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Quantum Fá 101

Version 0.9

as compiled by Max Sandor with contributions by Chris Melchior and Ed Dawson


A1: A singularity cannot witness itself

A2: Everything consists of polarities

A3: Everything is a composite

Basic Laws and Inferences

ad A1:

L1-1: a single singularity (Monad) cannot exist

L1-2: if two singularities should witness each other, they merge together and one appears to vanish

L1-3: perception depends on a detection of a differential

ad A2: basic patterns of the behavior of polarities include:

L2-1: opposites attract - likes repel

L2-2: likes, aligned and polarized, stick together

L2-3: no two identical things can occupy the same location

L2-4: staying on one side of a polarity too strong or for too long, it will flip to the other side

L2-5: polarities in an activated state orbit around each other and create a super-force

L2-6: poles coming close enter a 'ground effect'

L2-7: polarities polarize in four ways: ++. +-, -+, --

ad A3: composites and their general structures:

L3-1: a composite structure mandates 'fractality' (self-similarity)

L3-2: inversely, a fractal structure results in a composite

L3-3: the factorial structure within the sequence of natural numbers (number tree) mirrors the qualities of the polarities using base2 and its conditions using base3

L3-4: the minimal representation of ANY pole of a terminal is a binary graph with four leaves, in numbers, the hexadecimal base, base16

L3-5: the minimal representation of ANY polarity is a juxtaposition of two poles, in numbers, a 16x16 matrix with 256 distinct nodes

L3-6: the first 16 numbers define all other numbers

L3-7: the flows of a basic action cycle ('conditions') are pointed to by the numbers 1 through 9

L3-8: prime numbers above 13 point to structural nodes that are void of archetypes and archetypal conditions or energies

L3-9: sequences of natural numbers in between prime numbers point to archetypal 'scripts'

L3-10: non-prime numbers below 256 point to archetypes


RA1: A1 corresponds to Gotamo Siddharto's anatta principle ('non-self'): 'an observer cannot observe itself'; proverb in Ifá: 'a knife cannot cut itself';

note that the fundamental definition of Beingness is 'awareness of awareness', which means at least TWO locations. Therefore. for any Beingness, everything, including itself, is indeed observable

RL1-1.1: even if a Monad would exist, it would remain unobserved

RL1-1:2: the number 'one' itself is unreachable; it can be conjectured that it creates all prime numbers and as a result the structure of the tree of all natural numbers

RL1-2: a singularity is volition as an outflow, and perception as an inflow; an existence is a result of volition; therefore, perception results from volition, and the results of volition are caused by perception (the latter recently demonstrated in an experiment in quantum mechanics); volition and perception are one thing, and that thing is the singularity

RL1-3: it could be argued that L1-3 is an axiom; it could also be argued that as an axiom it could form together with A1 an axiomatic system by itself alone; in this case, A2 would be an inference and not an axiom; it could further be argued that RL1-3 would not only be an axiom but it would be the only axiom and A1 through A2 inferred

RA2.1: A2 corresponds to Gotamo's dukkha principle (typically erroneously translated as 'suffering'). Proverb in Ifá: 'there is no valley without mountains'

RA2.2: A2 corresponds to the First Law of Gurdjieff

RL2-2: L2-2 corresponds to the Second Law of Gurdjieff, agglutination.

RL2-3.1: only ONE thing can occupy one LOCATION (different from space). Opposition (required for Polarization) requires the added consideration that the two flows meet in one location, which is always an artificial addition, never ultimate Truth.

RL2-3.2: two identical things in the same location cancel each other out (opposite phase)or merge (resonance, in phase)

RL2-5 cp. vortex, dynamo)

RL2-6 also called the 'L-curve' (Chris); a 'secret' of Tantra

RL2-7: this is also known as the Zousel pattern

RA3: A3 corresponds to Gotamo's sankhara principle ('put together')

RL3-1: also known as 'as above, so below'

RL3-4,5,6: this is the system of Ifá; see B1

RL3-7: this is a 9-stage transformation process, known in abbreviated forms, such as the 'Elliot Wave', 'Theory U'(Scharmer), Conditions (Hubbard), Radical-Transform (Sandor)

RL3-8: there are 55 of these below 256, in Ifá called 'rogue Eshus', see B2

RL3-10: there are 201 well-defined archetypes in Ifá, see B2

Applications and Pointers

NL1-1: for a basic exposition of this paradox, see Riemann Hypothesis by Numberphile

NL3.1: for the genesis of this Universe chain see Chris' Basic fundamentals of the chain of universes.

NL3.2: for an example of a linguistic genesis, see Max' Genesis of a Language

NL3-6.1: for the allocation of the first 16 natural numbers, see the Quantum Fá Number Tree and B1

NL3-7.1: a comparison is at Conditions of Existence, Elliot Waves, Fibonacci, and Odu Transitions

NL3-7.2: applications of the Radical Transform: Radical Transform

NL3-7.3 ff: see B1

NL3-8,10: notes on the link of human personality types and universal archetypes are at Chris' site for Energy Bodies


B1: Polar Dynamics 1 by Max Sandor & Ed Dawson

B2: Your Personal Archetype by Sandor, Dawson & Miranda(pdf, also available in Italian, Portuguese, and French)

B3: Quantum Fá Course Booklet (diagrams for advanced studies)

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