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28 Jul 2012 @ 16:09, by Max Sandor

We know that Memes (or 'spirits') have their powers by linking to particular 'aesthetics' but what makes morphic fields 'tick'?

We can find an analogy to the 'aesthetics' in 'vibrations' that are 'shared' by all members of a group (a 'morphic' field). In contrast to aesthetics, this 'vibration' is linking to a sense of 'togetherness', a common 'identity'.

We call this in daily life 'pride' and it can be seen as positive or negative, depending on where YOU stand on the issue.

The 'resonance', or shared vibration, within a group, causes 'passing' qualifying entities ('morphic field particles') to 'join in the frenzy' and attach themselves to the group.

This phenomenon has been misinterpreted as the 'law of attraction'. a concept which is COMPLETELY FALSE. (It suffices to realize that in nature the only things that seem to attract each other, are OPPOSITES and NOT alikes). A more correct formulation has been provided by Gurdjieff with his 'law of accumulation of similars' (see more on this in earlier on this Blog).

What is LINKING Memes and Morphic Fields, the aesthetics behind thoughtforms and clusters of entities?

They are linked by SYMBOLS.

It comes as no surprise then, that creation and destruction of symbols are the main business of group activities but also that of manipulation. Control of the symbols links or de-links morphic fields.

In the last centuries, the use of SYMBOLS in various forms, secretly and openly, has become a 'sacred science', semi-occult in its roots but practiced in the open.

Unfortunately for our civilization, however, the manipulators of symbols THEMSELVES have become victims of the principal tool of their control mechanisms, they have become themselves unwittingly SLAVES of SYMBOLS who have become convinced that the symbols in themselves would hold power. Nothing could be further to the truth!

Again, the symbol itself has NO power: it is LINKING Memes and Morphic Fields. It this, its FUNCTION, that gives it importance, the power itself comes from the flow of power from the Morphic Fields to the Memes, the latter, from this viewpoint, also being VOID OF INTRINSIC POWERS.

Any SYMBOL and any Meme can therefore be DE-CONSTRUCTED by simply viewing and de-linking the Morphic Field(s) they are associated with.

A big cheer to the Morphic Fields, then :)

Sidebar: "What is a symbol? Anything that links manifestations to abstractions, morphic fields to Memes, OK; that is quite redundant, so let's give a neat example: The word "God" is linking a non-observable entity (an abstraction) to 'real' living entities (morphic fields). Therefore, all names of 'Gods' serve as SYMBOLS, and, in this case, a SYMBOL OF A SYMBOL, hence it's supreme power of manipulation. The very SAME is true for the word&concept of SATAN, of course. Thereis NO SATAN, there is NO GOD in itself, these are SYMBOLS of SYMBOLS, linking artificial abstractions to 'reality'. Both concepts, God and Satan alike are illusions and can be-constructed by viewing abstractiveness and the symbols that links them to morphic field ('reality').
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"The Symbol is Not the Thing."
Max Sandor, 2012
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9 Aug 2012 @ 07:54 by Ruedi Maurhofer @ : Power of morphic fields
Isn't morphic fields a cluster of memes - and hence THEIR deconstruction or de-powering "only" a question of quantity of linked / clustered memes differentiated? But then, instant next question: What does make the "knots" or "crossings" in morphic fields except quantities of memes? "Agglomeration" by similarity (fads, etc.) seems not to be the point as it's not the start of growing, sets in only after a certain "quantity" and its "social pressure" is reached. What does start the growing / decide how "successful" a morphic field "preformation" is agglomerating or "take in" memes - reach the "phase" of building a semipermeable skin (letting in, not letting out, = sucking in) for a growing of the conforming / uniforming inside? Qs for inspiration, but As welcome ...  

17 Mar 2016 @ 08:51 by lmx @ : sdf
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