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picture22 Jan 2012 @ 23:28, by Max Sandor

As nearly every year, some unknown source is sending a New Year's message from the 'dark side' to Frater Otto right around Chinese New Year. This year, he asked me to translate and publish it here and I complied.

"Dear Brothers and Sisters of the True Light which is not visible to the Ignorant!

Everything is going as planned. Permanent victory appears certain but do not let your guards down yet, dear Brothers and Sisters!

Apart from a few who are not heard in the noise of an imbecile culture and apart from those who are always against everything by principle, everybody accepted the coming year 2012 as a time to expect the worst. This of course, has been perfectly planned and executed for implementing our strategies to get the unrefined and uncultivated masses of humans on OUR planet under control, both in numbers as in conditions. As ignorant as they are, there are many humans who think that they would have a say in the course of history, that there would be any freedom left, and that they would understand of what is going on in their lives.

Even though there is NOT ONE politician or other social leader who is NOT under our firm control on Earth, and even though we completely control what churches pronounce and what 'science' proclaims, and therefore control mind and bodies of every human on Earth, we need to continue to proceed with caution and wisdom in order to accomplish the final steps in our plans of many centuries.

What I outline in the following are NOT silly prophecies or vague predictions but concrete actions we will enact as necessary. It is US who created the 'reality' in which modern man is living and it is us who continue to create this 'reality' in every detail, unbeknownst to the most clever of the few intelligent humans.

As needed and in its proper time, we will lift some of the mysteries that we installed in humanity over the past millennia, such as the true sources and motives of the religions we installed, and in this way satisfy the natural curiosity of the few half-awake humans there are around. It is too late for the masses to realize the purposes behind organized religions and their true character. The radicalization of religious zealots increased considerably in the past year and, to our satisfaction, we see this process continue, giving further proof, if there was ever any doubt, of the mental inferiority of humans, including those considered their spiritual leaders...

If some humans wake up to the fact that life expectancy is going down dramatically instead of going up as they have been made to belief, we may disclose some of the truths about cancer and even how we engineered it....

We will expand the 'medication' of humans to a degree that NOBODY will be able to avoid being vaccinated or put onto psychic drugs. Since many years we are able to create mass hysteria of virus- and other threats without even spreading illness.

To accelerate the reduction of the number of humans on OUR planet, we may proliferate one or more REAL virus threats in order to erase any and all oppositions to our program of psycho-chemical of humans.

We will continue to 'criminalize' any remedy which may be effective and have the media praise the ones that aren't as 'progress of science' and their proponents and salesmen as the 'saviors' of mankind.

We are on track with our plan to strip humans of any and all kinds of responsibility for their own lives and render them unable to provide for themselves; ...local agriculture is being replaced by global corporate management rapidly;...childbirth is shifted to be soon over 80% Cesarian in most countries and we will continue to bring about ousting of midwives and the idea of natural birth; the number of healthy human children is already falling to insignificant levels...
(censored content)
We will consolidate the concentration of financial control even further and execute our plans through national governments even more directly and openly with the goal of putting any important sector of human life under the direct control of our multinational companies and reducing the illusionary powers of local government puppets to an absolute minimum.

We will also set up a few more 'self-made' billionaires in order to fuel the greed and illusions of those 'executives' who have any remorse or compassion left in their feeble hearts.
(censored content)
The financial markets are being played perfectly and with great precision and predictability. While the common man becomes more and more scared, we secure global power even more with every step. We will continue to create the appearance of one crisis after the other until our global bank and financial police will be called for by the masses. It doesn't make such a difference for us, only administration of what we already own, will be streamlined and the fact of our ownership of this planet and its resources will become irreversible.
(censored content)
We sill continue to maintain local conflicts around the world to build up, test, and train our troops for population control. As needed, we will create one or more 'terrorist acts' in order to test and monitor the public's reactions for more refined control. Nothing is by chance, we just don't execute our strategies with a fixed timetable for the purpose of maximizing effect and minimizing efforts.

To conclude my brief message to you, dear Brothers and Sisters, there is NOBODY amongst the humans of today who is able to view the extend and sophistication of our control. NOT ONE, rest assured.

2012, the year of the Black Dragon, will be remembered as the year of what WE have engineered it to be, no matter what its events may be, because it is US who control the minds and the destiny of the race of humans.

Hongkong, 23rd January 2012

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23 Jan 2012 @ 06:15 by bushman : :}
Good luck then. :}  

25 Jan 2012 @ 14:59 by minervius @ : Danke !
"Der Mensch wird durch den Mensch der Rede mächtig, im Verborgenen bleibt er blöde"(Edda)
Lieber Max,
vielen herzlichen Dank, daß Sie all die Jahre Ihren Verstand, Ihre Einsichten und Ihr Herz mit uns teilen.
Grüße aus Ihrerer alten Heimat,
Gesundheit und Ewige Krautkraft !  

26 Jan 2012 @ 04:09 by Merlin Silk @ : unverantwortlich!
I believe that it is totally irresponsible to allow this information to go out onto the interweb. It is true that only few will take it serious and most will only consider it comedy, but there are more and more voices that spread at least some bit of the truth. I have found this rather dangerous "Handbook of Human Ownership - A Manual for New Tax Farmers" recently at and was appalled that is was not suppressed.
What if the knowledge gets out that everybody has the freedom to leave this game and none of us can do anything about it??? - SCARY!  

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