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 Thrills&Chills Management (Part 1 - Definitions of Games Design)1 comment
picture19 May 2016 @ 15:40, by Max Sandor

Towards a revised definition of Games and its parameters. Note, that "reward and risk" have been omitted in this layout. Conventionally, they are regarded as part of games, which is true only for some games, especially all that are fake, malicious, or false (definitions in Part 2). "Rewards and risks" are either rationalizations of thrills or they serve in strategies and Game Resource Management for organizing particles ('resources') and are NOT necessary to play a game.

A game consists of a coordination of vectors of game forces in support or opposition of another such game (a cyclic definition!). There are three basic game force types: efforts, emotions, and powers.

Efforts are physical movements to conquer or maintain a location in a game terrain. Power is the ability to control a location in a game terrain. Emotions are human reactions to the state of a game and are used as an additional, intermediary game terrain.

A strategy is a plan of the coordination of game force.

A Thrill is a flash of awareness of intending, initiating, modifying, or terminating a game. A Chill is a flash of awareness of a danger to a strategy within a game.

A goal is a declared state of a game, such as the location of vectors at a given time.

Players are points of origin of game vectors. Particles are physical or non-physical placeholders (tokens) moved or positioned to mark a location in a game terrain.

Game management is the organization of players, particles, and resources.

For an effective Game Analysis (or Synthesis), it is vital to draw a map of the flows of ALL of the above parts of a game. In especially, note Thrills&Chills and Rewards&Risks for any sub-game.

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