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 Welcome to the 14th Baktun: Western Super-Heroes Vs the Chinese Art-of-War5 comments
picture25 Dec 2012 @ 07:02, by Max Sandor

Chess mate in three moves!

"No problem," says Anthony, 5 1/2 years old and counting, "for this, we have transformers, you know?" I didn't.

Patiently, he's teaching me, that "even though transformers are from the Powers of Evil, they can be used to fight for the Good!" And with this, he has the transformer break the black bishop into two pieces. End of game, and I'm going to look for some glue to fix up the poor, broken bishop.

The super-heroes, after taking over Hollywood some decades ago, have found their firm place on the shelfs of toy stores and in the minds of our kids. Joseph Campbell should be content, or not? Isn't dreaming of heroes what makes life worthwhile living? Won't they safe us from certain disaster?

The ancient Chinese thinkers had quite a different vision. Sun Tzu 'Art of War' paints a picture of calculated success over irrational heroism. A world in which the welfare and growth of the population depends on unseen generals using secret strategies and not on lone heroes like in the ideals of Greek mythology which infused and confused the modern Western mind.

Can we have both? Strategy is a systemic approach and Heroism is linear. Do they really mix? Or, in reality, have we become victoms of a sharade of televised shows of super heroes to divert our vision from seeing ourselves become enslaved within a global net of economic and political dependencies?

As Anthony is starting to learn that there are pieces and there are players. he's realizing that what we are made to see are just the PIECES within the game, the images of heroes; but never the hidden PLAYERS. And, as in reality, that what we don't see will win over us, in the end.

If we don't begin to look who's BEHIND the scenes, whose interests are being served, who's stake is being raked in by whom, mankind will continue to degenerate and cultural and intellectual values, no matter how much new technology will be created.

In the end, the super heroes win their battles only in our fantasies and on the TV screens. In life, there aren't any, and, if there were, they rarely would win. Or not?

Welcome to the 14th Baktun!

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27 Dec 2012 @ 09:56 by Andrew @ : Heroes &/or engineers
I seem to be very bad at applying a systematic approach for improving things, but as you have noted, simple heroic rescues don't seem to ever happen either. I am upset that I have been, to this point, completely innefective at fixing any of the problems I perceive in the world. Like you, I have some young children who haven't been broken by the world yet. I could explode with frustration of not being able to straighten some of this crap out for them. The last few generations have just kicked the can on down the line. My generation seems to be just involved in a epic level lame, pointless fuck-around. The problems I see all stem from human nature it appears. We seem unable to work together for anything good. I just re-read the Logs of JD Flora and that has me particularly focused on how I could be involved in screwing up and just not know it. I feel so absolutely alone dealing with it too. I just hope that Ms. Molly is somewhere out there trying to help us get to where we need to be:)
Thanks for the reality stretching thoughts. You seem almost fictional yourself. I live in an area where interesting people don't usually stay. I'm glad you can get in through the Internet!  

29 Dec 2012 @ 00:34 by Ruedi Maurhofer @ : Waste of glue ?
Yes, welcome to the 14th Baktun, exactly as you describe it. Despite I have no relation at all to this counting - had to look it up to understand what 14th Baktun is - I welcome each occasion to speak about, listen about, hope for, get animated to contribute to, welcome a change of the real game. The only thing questionable in your description is perhaps, does it make sense to glue the broken bishops? Keeping the illusions working ...  

3 Jan 2013 @ 20:35 by Colleen K Peltomaa @ : Levels of the Game
As that broken bishop, I realized I was operating under the delusion that there was only one playing field with one set of rules :-)  

17 Mar 2016 @ 08:50 by lmx @ : sdf
Tri-mouth sighed: "Do you eat is also really solid flesh!" And waved. Pan child knowing this old guy tied up with him the way, we can save a lot of things yet.

This old man one hundred or not, there is no way, according to his statement, he said that the place to day. Kui open in front, we accelerated feet away, walking to see the map, with map and hope that the memory of the old man can get there before dark, we have gone half a day, a start could still speak, and later on I think how green eyes green eyes grow dim, people constantly yawned, straight to sleep. Suddenly, the old man stopped not go.

Pan child scolded: "You play any tricks?"

The old man looked at the side of the trees, trembling voice: "That is ...... ...... what?"

We turn to have a look and saw that the grass twinkling, turned out to be a cell phone  

11 Nov 2016 @ 12:08 by elsayedosama @ : elsayedosama
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