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picture1 Jun 2012 @ 00:03, by Max Sandor

QLFP-X is a reformulation and extension of the QLFP method (Sandor, 2002).
It's aim is the liberation from misidentifications with ALL types of
archetypal behavior patterns in existence.

1. Spot an internal identity via an undesired or compulsive emotion.

2. Find the internal counter-identity.

3. View all internal games and conditions between the identity and its counter-identity.

4. For both, find the 'vibration' (its 'aesthetics') which makes it 'tick and track it to its source location.

5. (Conditional) If the identity found is an entity composed of a 'spirit' and a 'morphic field', separate both before proceeding.

6. Indulge into the vibrational source until it is certain one has as much of it as one likes and that one can access it in the future.

7. Scan life backwards to view all major occurrences.

8. Trace and view the tree of connections it had to other identities
or persons.

9. Identify its principal functions (the major purposes it had been serving).

9. Sever the connection between source and identity (and likewise its previous counter-energies)

10. Spot the location to which the identity withdraws in case of its deliberate use in the future.

11. Fill the inner space that was occupied by identity and counter-identity with your own positive energy.

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17 Mar 2016 @ 08:51 by lmx @ : sdf
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