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 Subtle Beings
picture9 May 2004
Very Subtle Beings
are rarely appreciated.
The aesthetic appreciation faculty is numbed
by the frantic search for meaning
that runs rampantly through the wandering minds
of the non self reflective.
I don't know what the hell to do about it.
Should I?
I am stirred, not shaken
to wonder, and ponder about it.
It's hardly avoidable... in every interaction,
it becomes apparent.
So what's a bhodi to do?
I shoot love / truth bullets
into the heart / minds of the distracted
that bump into me.
Sometimes they look startled like deer in headlights.
They soon forget for the most part.
Resonance... substantiates our Reality Song
And when it does... sweetness can be shared...
Even that is not enough to draw them away from their becoming... what?
...For the most part
I could be sad, but not today.
What for?  More >

 My New Website
category picture11 Mar 2004
This is my central focus for now. I feel an urge or something to help people move beyond unecessary suffering of the mental / emotional sort.

 Integral Institute
picture2 Dec 2003
Integral Institute is dedicated to the proposition that partial and piecemeal approaches to complex problems are ineffective. Whether addressing individual and personal issues of meaning and transformation, or increasingly complex social problems such as war, hunger, disease, over-population, housing, ecology, and education, partial and fragmented approaches need to be replaced by solutions that are more comprehensive, systematic, encompassing—and integral. [link]  More >

 Dark Night - or Disidentification Crisis
picture28 Nov 2003
"The only full and authentic purification is that which turns a man completely inside out, so that he no longer has a self to defend, no longer an intimate heritage to protect against inroads and dilapidations. The full maturity of the spiritual life cannot be reached unless we first pass through the dread, anguish, trouble, and fear that necessarily accompany the inner crisis of "spiritual death" in which we finally abandon our attachment to our exterior self and surrender completely to Christ." (Thomas Merton)  More >

 Integral Philosophy Graphically Enhanced
picture24 Nov 2003
This is one of the nicest sites I have seen on this subject... which is  More >

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