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 Let's get back the true Magic of Life in 2012 - Goodbye to the false Magicians, 3 comments
picture1 Jan 2012 @ 15:55, by Max Sandor

(a New Year's letter to a beloved friend and to all of you who want to listen)

Dear beloved Friend,

Let's get back the true magic of life in 2012 - let's say Goodbye to the false magicians, hoodwinkers, and meme-gangsters of past and present!

Earth is a paradise wherever you look, wherever you walk, whatever you touch, the scents that you smell. It is a matter of PERCEIVING this beauty: in Earth's landscape, in the starry night skies, in the flowers at the side of the road, in the movements of microbes, the flow of water, the smoothness of the shape of dunes. We can see unimaginable beauty around us every day, every second.

In the miration of the forms of life lies the true magic of life, it draws its meaning, if any, from its aesthetics, from its enjoyments from its natural miracles. Magic is experiencing this world as something special, the wonders of its diversity and manifoldedness. With this definition, we can call Applied Magics the act of enhancing of perceptions, our own 'tuning' to the aesthetics that surround us.

But Magic has got a bad rep. It is not anymore about entering into the harmony with nature, in conversing with its spirits and the invocation of its forces as an experience of life: criminal minds have usurped its meaning, falsified its course of action, and created the illusion of shortage, impending disasters, false hopes and faked threats. Magic has come to be associated with the opposite of its goal: making life miserable for others in exchange for the temporary peak state of 'feeling power' over them and of thinking of oneself as 'greater' than others.

The magicians of the past have sold their sacredness to ruthless seekers of cheap thrills on the expense of other living beings and they have managed to hoodwink the majority mankind that it were the victims of their plots that caused the damage they have done. They twisted around words and entire philosophies to hide the fact of their misdoings. And whenever someone begins to act against the criminals of thoughtforms and forged or inverted concepts, these Meme-Gangsters managed to turn around these movements into their crummy scheme of perversion of the perception of reality.

In order to cloak their bad nature, they celebrate themselves as creators of culture and art, of technology and the promise of survival of mankind. They then proceed to denounce the true forces of enlightenment and human progress as what they are themselves: 'evil' forces that live off the deception and abuse of others and draw their force from the dark.

They are so successful in doing so that they illude even the most alerted of minds of our times. Let's look at one example of many. They usurped and now bathe in the glory of the great power of words of a poet with the name of Johann Wolfgang Goethe, who, as a youngster, became the enchanting voice of the 'Sturm und Drang' ('storm and thrust') movement of the 'Aufklaerung', literally the 'Clearing', of the people who have been left in the dark and miseducated for many centuries by Church and worldly despots alike, comparable to the student revolutions in the last century. Young Goethe, full of ambitions to become the greatest poet of his time, sold himself to the feudal rulers of his lan, from 'clearing up' to 'continued deception'.

This was Goethe's first betrayal. At the same time, a movement arose from a 'reading circle' of books forbidden by the Church and State, the so-called 'Illuminati'. Goethe was sent by the feudal powers to infiltrate this semi-secret study group and report any members and their activities to the 'authorities'. And so he did until its members and their houses were finally raided and the movement of the 'Illuminati' became outlawed.

This was Goethe's second betrayal. As we all know today, the feudal forces of the past underwent a major face lift. They now reign from their multinational corporate headquarters instead of their romantic castles. The name of the tiny, short-lived movement of the 'Enlightened', the 'Illuminati' group, was used by their counter-intelligence and disinformation departments to become synonym with a pseudo-secret movements behind THEIR OWN power structures: with a strike of evil genius they inverted its attributes to the opposite of what it was intended for: the dissolution of feudal structure through non-violent means of honest information and genuine education of the people. The feudal forces honored Goethe for his evil ways by making him sort of one of his own, at least by superficial appearance: they granted him a title of nobility, Johann Wolfgang Goethe became Johann Wolfgang VON Goethe.

Let's look at the ridiculousness of Goethe's self-justification, his third betrayal: the work of poetry that took him sixty years of labor and which was only published after his death - who knows if he himself really thought it would have been complete, 'Faust, the tragedy's second part'. In this work he may have seem himself and his betrayal, a spiritual autobiography of sorts, a certain Dr.Faust, or he himself?, entered into a pact with the dark forces in order to get knowledge and power and the most exalted experiences that life has to offer, all at the same time.

In voyages in time and space he explores many details of culture and civilization of the past, lacking the true vision of the future and its technologies, mind you, and gives his answer to to the old master of social criticism, Machiavelli himself. Instead of being a real social critic like Machiavelli, Goethe justifies and glorifies the evil machinations of powers of the feudal system. He even credits Mephistopheles, an incarnation of the 'devil', with the suggestion to create paper-money out of nothing. What Machiavelli exposed, he veiled again by Zoroaster's Meme: the silly bet of God and his servant Satan, of who would not be corruptible. Then, as it was for Goethe's own spiritual welfare, he lets Faust to enter Heaven in the end, and this was Goethe's third betrayal.

In the end, if we look closely, Goethe may very well have been the greatest poets of the German culture, but he was also his greatest con-artist, celebrated by the false magicians, the hoodwinkers, and meme-gangsters of past and present.

Let us see this clearly and without remorse or upset feelings. Let us find the TRUE magic of life again. Let us disclose the false and fake culture of cloaked feudal systems of the past and of today.

YOU are the true magician. YOU who celebrate life, diversity, its many meanings. YOU who looks through the veils of deception of our criminal leaders, YOU who did not lose the vision of a future in harmony for all creatures. YOU who enacts the glory of this Universe in its sheer beauty by tuning in to its forces and communicate with them, YOU who laugh at the fake values of a culture designed solely to keep men in darkness and despair, YOU who shall arise from the dust and debris left by behind by the false magicians, YOU who transcend the opposites, YOU who verily balances black and white instead of selling shadows as light.

This true magician I see in YOU, my friend.

Blumenau, Brazil,

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