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 Why is there day&nite? (or: the Failure-to-control Scale)2 comments
picture31 Oct 2012 @ 00:47, by Max Sandor

from my notebook.. (or more precisely, from Ropnohteftu, the "Rest Of the Purple Notebook On How To Escape From This Universe", meaning: the never 2b-published-stuff)

It all began with the innocent question of why we sleep and wake alternatively:

Step 1: Remember a time you want to sleep/wake up!
Step 2: What was your urge at that time?

The intent of this approach is the tentative to do a depolarization QLFP-Style (see "Polar Dynamics 1" by Sandor/Dawson), Purple Notebook, and this Blog for more details on these paradigms and for how to do deṕolarizations SAFELY).

What the above approach yields may come as a surprise: instead of an urge or desire, we see the response to an overwhelm, shutting down all systems, or an underwhelm, turning on the light in the darkness (for more gossip on 'whelms', see the 'Purple Notebook' under 'Whelms happen..').

So we start back-tracking: the whelm was caused by excessive GROWTH (or, respectively, SHRINKAGE). This in turn arose from through much inner ENERGY (resṕectively, FROZEN POTENTIAL).

But wait!!! What we see here are the first 6 prime polarity poles (or 'cosmic principles) in the sequence of traditional Ifá (see 'Polar Dynamics 1' for both traditional and 'revised/logic' sequence), and Quantum Fá for the cross wheel arrangement and the Toth Diagram).

Keep in mind that we found this sequence EMPIRICALLY based on observable individual charge patterns by using the above noted steps, and NOT by logical thought or meditative contemplation!

We can process this chain to its apparent end, which is lo-and-behold, 'pure cause' (Ofun in Ifá) and we indeed see a passage of all 16 Principles ('Odu Ifá') in its traditional sequence.

What we see here is a chain of solutions to 'failed control', going step by step from CAUSE (Ofun) to SOLID MANIFESTATION (Ogbe).

Well, well, well, let's forget sleeping and waking!

Have Fun!

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31 Oct 2012 @ 01:47 by Ed @ : comments
ENERGY vs FROZEN POTENTIAL is Irosun vs Owonrin, expressed in terms of Irosun.

I'm not sure that Ofun is expressed properly as 'pure cause' -- Prime cause? Pure cause would take one back to Irosun, as a double: the urge to have urges; but as an inner single: the pure cause of causes, Tanha, manifesting all.  

17 Mar 2016 @ 08:50 by lmx @ : sdf
Tri-mouth sighed: "Do you eat is also really solid flesh!" And waved. Pan child knowing this old guy tied up with him the way, we can save a lot of things yet.

This old man one hundred or not, there is no way, according to his statement, he said that the place to day. Kui open in front, we accelerated feet away, walking to see the map, with map and hope that the memory of the old man can get there before dark, we have gone half a day, a start could still speak, and later on I think how green eyes green eyes grow dim, people constantly yawned, straight to sleep. Suddenly, the old man stopped not go.

Pan child scolded: "You play any tricks?"

The old man looked at the side of the trees, trembling voice: "That is ...... ...... what?"

We turn to have a look and saw that the grass twinkling, turned out to be a cell phone  

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