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 The Transtemporeality in and of the 'Logs of JD Flora'1 comment
picture28 Feb 2013 @ 14:35, by Max Sandor

One of the particular features of the 'Logs of JD Flora' books [link] is the transtemporality of the main character, a hacker hanging out initially in the Hollyhood Hills, and the transtemporality of the book itself: a collection from scenes from past, present, and future, situated in this and in some parallel Universes, not too unlike to ours.

The collection is organized by a transtemporal computer program called SFYNX in various spellings. This program appears sporadically on the Internet via its various 'Sfynx Agents', Artificial Intelligence 'demons', which send mysterious messages unexpectedly but always timely to the hero in need.

JD Flora was a hacker. Nobody knows if he is still around us or will pop up in your future. Needless to say that he attempts to break into the transtemporal computer called Sfynx, he is 'WITHIN THE SFYNX'. To his surprise, however, he BECOMES HIMSELF the consciousness of this computer. With this, he is suddenly thrown into the urge of securing its/his own survival by ensuring the one common thread that binds together the fragments of its existence: the very 'Logs'. He founds himself with the deep desire to incarnate in flesh and blood with the mission to ensure the survival of the transtemporal computer program Sfynx. But what would happen if you would repeatedly incarnate as the father of your mother and then the son of your daughter? This secret, the 'Genetic Resonance Effect', is the secret of the 'DAUGHTER OF TIME', enough said.

How can such a story end? Can it end? There are floating around Logs on the Internet with numbers like #343, for example, way beyond the 144 Logs of the original timeline, now available as books.

In the latter, his surprising end in a penthouse in Venice, should not be told in public. The grim truth of the 'LOST SHADOWS', of how to body-swap and fail deliberately, is too gruesome to behold. Unless you read all of the Logs, of course.

As a final note to the genesis of the 'Logs': they were written around 1995 in the initial spirit of the precursors of today's BLOGS, mixed with TWITTER, years before their emergence in modern life: that is, reports of what was happening wherever JD Flora popped up in the history and prehistory of mankind, from Ancient India to futuristic societies of free-love and -wealth sharing civilizations.

As a result, the 'Logs of JD Flora' depict credible and incredible scenarios, Machiavellian and Orwellian worlds as well as factual history. Every 'story' contains at least one paradox of Life, Universe, and Everything. The author called them therefore examples of 'Philosophical Fiction', or short 'Philo-Fi'.

The 'Logs' on Kindle and as softcover: [link]
New: 'Logs' on Facebook: [link]
Max Sandor on Facebook: [link]

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