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 Satyagraha 2.0 - the only possible solution thinkable against oppression11 comments
picture21 Jun 2013 @ 15:44, by Max Sandor

Times have shown that violent revolutions always produced the opposite effect. We can look at that fact from various angles and find various reasons. The most obvious comes from the mathematical field of 'Game Theory': It is a matter of strategy!

Looking for what actually worked in history, we find Mahatma Gandhi's idea of Satyagraha after his ardent search for a solution against the British occupation of India amidst the religious struggles of Hindu, Christians, and Muslims amongst themselves. The more we look, the more we find parallels between then and now: from politics to justice, corruption, even medicine and the field of science. Moreover, even though the movement was betrayed later on, Satyagraha did work!

Today, we live in pseudo-democracies which are in fact oligarchies of a small and highly organized network of rich people and their representatives who managed to illude the populations that they could influence politics with their votes. The principle of "equal justice equal" has become a farce to the point of many countries providing 'laws' for the indemnization of the ruling cast. Corruption is systemic and it is global. Populations are misled to think their problems are national and could be solved by simply adjusting or replacing some elements. But nearly all countries in the world today suffer the same fate: whether Italy, Greece, Spain, or Brazil, the only thing which is changing is the local language.

Satyagraha, mathematically, is not a 'winning strategy' as such but it is the ONLY strategy that can avoid a loss. "Non-violent disobedience" would be a pragmatic interpretation of the strategy. And the concept is far more ample and fitting and valid for our times, one-hundred years after this word was created!

Here are the rules, updated for 2013,

    Satyagraha 2.0 (Next Generation)

1. Declare yourself a Satyagrahi
2. Obstain from any kind of violence, including in speech and images.
3. Document and denounce any violent aggression by forces of the oppressor and its hired provocators as well as non-Satyagrahi actors, using the electronic networks.
4. Avoid any physical concentration of people who could be made a target of attack by the oppressor or its hired agents.
5. Play the 'Tom & Jerry' game: whenever the oppressing force or their paid agents appear, hide. Whenever they leave or show their shoulders, come out in the open and DANCE.
6. Oppressors play different ethnic, cultural and religious groups against each other. Denounce when this happen, don't fight amongst yourselves.
7. Start thinking about the 'afterwards'. For example, Gandhi proposed a strictly de-centralized democracy similar to the "Räte-Republik" and with the Internet, this could now be implemented easily. But whatever you plan for the future, treat it differently from the Satyagraha principle.
8. Avoid displays of groups such as wearing specific clothes or banners while protesting in the spirit Satyagraha. We're all in the same boat and we know the political parties are just an illusion for the masses.
9. Don't carry items that could serve as weapons, or artificial fireworks, etc. This will avoid justifications for harassment and help identify the oppressor's hired provocators.
10. For now, avoid appointing public leaders (who could be coaxed or corrupted by the oppressors).

Finally, keep in mind
- that oppressors try everything to make populations belief they would be omnipresent: they are NOT!
- that they may even deliberately construct and broadcast aggressions that never happened to solicit public outrage;
- that they will try to hack the Satyagraha movement just like they hacked all other movements in the past;
- that they will promise you the blue of the sky, reforms, reforms, and more reforms, just to make you go home and be quiet, but:
- that they will NEVER change their scheme of lies and corruption by themselves as that would be their END.

Don't let yourself fool you. Keep calm and affirm that 'truth will prevail'.

Be a Satyagrahi Next Generation!

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1) I declare I'm a Satyagrahi. !!!  

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