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 Who frigging owns this frigging picture of this frigging fractal?10 comments
picture15 Oct 2011 @ 06:03, by Max Sandor

After the successful download (see last post) Max Hilbert Sandor expropriated Anthony, 4 years old, of his netbook (how mean!) and proceeded to make a fractal image for possible publication in an online journal. The program used was ChaosPro 4.0 and the image depicts a Barnsley fern based on an IFS algorithm and the initial parameters for display were set by a certain Martin.

The question arose (and may not go away that easily): who really would be the rightfool copyright holder of this image?

a) this is NOT a multiple choice question!
b)many of the choices below were polled on Facebook.

Choices (pick one or shutup forever!)

1. Max Sandor who invoked the program, selected the algorithm, and tweaked its parameters background, angle, etc?
3. David Hilbert, because he came back to haunt the world?
3. Michael Barnsley who found the IFS that creates the image of a fern?
4. Georg Cantor who publicized the existence of transfinite numbers after God revealed them to him?
5. the programmers of ChaosPro 4.0?
6. the owners of ChaosPro who paid the programmers to write a program to display the functions that God told Cantor to look at?
7. the manufacturer of the computer on which a certain Sandor, Max hit the right keys to produce the image in question?
8. a certain Martin who did some nice presets used in ChaosPro?
9. Alan Turing who pioneered this IFS thingie?
10. the image is an illusion, so nobody can possibly own it?
11. the Brazilian government as it was on Brazilian soil where the image was created?
12. the Vatican, because they own most of the Brazilian soil?
13. a hitherto unknown force that makes adult men stay up until 3am, neglecting their very own families?
‎14. opensource off course?
15. Jesus, because he loves your and that's alright!?
‎16. Benoit Mandelbrot, without whom who would have heard of fractals?
18. ‎the Morphogenetic Field?
19. the journal or book publisher which published it first because that's how it is done in real life?
20. the Banksters because they own everything?
21. nobody, it's just there?
22. everybody, because humanity is just one big family?
23. Mother Earth, because without her gravity you would float away and couldn't stare at the screen as you do right now?
24. WTF?
25. Ciba-Geigy Corp. because they patented the DNA of the fern?
26. it doesn't matter because no intelligent lifeform is witnessing this image anyway?
27. NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, because they use a non-disclosure agreement in which you waive all rights to any inventions, past or future?
28. the heirs of iGod (Steve Jobs), but only if you looked at this picture at least once on an iPhone, iPad, iSomething? (iSerious, did YOU read the 30 iPages of the iLicense agreement when you started up that iSucker for the first iTime?)
29. the iRS, because they just iClaim whatever they want?
30. God, because it's Her world?
31. (for Brazilians only) never mind, just eat the fern and its seedling but be prepared to pay 100k Reais of fine?
32. Monsanto, because it already changed the genes of this fern (as it did with all ferns on this frigging planet)
33. Anonymous, just expect them?
34. it doesn't matter - once it is published, it will be hacked by someone who will use it for his/her/its darks purposes without paying asking your permission?
35. ???

pls add your own choices in the commentary section!

PS: just to satisfy your possible curiousity: in the end the article was published WITHOUT the picture...

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15 Oct 2011 @ 07:01 by bushman : lol
You left out cyberspace, since now it's out there forever and transmited out into the cosmos, real or imagined, you don't even own yourself. Now if you had drawn that with your own hand you could claim it. Like the real plant that was drawn and created by nature, and as we have all seen, nature hasn't had Monsanto arrested yet.  

15 Oct 2011 @ 07:39 by mx @ : thanks, Bushman, see answer 32!

15 Oct 2011 @ 12:13 by dario @ : 34 doesn't matter. once it is published, it will be hacked by someone who will use it for his/her/its darks purposes without pay you or ask your permission...  

21 Oct 2011 @ 07:00 by read between the fnords @ : 42
42. the spanish inquisition. nobody expects the spanish inquisition.  

12 Feb 2015 @ 07:13 by Kayleen @ : CSfCQRHOssC
If my problem was a Death Star, this article is a photon toerpdo.  

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