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 Rebecca's Rules - someone has to be the big guy in Gaza2 comments
category picture2 Jan 2009 @ 19:51
Raining down rockets and bombs on each other cannot bring justice or mercy for anyone. Both sides need peace. Both sides should just take a step back and say - we want peace now!

A friend of mine told me about all the fights she and her sister had while growing up. Even as their mother lay dying in her last few weeks, neither would visit their mother at the same time. The mother's (Rebeca) advice: Marcella don't keep score, someone has to be the big guy and apologize even if it's not your fault. So Marcella apologized to her sister and the two of them were then able to spend the last week of their mother's life all together.

So, to both sides: someone has to be the big guy and stop your violence, apologize and say let's talk - OK. Otherwise people just keep dying because you can't be the "big guy."

Ned Hamson  More >

 Is Work Making You Sick? 1 comment
picture30 Oct 2007 @ 13:52
Some colleagues of mine are involved in doing ongoing research on what makes work, work well and what makes it contribute to mental and physical ill health, as well as to lack of productivity or satisfaction.

Here is how they describe their current research and the link to the survey ([link]): We are researching the prevention of mental health problems. Mental health problems are increasing and we need better ways of measuring and preventing them. In particular we need to know how mental health is related to the various emotions people feel when they are at work, studying or engaging in other major activities.

These questions are part of a larger study of mental health in workplaces that was initiated by Professor Don deGuerre, Department of Applied Human Sciences, Concordia University. That larger study covers more factors and includes:

* A short online organisational survey that will determine the level of employee engagement in a participating organisation and will provide measures of any mental health problems that may be developing in the organisation. * A more in depth organisational survey, which identifies the organisational factors that do and don’t lead to, improved motivation, innovation, employee mental health, and productivity.

* An intervention designed to prevent mental health problems in the workplace and significantly improve productivity.

If you or your organization are interested in participating in, or want information about the larger study, contact Peter Aughton in Australia ( or Don deGuerre in Canada (

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 Food for Thought - Is your fish or shrimp going to give you long life or end it?3 comments
picture3 Sep 2007 @ 15:29
The global market for fish now means that the shrimp, salmon, sea bass, or cat fish could have begun life on in an Indian, European, or Chinese "farm." Since seafood farming is actually farming of both fresh and salt water species, it's referred to as aquaculture.

How much seafood is produced by aquaculture? <>

In 2003, World aquaculture seafood production contributed about 40 million tons, or about 30% of total World fisheries production of about 130 million tons. A decade ago, aquaculture contributed merely 17 million tons, making it the fastest growing food production branch Worldwide.

Where is aquaculture conducted? Almost everywhere, in cold climate developed countries, as well as in tropical climate less-developed countries, over all continents:

Asia 37.0 million tons, mostly in China Europe 2.0 million tons Americas 1.2 million tons Africa 0.28 million tons, mostly in Egypt.

Fresh water aquaculture: contributes about 58% of World aquaculture output. Marine aquaculture: contributes about 42% of World aquaculture output.

What is produced in aquaculture? In developed countries: Salmon, Sea bream, Sea bass, Catfish, etc. In less-developed countries: Marine aquatic plant Kelp, various Carps, Nile Tilapia, oysters various Shrimp species, mostly produced in extensive, low grade systems.

OK - sounds good - so what's the problem?

1. Remember the recent rounds of problems with Chinese exports to the US? Now, the Chinese are just as good a people as any other... but just as bad too.

2. Raw and greed-based capitalism could well lead Chinese producers of much of the shrimp now being sold in the US to be as unethical as those who poisened pet foods and slipped lead into the paint of children's toys.

3. Seemingly beneficial traditional integrated farming methods of the Chinese may become the source of mutating a new flu pandemic or other animal to human pandemic disease transfer.

Integrated farming of fish and livestock: [link]

Integrated farming of fish and livestock is an old practice consisting of the culture of fish (or shrimp) associated with the husbandry of domesticated animals such as pigs, ducks, chicken, etc. The aim of integrated farming is the recycling of animal wastes (faeces, urine and spoiled feeds) to serve as fertilizers, and sometimes as food for fish raised in ponds, enclosures and cages.

Food for thought eh?  More >

 Deadly Fish Virus in Great Lakes... no threat to people or animals?1 comment
picture19 Aug 2007 @ 17:05
Welcome to the Global Marketplace from which many benefits and negaitves flow freely since the short term dollar is what really counts and not long term human or planetary health.

Cornell researchers have found that a deadly fish virus detected in the northeastern United States for the first time in June in two species has probably spread to at least two more. But they have yet to determine whether the virus is responsible for the death of hundreds of fish in Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River in recent weeks.

Viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus (VHSV) was detected and confirmed for the first time in the Northeast

VHSV causes fatal anemia and hemorrhaging in many fish species but poses no threat to humans or other animals.

Source: Cornell University Date: July 20, 2006

Read on for more connections.

News not found at Captain D's or Red Lobster - grin - VHS is viral hemorrhagic septicemia, a viral fish disease that has. caused large scale mortalities in rainbow trout and turbot aquaculture operations ...

But what about? "Hemorrhagic septicemia is a highly fatal disease of cattle and water buffalo."

And then there is:

Hemorrhagic Fevers

Also called: VHFs

Viral hemorrhagic fevers (VHFs) are a group of illnesses caused by four families of viruses. These include the Ebola and Marburg viruses and Lassa fever virus. VHFs have common features: they affect many organs, they damage the blood vessels and they affect the body's ability to regulate itself. Some VHFs cause mild disease, but some, like Ebola or Marburg, cause severe disease and death.

When taken with...

Hanta virus are parasitic to rodents all over the world, but most of the Hanta virus are not causing disease to human being.

After infection, two kinds of acute syndromes may occur to human. One of them is Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, HPS, and the other is hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, HFRS.

Infection is caused by contacting urine, excrement or saliva of virus borne mouse. The major transmission manner is human inhaled particles in the air generated from the excrement or secretion of Hanta virus-borne mice. Normally, people would not have contact with Hanta virus directly from mice, as Hanta virus is existed in the saliva, urine and other excrement of mice. The most common path is inhaling the particle bearing Hanta virus and acquired Hanta Virus Pulmonary Syndrome.

Hanta Virus Pulmonary Syndrome is a contagion transmitted through air. Virus is transmitted through inhaling of contaminated, dried particles floating in the air (especially in sweeping or over turning carpet. When people inhales these particles, it is likely for them to be infected.

Other possible ways of Hanta Virus Pulmonary Syndrome infection include: (1) Bitten by Hanta Virus carrying mouse, (2) ingest food or drink having been in contact with person carrying Hanta Virus, (3) nose, eye or mouth in contact with particle carrying Hanta Virus (such as slicking hand).

Moth, flea or other insect that may bite people have not been found of able to transmit Hanta Virus Pulmonary Syndrome from mouse to human. In fact, no other animal has been found of relating with the transmission of Hanta Virus Pulmonary Syndrome from mouse to human. However, it is still possible to be infected through dog or cat having in contact with mouse.


Hemorrhagic with Renal Syndrome will cause hemorrhage and serious kidney failure, but Hanta Virus Pulmonary Syndrome will not.

but from Hanta Virus Pulmonary Syndrome... The main cause of death is excessive protein containing fluid in lungs.  More >

 How Much Does It Cost To Buy a Light Bulb in Bagdad?3 comments
picture22 Mar 2007 @ 03:48
$56 billion - That's how much! Or at least that's how much the US alone has spent on Iraq "reconstruction" between 2004 and 2006.

There is no electricity, clean water, sewers, fuel, or safety 24/7 in Iraq but the FOB - Friends of Bush - companies have pocketed $56 billion and more than 3,000 brave men and women of our military have died.

How many died because the reconstruction did not show the Iraqi people that the US was bringing them peace, freedom, and prosperity.

$56 Billion and no light, no water, sewers, safety! $56 billion to enrich the Bush League businesses.

Smells like corruption, high crimes and misdemeanors to me - how about you?

How many Americans can't afford healthcare or insurance but we can give Bush Leaguers $56 billion?

I am not sure how much more saddened I can feel about the waste, the lies, and the smiling faces in Washington that don't seems to have the courage or honor to do anything about saving American lives, Iraqi lives or our collective future.

I am mad as can be and will not take it any more! Every day until we have fixed this mess, I am writing to our Senators and Representatives and asking them what does it cost to get you to do something about saving our nation and sending the Bush League to the showers!  More >

 Walk Away from Global Warming!1 comment
picture9 Feb 2007 @ 12:50
We Will Fail Trying to Stop Global Warming at a Dead Run -- But... We Can Walk Away from Global Warming Step by Step

People - all of us - will not and our governments will not make really big changes to alter the dismal future that Global Warming will bring. Why? Because we and our governments will not make really big changes in how we live unless the reason is as obvious as nightly bombing raids over London. So forget about really big changes - they will not happen until it is too late and we are gasping for air.

But we will individually and collectively can build small changes into our lives that visibly impact our local environment -- and collectively our global environment.

Most people know that they have collectively messed up their local environment - fouled the air,lakes, coastline, earth. Everyone knows it is hotter in the city because it is mostly paved over and is made up of thousands of heat sources not so present in the countryside. So making small changes that are easily fitted into daily life is possible. And if these small changes also benefit the individual in some way, all the better.

Walking away from Global Warming Step by Step 1. Find a place to park your car a half mile farther from where you usually park to go to work each day.

You burn less fuel and increase your energy output. One mile additional a day, five additional miles a week, 20 miles a month will not only reduce carbon in the atmosphere, it will help you lose about 10 pounds in a month or so without even thinking about it.

2. If you can find a place to park and walk a half mile to a bus or train that will take you to work - even better scores for the environment and you still lose weight, save money and clean the air.

3. After six months or so, you might increase the distance to one mile -- that adds 15 minutes to your travel time one way. Not a big deal and double the benefit to the environment and your health or fitness.

4. Find a square yard or two around where you live that is currently paved over with concrete or asphalt. Break it up, use it to make a small enclosure and plant something or create a grass walkway. Get a little exercise, find pleasure in growing something and add your very own two square yard oxygen cleaner and generator.

5. Convince, cajole, browbeat, invite at least one additional person to take the same four steps with you.

Start adding up the numbers and benefits if millions of people do this. Not a bad start, eh and no additional taxes, speeches, government inaction, etc. Just people making small changes to save their world.  More >

 Letter to Iraq - Is That Enki Laughing?0 comments
category picture12 Jan 2007 @ 17:15
Letter to Iraq

This morning, I dreamed that I was an Iraqi grandfather sipping my morning coffee and puzzling over the two dreams that came to me before the morning traffic awoke me.

In the first dream, I saw myself floating over the ancient land between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers - Sumer and Akkad. In the time before Judaism, Islam, Christianity. The times of Gilgamesh, Sargon, when writing was developed, when the beginning stories were begun and before they were woven into the dreams of the sons and daughters of Abraham. Then floating over the court of Hammurabi, I saw mathematics being developed, records of trade, treaties being written down and the world's first laws based on the beliefs of Ur people that justice, mercy and humility held people together in peace.  More >

 Jeb Bush Campaign to Look Good on Terror Begins1 comment
category picture10 Dec 2006 @ 18:23
Is Jeb Bush just like the other Bush League leaders -- Georges 2 and Britain's Blair -- who regularly use deceit, dishonor, and deny to gain and maintain their power?

Wait - what do you mean 3-D?

Deceive or lie about why a nation should go to war, lead fellow travelers and trusting followers, or employees to believe that it's OK to truss up and "torture" suspected terrorists and thus dishonor themselves, then deny that you knew or supported them.

Deceive supporters about what you will do once in office to end all abortions, stop gay agenda, protect children, and get prayer back in schools. Cover-up or bury information about your insiders who daily dishonor their public moral beliefs and then deny that they ever knew them or what they were doing. And deny they have the power or influence to make good on their promises.

That's 3-D Leadership.

After 9-11, Jeb's brother said he would do everything to make the nation safe. Five years have gone by and if you wanted to hire 100 terrorists and give them fake CDL ID to drive 16 wheels of death, disease and destruction all over the nation and into any port or truck stop today, it would not be a problem because the programs designed to prevent such a leaky security system are still in disarray.

Transportation experts and officials all over the nation will agree with that assessment but now a former Florida Highway Patrol Officer turned consultant is trying to lay the groundwork for saying that a system in Florida under Jeb Bush, has been a success.

TSA public relations officials point to successful tests of the biometric ID elements of the TWIC card in at least one location -- the state of Florida -- where Billy Dickson, a retired lieutenant colonel with the Florida State Highway Police, says his department conducted a “short-term test on the TWIC card a year ago at the Port of Canaveral and Port of Pensacola.” Dickson is now a senior management analyst with the Florida Department of Highway Safety.
“We proved to ourselves that the biometric piece worked,” said Dickson, explaining they set up enrollment centers at the ports using a General Electric-designed chip based on driver's fingerprints. Acknowledging initial bugs – not to mention the fact that two to four percent of the population (including truckers) didn’t have what he calls “usable fingerprints” – Dickson says the cards are about to go “operational” in Panama City and Fernandina Beach, Fla., north of Jacksonville.
Dickson has no numbers on truckers involved, but believes there are “a significant amount because Fernandina has big truck movement.” At Panama City, the 400 people issued TWIC cards with the GE technology for biometric IDs included seaport workers and truckers, with no breakout on truckers, says Dickson. They’re also looking at facial recognition and iris scans as “suitable alternatives” to fingerprints for any one coming and going from Florida ports.

A national standard for the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) scanning equipment exists, but not for biometric technologies that relate to trucking industry security, says Dominique Harrington, deputy director of testing services for the National Biometric Security Project.

This may seem too obscure to be a plus for wannabee president Jeb Bush but I believe he has learned from his brother that when you are going to deceive the public, you need to have lots of sources that look good at first glance. Remember that the bricks supporting Iraq's weapons of mass destruction turned out to be nothing but spray-painted bundles of straw-bricks.

Just tuck this away in your memory when you see claims that Jeb Bush is a real anti-terror leader - not!  More >

 Update on Mac Computers for Mayan Kids1 comment
picture17 Aug 2006 @ 02:25
Now I understand why there is more talk about computers for every child than action -- it takes time and many steps whether you are getting computers for use here in US or overseas.

We are blessed with some bulldogs though, so we are moving forward. 400 plus Macs are in Guatemala. Funds are being sought for to build 15 small computer outbuildings at each school.

Will Blessing in Massachusetts is still helping by getting an updated wish/need list up on MacInTouch. This is one of the dozens of difficulties you run into. Eighty-five of the Macs need USB keyboards and mice or converters and we are in need of Dram batteries, as well as OS 9 education related software in Spanish, if possible.

Will it all come together? Yes! I'll probably be able to share photographs and messages from the kids, teachers and families in 6 months or so.

Until then, wish us the best and don't hesitate to help if you find a similar opportunity.

Which reminds me. A lot of folks think that projects like MIT's of inventing a laptop for under $100 for every kid in the world sounds really great... until...

Who's going to put up say $90 for one billion laptops, the software to go on it, people to train kids on how to use them, and the cost for access to the internet?

It's a nice idea but why invent a wind up, solar computer, except to get - sorry for the cynicism - press for MIT?

Only a small fraction of computers that could be recycled and donated for use here in the US, ever get recycled and donated. An even smaller fraction of just US computers ever make it overseas for donation.

The probable truth? There are enough computers tossed out and not recycled every year in the "first" world to provide a computer to every needful student in the second and third world section of the first world, as well as make a huge dent in the second and third world's needs for computers. Will it happen? It could but it's unlikely... unless people such as you decide to personally do something to at least see that one, two or three computers are recycled to needful students.

How about this for a really nutty idea? If you are getting ready to get new computers, find someone who can use the ones you now have. Then deliver it yourself, set it up, and volunteer to do a little start up training. How's that for being really radical? After all, who can you really count on to deliver the goods except yourself. What do you think?

I am not bragging but I have recycled four Macs that way - right here in river city - Cincinnati. Why don't you join up in taking action yourself?  More >

 Only 89 more years to shop to celebrate the 1000 Year Crusade!1 comment
picture1 Aug 2006 @ 15:37
Europe had it's 100 year war, the US had it's 70 year War Against the Evil Empire, and now with just 89 years to go for the "Christians" (and their allies) and the Muslims (and their allies) to celebrate their 1000 Year Crusade. You disagree?

Just think 100 or so years in the future, if there is one, and it's easy to see how future historians will see that these two side have been in an off and on struggle for 1000 years easy.

And now, since there are Muslims and Christians all over the globe, we have the potential for a real WWIII.

The real question is: How many times will the mass of people in both camps let their "leaders" con them into another era of senseless bloodletting as a means to keep them from noticing that their pockets and future are feeding those on top?

I for one, would like this to be the time when people finally wake up and see that the people we are trained to hate, fear, and kill are pretty much the same as us - people we should be one with rather than divided from each other.  More >

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