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 the next awakening
category picture1 Jul 2009 @ 15:38
it is time for a great awakening upon the planet. an awakening of consciousness that will allow us to open our eyes as if for the first time to see how separation of spirit to physical has created great harm to us and all life forms that have been given to us in order to have our physical form and learn of unity. our arrogance of self has created a great separation over time that is now a great threat to that which has given us life. these actions allowing of them to unfold is what i will call the greatest act of love. an act of spirit to allow us to learn at such great lengths as to face extinction. to know we have created the power from nature to end all of life. nuclear etc. now from this great awakening will be the truth of who we are who is god what is spirit and how the great unity of all things is now upon us. to be awakened is the moment for which we have all be waiting for and working so hard to come to. all that we have done to destroy has created the knowledge to bring about a tremendous healing to all things first and formost us then the planet.

we now get to face each and every illusion that has ever been created. to face how we have replaced the true value of nature with currency for which we assigned our own values with no understanding of balance only self gain and terms we have assigned to our survival. but survival of ego and thought process that is limited and fears knowing that? what is the currency of spirit and how through unity can we begin to trade in it with respect and reverence to that which allowed creation to unfold so many trillions of years ago and yet through a blink of an eye we are here. Here within this moment showing that time never really existed only one act upon another creating the now.

The now of this moment upon reading this is only one point of sharings that will bring forth the great awakening. this force cannot be stopped only embraced with fullness of gratitude and appreciation for the miracle from which it come.

what is god or the concept when we remove the confines of interpretation. it is without definition and can be said it is what all of creation has been created with . A force an energy a reality of life core building blocks. each one designed from conception to birth to foster the continuation of the expansion of life.

life my friend is precious in all forms. one life form cannot be without the other. no one can exist without the energy of life. the energy from which all things have been and are being created. we live within a bubble of energy that is alive has a direction intellegence and meaning. are we ready for this understanding?

the Mt we visited is only one place that could not have existed if it were not for all other places. i could not exist if it were not for the core of creation. all that i see all that i do has only been possible through this. nothing could exist without this core from which all else is allowed to be. we were born from unity and back to unity we are going. for without unity there can be no life.
with this knowledge and acceptance of the relationship of all living things can we face our past actions of ignorance and change them to ones of global consciousness.

From what we know scientifically every living organism that we have on the planet today was in one form or another with the earth when it was formed. Most have evolved to what we see today over billions of years but all the elements were a part of the mineral make up of the planet.

From conception the Earth has been evolving in a very natural process that created an integrative eco system. This would include the formation, containing and movement of water, processes for cleaning and creating breathable oxygen, mineralization of the soils to support plant growth, and gravity. In summary every single element that is required to support the existence of life. Every existence of anything this is alive is only possible through the planets evolutionary growth process.

This also means that every single life form, being evolved from the same planet has a relationship. So everything within, upon and above the earth is related no matter what. All things have elements in common. The minerals in a rock will match those in us and soil.

Now we have us, as human form, whose very existence could not be without the planet. We could think about this as a relationship we have to our mothers who gave birth to us.


Now from a point of kindness respect and most of all gratitude what actions can we do in order to show our appreciation back to the planet and its processes that allowed life to be in the first place?

What actions do we now have integrated within our lives that are detrimental to the natural processes that provide life giving elements?

How well do we even understand how nature is able to provide us with clean water, fertile soils, fresh air and sustenance?

What may be the connection between these question and spiritual growth?

with this knowledge and acceptance of the relationship of all living things can we face our past actions of ignorance and change them to ones of global consciousness.

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 soular light
category picture12 Mar 2003 @ 07:49
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Many are predicting the coming of the new age and intesity of vibrations upon the earth. I have been presented in my inner meditations that this is the the light of the soul. That is why so many are being effected inwardly. It could be considered that the second coming will not be received from outside of ourselves but from within. I feel that it is the presence of this light that the negative sides of life are now facing challenges that are putting them into survival mode. This is a time where we need to be willing to see that all elements upon this planet, as in water air nature etc must be see in equal partnerships to ourselves.

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