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 Codes of Civilization3 comments
category picture11 Sep 2003 @ 23:59
The first concern of mine is the existence of humankind. In my opinion, our human race has created it¡¯s own lethal enemy, that is not anything else but our civilization. In this so-called civilization, some crucial viruses as the key codes control the operation of entire human society and every human activity as well.

I have decoded them but got no way to design an effective solution to make the evil codes changed, although I have created a new model of civilization. The most tragic thing in our world is we always feel no way when we are facing the deepest problems, the ontological ones. what is the infinite power which drives us to play a self-destroying game? Still, it is an unreadable riddle. Without the religious explanation, science always keeps silent and never say a word.

Maybe we will never be able to know the truth, that is a work beyond the boundary of human intelligence.

In such a frustrated situation, what we can do is to explore a transcendent way on which we will be able to link our life and soul to the infinite power, although we can never know Him. The basic homework for this project is to realize the real meaning of life, without understanding it, the existence of a being only means an endless confusion.

By reflecting the history of philosophy, I got such a bold conclusion, no any philosopher has ever touched the brink of the truth of life. The divided condition of human intelligence have made the whole world keep divided, and the paradox hiding in the cells of human mind, seems to be an eternal obstacle standing on the way of so-called human evolution.

It is a very sad movie to see that there are unnumbered antinomy existing in the human knowledge bank, and also attached by large numbers of virus. And if one has the ability to perceive the logic of those daily conflicts and confusions in our world, and to perceive how those evil viruses drive human beings fight against each other and even fight against themselves, you can imagine how he will feel.
Who is the designer of such a tragic human logic? Why does He design our world like this? Is it an interesting experiment for Him? What we can merely do is just to know our limitation, to ask these no-answer-questions.

I will write down what I have discovered about our existing civilization, and design a masterplan of new civilization, I don¡¯t think this new model can change the world, but it is worthwhile to apply in the individual sphere, maybe it can lead to the way of salvation for individuals.  More >

 Three-dimensions world and True Love7 comments
category picture8 Aug 2002 @ 12:09
This is a mail I wrote to Sindy, an active member of NCN.  More >

 How Lovely!2 comments
category picture26 Jul 2002 @ 06:46
From: ID: tdeane:
Name: Tricia Deane  More >

 To Be An Original and Natural Being2 comments
category picture26 Jul 2002 @ 06:40
To: ID: tdeane:
Name: Tricia Deane  More >

 Science and Religion2 comments
category picture26 Jul 2002 @ 06:36
(This is an introductory statement of mine as a member of con-side in a campus English debate of my university. The debate title is With the development of science religion has become obsolete. I don¡¯t agree to it.)  More >

 Surprising Attack and Surprising Reaction6 comments
category picture26 Jul 2002 @ 06:31
(This is a five-minute-speech I delivered in English at the campus of my university)  More >

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