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 At the Bat of the Eye3 comments
Saturday, August 1st 2015
I think I am writing again... maybe.. ?  More >

 What I am up to these days. 11 comments
Monday, January 12th 2015
Hi everyone.

I have been very remiss in logging on here to chat and read etc. I have been going to jr college to get my prerequisites for the Occupational Therapy Program. I have finally been accepted into the program and start this Spring term. I am both excited and not a little daunted by it all.

I can only hope I have what it takes to succeed and flourish in this new adventure in my life.

Love to you all and lots of hugs.

Skookum  More >

 charcoal final diptych0 comments
picture Monday, June 2nd 2014
This is a
"Dream Drawing"

 another pencil art0 comments
picture Monday, June 2nd 2014
This was a study of white to black gray scale.

 Art 300 Sacramento city college2 comments
picture Monday, June 2nd 2014
My first efforts at art in many many years. I will be taking a design class this summer and 3D design in the fall.  More >

 Fearful Geography4 comments
Sunday, February 16th 2014
Fearful Geography

Though the nobler paths may be fraught with thorny snares
I shall not find them to be fearful geography
The sharp wisps that lash at me as I pass by shall be as nothing
My furrowed brow shall be a token of my own absolution
The sunlight sprinkling upon my skin shall warm me
I shall not be alone; I see others all around me
They do not see me, but I see them
Perhaps if I give a shout they shall look up from their stony paths
I shall wave and smile and perhaps they shall too
We travel together, whether they know it or not

© 2014 Marissa A Spencer  More >

 Fairy poems....5 comments
Wednesday, December 19th 2012
written for some friends of mine  More >

 Dear Diary,1 comment
Wednesday, December 5th 2012
School, cooking, shopping, cleaning... and now.. Christmas is coming.. waaaaaaa! I am taking three classes next semester.. Human Development , Anatomy and Physiology// just lecture no lab, and General Psychology...

I am crazy aren't I.  More >

 I am going back to school. 2 comments
Wednesday, September 12th 2012
Just started.. taking one class.. Medical terminology. I hope to be an Occupational therapy assistant in a few years.  More >

 Starbucks and the Infinite Now3 comments
Friday, January 27th 2012
I was out doing the mommy thing last night. I had taken my daughter to her college class and I had to get some art supplies for the son that is in a local college as well. I had finished my errands and was with no place to go and nothing to do. I didn't want to head back to my home as it was too far and did not want to use the gas to get there and then turn around in a few minutes to pick up my daughter at 9 PM.
Ah! There is a solution. There is a Starbucks near the college (of course there is). I had been listening for a few weeks on some books on CD. I had borrowed them from the library. I listen to them when I drive, sew. or kitchen work. They are lectures and books by Eckhart Tolle. A very entertaining person to listen to. One does not expect such spiritual food to be delivered by someone to very easy to relate to.
Mr. Tolle talks about how one can be in "presence" anywhere. This encouraged me to try out the idea in a noisy coffee shop. I got my Vanilla Roobios tea and walked over to put sweetener and a little half and half in it. To my immediate right were two lovely young ladies having an energetic conversation. One of them was talking so quickly I was very impressed with the skill required to do that. She was not local I could tell by her generous sprinklings of "like" throughout her conversation. Southern California was my guess as she did admit to having just moved into the area. As we Northern Cali's say "Hella" a lot, I know some areas of Southern Cal does use "Like" a great deal.
I sat down in a corner with command of the room and waited for my tea to cool off. I could see the clock so I was able to know when I needed to go. In addition to the young ladies there was a man around my age looking at a skeletal anatomy book. A returning student was my guess as I had seen him walking from the college a few minutes earlier. To my immediate left was a table of Chinese American students.
I closed my eyes. Etta James' voice drifted softly, almost drowned by the din of the conversations. As I went into presence the words of the conversations stopped making sense and became sounds, rhythms, that were occasionally punctuated by the shout of the barristas for next libation finished.
The two young ladies... one was a high pitched motor and the other a softer and slightly slower one. The table of Chinese Americans would from time to time burst into enthused conversation then become suddenly silent as they texted on their iphones. I was amazed, impressed even. on how a table of 6 plus people could be so silent, heads bowed and totally absorbed.
There were eventually two tables of people talking in what I would consider the usual conversation at a coffee house. Being aware when I closed my eyes was truly enlightening. If ones sees as us all connected then all the 'noise" is superficial. I was not bored at all. Another thing I noticed was how slowly time seemed to move when I kept myself aware. So if you feel rushed and out of time, perhaps going into presence will give you more of it. As Mr. Tolle said in one of his Cd's. I am paraphrasing here. Even if you are rushed, you will get more accomplished if you are aware and truly see what is needed without going through the thinking process.  More >

 Now I have painted my drum. 2 comments
picture picture picture picture Wednesday, May 25th 2011
I made the hide glue.. and now I made the paint.  More >

 Things are waking up. Hide glue, hand drums and something smells...2 comments
Tuesday, April 12th 2011
I have been going to a local drumming/shamanic program that is hosted at Christ Unity here in Sacramento. It is every other month and I have found it uplifting and just downright fun.

I have been to two programs.

here is a post of an interview of one of his past programs.. truly inspiring.

[link]  More >

 recipe three.. what to do with leftover Turkey adobo0 comments
Wednesday, December 1st 2010
ha.. bet you wont guess  More >

 Recipe two.. Turkey too!2 comments
picture Wednesday, December 1st 2010
here is another one.. a hit to say the least  More >

 After Thanksgiving recipes2 comments
Wednesday, December 1st 2010
I know what you are thinking.. oh no more on how to fix turkey after the holiday. Well, yes that is what I have for you here. I really do not care for some of the dishes traditionally done with leftover turkey, so I decided to step into less traveled territory.

oh I just came up with these on my own.. but then.. I have been cooking all my life.. and well. that is a lot of years!  More >

 Something very odd happened4 comments
Monday, November 8th 2010
and.. I know you won't believe me!  More >

 Be the Creator1 comment
Friday, October 15th 2010

Be the Creator.

As I was drinking my coffee this morning watching the hummingbirds sip away above my head, I sighed contentedly. What a morning! Blue sky and all the wildlife busy preparing for winter felt so comforting. So incredibly right and all as it should be.
I try to sit there on my front porch every morning, weather permitting. I have already gotten my youngest to his high school and done dishes and made coffee. Pausing for a bit to connect to that formless being-ness that permeates everything, I waved each time a neighbor drove by. A smile and a wave; so easy, so simple, so meaningful.
 More >

 poem. Gathering Roses3 comments
Monday, May 3rd 2010
I know I haven't written in a while.. so here goes  More >

 just in.. what makes us happy? 32 comments
Tuesday, February 23rd 2010
A great article written by Clara Moskowitz from Live Science... at this site


(an excerpt of her article)

5 Things That Will Make You Happier clara Moskowitz
livescience Senior Writer – Mon Feb 22, 11:50 am ET

Here are five things that research has shown can improve happiness:

1. Be grateful - Some study participants were asked to write letters of gratitude to people who had helped them in some way. The study found that these people reported a lasting increase in happiness - over weeks and even months - after implementing the habit. What's even more surprising: Sending the letter is not necessary. Even when people wrote letters but never delivered them to the addressee, they still reported feeling better afterwards.

2. Be optimistic - Another practice that seems to help is optimistic thinking. Study participants were asked to visualize an ideal future - for example, living with a loving and supportive partner, or finding a job that was fulfilling - and describe the image in a journal entry. After doing this for a few weeks, these people too reported increased feelings of well-being.

3. Count your blessings - People who practice writing down three good things that have happened to them every week show significant boosts in happiness, studies have found. It seems the act of focusing on the positive helps people remember reasons to be glad.

4. Use your strengths - Another study asked people to identify their greatest strengths, and then to try to use these strengths in new ways. For example, someone who says they have a good sense of humor could try telling jokes to lighten up business meetings or cheer up sad friends. This habit, too, seems to heighten happiness.

5. Commit acts of kindness - It turns out helping others also helps ourselves. People who donate time or money to charity, or who altruistically assist people in need, report improvements in their own happiness.
Lyubomirsky has also created an iPhone application, called Live Happy, to help people boost their well-being.  More >

 Buddha said...2 comments
Thursday, February 18th 2010
thought this was good  More >

 a lost halloween poem.. the Halloween Feast3 comments
Sunday, February 7th 2010
hope you like it  More >

 Right place at the right time. 2 comments
Saturday, January 2nd 2010

In the busy shopping season before the holidays.. one has to plan ones route carefully to optimize ones itinerary. I was wisely heading for the next stop at a popular grocery store... for some reason the left turn light heading to my home was green and I was on know what I mean.  More >

 All things as they should be...2 comments
Saturday, January 2nd 2010
I was traveling home from dropping of kids to school.. when I saw a young man with a backpack rushing with all his might to the bus stop. The bus pulls away just as he gets across the street. His obvious ire was perfectly expressed in his jumping down, throwing his back pack and shouting various colorful expletives...  More >

 number two son got married4 comments
Thursday, December 3rd 2009
To a lovely young miss from Canada...This last Friday in a lovely ceremony at Danish Hall in Surrey BC.  More >

 Are you SAD?0 comments
Wednesday, December 2nd 2009
When having my blood workup pre surgery on my broken arm... I was tested..  More >

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