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picture29 Dec 2011 @ 21:19, by Max Sandor

(Note: the "Tao-Té-Fá" is a text from the 'Letters from Rome',
a collection of the most ancient scriptures of modern times,
compiled and published by Frater Otto,
and subsequently translated by Max Sandor into various idioms:
all errors are his and only his.)


In times of degradation
posing as progress,
all words of wisdom,
as deep as they may be,
seem futile and inutil,
yet, as mandated by the Mothers,
they must be spoken once,
or else all vanity had been in vain.

Now, here, we'll whisper in the wind,
to those who do not fear what they may hear
and don't repeat what they are told,
to those who dare to see
what they're told would not exist,
to those who do believe
that a belief is but betrayal;
to those who know that hope is madness,
and those who do remember their Creator,
with echoes in their bones,
their grates and leaves:
"Did I create all this or did I not?"

We know that all who know that they DON'T know
are ready for these words
and all who don't know that they DO know
are surely lost
to their insanities forever...

Before all things unfold,
let's look at two Pre-Axioms:
firstly, if you can see the structure of the Whole,
you can derive all details of its parts;
and, secondly, that we assume the Whole
to be complete, consistent, and correct.

Presuming this we may conceive three Axioms:
- all things are split, in soul and spirit
- all things are bent, there are no corners
- all things are but mutations of the same.

That's all?, you may ask hastily,
Where comes in tetractys
and the enneagram?
And the ogdoad and the seven chakras?
How do we see the six-fold archetypes,
the pentead, the four directions?
Why do You not explain the triads
and the dualistic world?

Alright, we answer, one clue that is missing,
for sure the Ancients knew,
from Shin-To to the Seers of I-Fá:
the Soul goes forward while the Spirit is retreating,
one goes to the left the very instance
the other would be turning to the right.
From there on Everything unfolds
in orderly progression.
Use any number to create a system
until you reach sixteen, the wheels of Fá!

Now and tomorrow, the left-fold world already passed,
dreadful, graceless, and without good ending -
the right-fold Eons: are they any better?

You'll be the judge but judge with care:
it may be YOU who was its author.

Last but not least:
We now know how but don't know why.
If only the Creators would not be forgetful!
What did they want?
The world in pieces?
Look at themselves?
Compliance by their own creation?
Be praised by slaves and cattle?
Should WE find out what THEY forgot?
Or did they never know perhaps?
An idle play of chance?
It's lost and found
or hide and seek?
What's next?

The secret is theirs,
the joke's on us:
We'll know when we become like them.
Before we end:
for those who know,
too many words were made already,
for those who don't,
no words suffice.

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30 Dec 2011 @ 16:47 by Trent @ : Good stuff Max!
I particularly appreciate the line: "The secret is theirs/ The joke's on us..."  

2 Jan 2012 @ 01:36 by Ruedi M. @ : Various idioms ...
Grossartig! Apropos "translated into various idioms" - auch ins Deutsche? Schön wär's! Ruedi  

14 Jun 2014 @ 00:15 by stimoceiver @ : Proper poetry
This. This right here.  

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