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 News from the Grove: Debunking a non-urban legend today4 comments
picture2 May 2016 @ 20:05, by Max Sandor

It is quiet in the Sandorian Grove, at least here on this Blog. But when one becomes even more quiet than just quiet, one can here hear the Mariri whisper within the divine vine Banisteriopsis caapi which some simply call Ayahuasca. This magick plant murmurs loudly as she stretches herself out to the light far beyond the imagination of even Pilates himself.
One is suddenly reminded of a legend from the jungles of the Amazon, far from urban dwellings, truly a non-urban legend that is, namely that the lianas of the Banisteriopsis caapi vine are secretly but openly the TALLEST plants of the jungle as they grow from the roots of trees until on top of their tops, thus surpassing even the tallest tree.

But wait, did you hear this subtle crackle? What is this? Holy Jolly! As you follow the sound of leaves and flowers growing, what do you find? A spectacle, not only for the ears but for the eyes: there is a purple bougainvillea spectabilis, so purple that it could have grown right out of the Purple Notebook On How to Escape From this Universe (short: Pnohteftu)!
And, lo and behold, it seems to top out even the divine Ayahuasca vine. Wow, yes, yes, by a small margin, OK, but yes, it is HIGHER in the sky.
So now we have LIVING PROOF of the utter falsehood of the not-so-urban legend of the Mariri topping all other beasts of the jungle!

Make no mistake, though, thorns will prick you and lianas can strangle so strong that even an anaconda could get envious. Stay far therefore and listen them growing carefully. Or join with me and drink their wine!

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