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picture24 Apr 2012 @ 22:06, by Max Sandor

The few attempts to draw a chart of the range of human emotions have one thing in common: they map the sequence of emotional states of a SPECTATOR.

The map of emotions a PLAYER is passing through is showing a MULTI-SCALE chart where the sequence of emotions depends on the goal to be achieved, on the current condition within the game, and on the remaining time to be played.

To adequately map the PLAYER's emotions. we need a structural charts like a mindmap [link] or charts we use for Finite State Automata, [link] .

Today's soccer match between FC Barcelona and Chelsea was a fine example. It was decided not so much by the heroic efforts of his players and the whims of luck but in the hearts of Barça's players: leading 2:1, they went into despair and lost their heads because their prior loss of 1:0 in Chelsea. If they would have continued their play of the first 80% of the game, they would have had a much higher chance to advance to the final than their opponent.

Looking at human life as a GAME, or better, a network of concurrent games, decide for yourself, for each aspect of your life:

- are you a SPECTATOR or do you dare to PLAY?
- if you are a PLAYER, do you:
- play solely to survive? (this one being 'sold' in some famous reli$ion as an ultimate 'truth')
- play simply to have fun without worrying about the world around you?
- play to really win or do you play to LOSE (don't laugh before you think about it carefully!)
- play defense to wait out the end of the game?
- stopped playing because the game seems to be decided already?
- continue to fight even though your team mates have given up?
- have more interest in inflicting pain on one or more opponents than in winning?
- put up a smile to a bad game in order to not lose your contract?
- think already of the NEXT game?
- think about the beer you're going to have once the game is over?
- remember the last time you were fighting to win?
- remember you celebrated after you've won?
and, and, and...

The analysis of our games in life would not complete without considering the archetype that we are assuming. From the analogy of the soccer game, it becomes clear that a 'clean' play of archetypes is vital for the victory of the entire team, which means OUR victory in the end. Better find out what game you are REALLY playing!

'nuff zed: Let the games begin!

Note: For TOP-Player Life Coaching contact Max at [link]

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