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14 Nov 2011 @ 18:16, by Max Sandor

Note: this is only a modest beginning (to get started).

Check out [link]

If you know of any game that fits a description given below, pĺease report it via Twitter @badgamebusters in the following format:

English - Politics - Fake - Colour-Coded Revolutions

Any deliberate course of action.

The final state to be achieved in a game.

Bad Game
An action setup to damage something or someone.
Example: planting false evidence.

False Game
Pursuing a goal different from what is being pretended.
Example: pretending to help while actually robbing.

Fake Game
Pretending a game that doesn't exist.
Example: competition between two brands of the same manufacturer.

Weird Game
A game that has no ethical or cultural value.
Example: Russian roulette.

A game whose outcome entirely relies on statistical probabilities (chance).

The profit expected during or at the end of the game, be it money, goods, status, publicity, etc

An active participant of a game.

The investment of a player in time, money, efforts, status, etc.

A preset sequence of actions within a game.

War of attrition
A game of aggression in which contestants compete for a resource while constantly accumulating costs over the time that the contest lasts.

Zero-Sum Game
The winner's payoff is exactly balanced by the stakes of the other participant(s).

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25 Nov 2011 @ 00:17 by mortimer : Bad Gamebusters
The second link, the broken one, goes to the work of Andrew Gavin Marshall, Research Associate with the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG).

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