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 Gratitude for ability to assist2 comments
category picture24 Sep 2004 @ 23:26
I had a special, unexpected, opportunity today. Ofelia told me that she has a medical appointment in Celaya tomorrow for treatment of Kidney stones. This came as a surprise although I knew she was going to see a doctor but my spanish is not really adequate to understand all her life. I have known her for over twenty years and had three years ago an opportunity to get her services in keeping our home in order.

Last year she told us she needed another half week of work and I was able to share her with new residents in San Miguel de Allende. She is a treasure in both homes. Today we had opportunity to share the expense of 15,000 pesos for this surgery. Ofelia chose to not subswcribe for the Mexican medical form of social security, therefore we are responsible for her care under mexican labor laws.

We have enough reserves to share her expenses and tomorrow her family will deliver her to the clinic. I am grateful for this special opportunity in my adopted culture.  More >

 More on migratory workers from Mexico0 comments
category picture21 Sep 2004 @ 22:26
This writing is copied from my wife, Nancy who wrote to a cousin who had forwarded a letter decrying the Mexican immigrants to the US.  More >

 New title for migrant workers.7 comments
category picture20 Sep 2004 @ 01:39
This is an attempt to re-frame the opposition to alien immigrantion.  More >

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