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 The Nearly Forgotten, Strange&Eternal Tango of Will and Consciousty 3 comments
picture27 Apr 2013 @ 20:45, by Max Sandor

The Nearly Forgotten, Strange&Eternal Tango of Will and Consciousty
- A poem to Our Lady Vanity, the multiverse -

Round and around we go,
never pausing, never resting.
Our Will seems blind,
yet thrusting forward,
chasing like a dog its tail.
What does it want? Why does it yearn?
Where will it go? Will it arrive?

Strange is this dance, eternally.
The lovers never see each other.
Is it a Tango, is it Square?
And who calls out the shots, in any case?
Is it a lonely God or is it Lady Vanity?

For our lovers of this Multiverse.
as much as they are one, they're also two.
And, worse than that, they seem to go
straight into opposite directions.

They never feel each other nor ever touch another.
If so, the dance would end, or wouldn't it?
We call her Consciousty, or Yin, or Shakti,
We call him Will, or Yang, or Shiva.
Words do mean nothing here,
it's only movement, mind you!

You, you behold this dance because of Her,
He is your Will or is He really You?
Who could tell down here if you can't see them
be it Him or be it Her, inseparably around they go.

High up in Heaven we adore them twins,
deep down in Earth we fear and chain 'em.
They fight in our chests and heads;
only who can see them is free of bondage.

Strange is this dance, eternally.
Is it a Tango or is it Square?
The lovers never see each other.
So, who calls out its steps, in any case?
Perhaps it's YOU if you'd fulfill your destiny!

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