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 Degeneration of polypole-Universes via viewpoint substitutions 2 comments
picture11 Jul 2012 @ 13:43, by Max Sandor

When insisted upon, poles tend to 'freeze' in a position that provides a relative balance to other poles of a polypole configuration.

In our dualistic Universe, we can witness this phenomenon as 'polarization'. The observer identifies itself with one of the poles of a prior Universe.

For example, in the Gunas model, the observer identifies itself with the 'sattva' pole and typically polarizes 'rajas' as 'spirit from above' and 'tamas' as 'soul from below'.

This is currently degenerating to a 'Monad', a single-pole. Gnostics blamed Sophia, the mother of our current Universe, and his primogenetic Yaltabaoth offspring, the archetype of the single-deity and the basis of monotheism, the latter thus becoming a symbol for the final degeneration of the Universe.

Be it as it may, earlier structures can be tracked still today to 5-pole structures (pentapoles) of all kinds, not just the infamous symbol known as the 'pentagram'. Its deteriozation creates the quadpole structures which are still has aberrating force as semantic structures, cp. the combinations listed in the 'Thunder-Perfect Mind' text from the Nag Hammadi collection.

The early polypoles are still living on in 'magic seals', 'pontos riscados', and other 'instruments' in attempts to defeat (or 'cheat'?) the dualistic Universe.

Vital hint for dealing with those structures, as with 'case' in general: ALWAYS look from a time closer to 'present' towards a time 'further in the past'.

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