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 I Do Believe We're About There.
category picture28 Feb 2017 @ 17:05
Just before the brink of insanity comes the Lunatic Fringe.  More >

 BROKEN PROMISES: American Indian Treaties:
picture20 Nov 2016 @ 00:11

According to my concept of law (I may stand to be corrected), these "treaties" were actually LAND LEASES.
All leases I've ever encountered have time constraints/limitations; these treaties do not.
Not one person I know would enter into such a lease.
My concept of leases are they can only run for a maximum of ninety nine (99) years, I may be right, I may be wrong,
but I understand that is the way it is in Mexico.

If this is true, Then all land leased by the Native American Indians to the Federal Government have expired a long, long time ago!
Without a time limit, they retain the right to determine when to collect and what amount.
Native Americans have not been FAIRLY compensated for the value derived from the use of their land.
Bolts of clothing are "less than peanuts" compared to the value derived from their land.

Therefore, all land previously held by all Native American Indians must be returned to them.
They have the sole right to keep any improvements they want to keep, remove any landmarks they find offensive,
or desire to be removed (example: Mount Rushmore, Trump Tower(s), etc.).

Native American Indians own the land where ALL federal government buildings are constructed.
They have the right to insist that Mr. Donald Trump sign over all the properties he owns in the United States to
the respective Native American tribes of that region if he wants to rent THEIR Oval Office in their Whitehouse.

Pennsylvania Avenue is an extremely high rent district in Washington A.C./D.C. The Oval Office LEASE is $250,000 per DAY,
payable in advance. This equates to $91,250,000 per year; a four year lease equates to $365,000,000.
Other rooms may be available by at comparable rates.
Late payments and/or rubber checks are cause for immediate eviction.

He will have to agree to consult with Native American Chiefs before making any decisions about the United States of America,
and comply with their wish(s).

Products obtained from their land, in particular, nuclear weapons, become their property.
They maintain their right to disarm and dismantle these weapons (in the interest of world peace, if they so desire).

Any foreigners who wish to migrate to the United States of America must be approved by the Native American Indians
(not the Federal Government).
The Native Americans have the final say if a wall is to be built on the U.S. Mexico border, not Mr. Donald Trump.
Since Mr. Trump suggested building a "Great Wall of America" on the Mexican border, he should pay for it himself.

All Americans owe Native Americans very deep gratitude for their tolerance as Americans are living on borrowed land.

The quality of life of most of the human race has been improved due to Native American tolerance of invaders.

This imbalance must immediately be corrected.

Much greater respect is to be shown to Native Americans;

They are the Land Lords of America!
All hail to Chief Geronimo - Chief of Chiefs.  More >

 House of the Setting Sun...
picture15 Sep 2016 @ 12:54

Where East meets West
and the sun sets on the United States of America.  More >

 Pride, the Precursor to Our Downfall.
category picture25 Mar 2016 @ 17:06
A Tale of Pride...and of One Faith.  More >

 Who is Watching Us?
picture15 Jan 2016 @ 12:14
The eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding the evil and the good. PROVERBS 15:3  More >

 Code of Hammurabi updated.
picture5 Aug 2014 @ 10:54
What's coming in every human's future.  More >

picture31 Dec 2008 @ 17:44
Welcome to the beginning...  More >

 The Logic of Suicide Terrorism
picture19 Sep 2007 @ 17:53
It’s the occupation, not the fundamentalism.  More >

picture11 Oct 2006 @ 15:41
A Hole in the Pocket.  More >

 Something To Live By
category picture30 Mar 2005 @ 13:45
author: Dorothea Simons Kopplin  More >

 Dear Fragile,
category picture26 Mar 2005 @ 19:11
A Poetic Letter  More >

 Parable of the Dandelion
picture22 Aug 2004 @ 20:14
The Master Gardener put forth the Parable of the Dandy-Lion to his disciples.  More >

picture31 Jul 2004 @ 08:32
A Contact Point for Lovers.  More >

 Mass Hypnosis
picture27 Jul 2004 @ 09:49
Television: The Tool of Mass Hypnosis and Mind Control.

The hypnotist's methodology:
Relax, (sit or lay back)
Focus on one point (TV),
Listen to my voice.  More >

 A LIMERICK About Our Court System.
picture24 Jul 2004 @ 23:16

The Stark Reality of Court.  More >

picture23 Jul 2004 @ 07:16
A Poem of the Heart.  More >

picture22 Jul 2004 @ 03:47
Fr. Hans Küng and World Leaders Come Together (reprint)

Reprinted from the National Catholic Reporter,
September 24, 1993  More >

 ICARUS, The Fable Unlocked.
picture19 Jul 2004 @ 01:15

Icarus Could Have Actually Happened.  More >

 Passion in the Moonlight
picture12 Jul 2004 @ 22:05

A Poetic Composite ov My Love .  More >

 PENTECOST and Language:
picture10 Jul 2004 @ 07:22
An interlaced language which, when spoken, seems to incorporate all languages and is understood by Multi-nationals, each in their mother tongue.  More >

 ReTrain your Brain
picture8 Jul 2004 @ 11:14
A couple simple exercises for your brain.  More >

 Letter to Mr. Hans Küng
picture6 Jul 2004 @ 12:26
Author of "Judiasm: Between Yesterday and Tomorrow;"
and "A GLOBAL ETHIC."  More >

 A B C's of Marriage:
picture15 May 2004 @ 04:46
an Alphabet Poem for COUPLES.  More >

 VISION of the Day
picture8 May 2004 @ 09:58
A True Account:
(based on memory.)  More >

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