Workplace Related Stress and The Radiance Technique
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Workplace Related Stress and Active Stress Management Courses using The Radiance Technique®.

Most of the employers and employees consider stress as being normal at the workplace. Some of the employees feel the stress effects stronger than others. And when the effects are surpassing their resistance and adaptation capacity they get sick, and they will need additional free days for treatment and recovering. The US work statistics refers to occupational stress as a neurotic response to stress. US and EU will pay special attention to the work related stress field of study during 2001-2002 period.

Additional solutions brought by The Radiance Technique®:

· The harmonization of the workplace and the rest room at least 2 times per day ;

· Attunements for the unpleasant events from the workplace that still affects us;

· Energy directing for the workgroup in which we take part, for good relationship with business partners, for future projects and for inherent worries of the workplace;

· An expanded session (composed of drawing 3 times the 4th universal symbol and 1st universal symbol, followed by 22 models symbol and 1st universal symbol);

· The harmonization of home, food, medication, water or liquids that we consume;

· Daily energy directings for family and expanded sessions for us and for those close to us, or more than daily during the weekend, the trimestrial recovery week and annual holiday.

· Energy directings for future projects and for protection of the resulting worries.  More >

Active Stress Management system that uses The Radiance Technique®

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