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Sri Sri Somanatha Maharishi a world-renowned spiritual yogi is conducting this rare enlightening spiritual retreat in the serene and peaceful abode of the sacred Ashram and in the dense forests of Srisailam one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. It's indeed a blessing to be with Swamiji since it's considered that Swamiji is an incarnation of the Lord himself.

It is indeed rare opportunity that in today's world a Spiritual Retreat (Deeksha) is being conducted by an Enlightened Master in his presence. Join the participants to the place where He attained the Enlightenment.

This Para Shakthi (Knowledge of the Divine), which has been kept so secret by many Sages, Rishis from the seekers is being now given to sincere seekers who wish to attain Moksha (liberation) and be blessed by a truly enlightened master. This retreat is being organized by Swamiji on persistent requests by his disciples to show them his place of penance and Enlightened place.

Sri Swamiji will be transmitting some of his Yogic powers to sincere truth seekers for them to carry on the work initiated by him and who would become channel to his divine powers. Many Yogic secrets will be revealed hitherto unknown to many

Meditation-Sadhana and retreat Program

Turiya-Deeksha Retreat Dec 24 '02 - Jan 05 '03 US$600.00

Retreat Fees include: Site-seeing, Srisailam trip, Turiya registration fees, food, accomodation and travel expenses in Hyderabad and Srisailam.

Clothing: White or light orange loose fitting clothing.

Linen: Bed mattress, pillow and a set of white blankets are provided.

Arrival and Departure: Your travel to and from the Ashram to the airport is taken care of by the Ashram.

Identification: You will be provided with identification badges on registration.

Donation: Gurudakshina or Ashram donations are not included in the above fees.

Other Meditation-Sadhana Programs:

Para Sakthi Yogam 20 days 01/07/03 - 02/05/03 US$200.00
Para Sakthi Yogam 30 days 01/07/03 - 02/15/03 US$300.00
Para Sakthi Yogam 40 days 01/07/03 - 02/26/03 US$400.00

Aspiring mediators who want to attain Moksham (liberation) also those who do not have much previous experience in meditation but keen on knowing these secrets can avail this rare opportunity and can register for the Retreat by applying online.

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Spirtual Retreat of Para Shakthi ( Divine Powers )

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