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picture22 Apr 2013 @ 03:38, by Max Sandor

"The great community of Beings is deeply rooted in the soul of the world, the 'Anima Mundi', as some say fancifully, And as she, our great. mystic Anima Mundi, indulges in sheer vanity, she did not rest ever since she began to move around painting her invisible body, and sculpturing herself out of her own substance.

This is not done with one stroke. mind you, or with one cisel, nor could it be simply finished with a single touch. And, until now, she seems far from satisfied with the result. Lest we would not have passed through sixhundred-and-twenty-six time after this world's initial creation.

If we would model this, our physical world, as a myriad of still images, separated by small gaps, we, the Human Beings, all children of the Anima Mundi, are selecting a sequence of choices from these still images; We are passing through this world in a decisive flurry and through our acts we are expressing ourselves, showing ourselves to ourselves and to others through exactly these, the choices that we made. They thus become a statement of our intimate preferences, a mirror of our wants and needs, a picture of ourselves as a part of the Anima Mundi.

Together, we the Beings, have been creating the grand sculpture of the Anima Mundi. And every time we pass by again this time, this place, we are living in, we look at it as it would it be the very first time. We laugh at those who say they remember their past strokes of the brush which we proudly call our very own 'choices'. So let's not even talk of those who do remember the times last time around, let alone all the 626 pass-throughs that we did together.

Now, is the world we live in today a true portrait of this glorious Anima Mundi? we may ask In other words, is the irrational greed of the politicians and bankers her very own craving? Their absurde vanity a mirror of herself? Would their cruelty and disrespect of other lives be a reflection of Her Majesty's own masochism and narcissism? And the fraud of global bankers and the lies of politicians just simply be the execution of her very own deceitfulness?

And, amongst all the planets bearing life to witness her, this great Anima Mundi, are we molding thus the cynical beauty of her face, her cruel heart, or are we, humankind, destined to represent her anus?

Be it as it may, dear fellow sculptor, how many times will we repeat this show? Until She may be satisfied with the result of the great work? Or until She gives up to have her own image drawn from the strokes of our choices?"

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