'Root Function' or 'Radical Transform' and this basic observation has been corroborated by Otto Scharmer [link] and his "Theory U".

Recently I showed the striking similarity to the statistics of stock markets and other behavior of massive numbers of particles [link] . Yet, these informations are not giving us any clue as to WHAT IS HAPPENING inside a morphic field that would show in such a 'mathematical behavior'.

One way to lead us to a better understanding of the dynamics in morphogenetic fields could consist of considering the 'Radical Transform' or 'Root Function' as the RESULTANT of a basic waveform and its basic HARMONICS (see picture).

This would mean that the function is an expression of the circumstance that there are 'standing waves' forming within a morphic field which are based on the harmonics of a super-wave. Meaning, without an input being able to resonate on SEVERAL harmonics, the Radical Transform or "Theory U" for example, would NOT work.

From another viewpoint, we can speculate that a new 'thoughtform', once injected into a morphic field, needs to 'bounce back and forth' on several harmonics before gaining a transformational power.

For practical applications, we can with this model (re)search how the standing waves of the harmonics are formed depending on the input signal, a thoughtform or 'Meme', and how we can amplify those harmonics that allow the smoothest transition from one state into another.

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30 Aug 2011 @ 00:54 by Ruedi Maurhofer @ : Resonance
When I understand right, this would equal or approach without mathematical terms not only how an incoming source can produce the effect of offering / inducing an effect into an existing system, but offer / induce this effect in a smooth way. Corollary, how the effect on the source can be smooth. On multiple gradients as the theoretical answer ... but I don't understand how this relates to YAGUA which says no predecessor / closed system. What didn't I get or did I get wrong, or drops between the two models?  

27 Apr 2015 @ 03:31 by ritualjazz @ : Aim for a higher progress and developmen
Aim for a higher progress and development and work your way from those goals and plans. Interesting in here indeed. thanks for the share.  

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