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 The Axioms of Psycanics
category picture1 Mar 2007 @ 17:50

The nature of the universe is ONE, a single Intelligent Energy. The universe is a single Supreme Being, a single Great Spirit that is both CREATOR and CREATED.

You are part of that Great Spirit. Fundamentally, deep within you, you are ONE with everybody on the planet, and with all creation.

You have come out of the ONE into the Many. You have materialized yourSelf. You did this first by "individualizing" your Being, creating for yourSelf the illusion of being separated and isolated from the ALL. Secondly, you suppressed your Being in Knowledge, Power, and Love to reduce your consciousness to that of a human level spirit and so to be able to descend into the physical universe and into a human body.

The purpose of your descension is two-fold:

  1. To experience, explore, manipulate, play in, and enjoy the material dimension. (The physical universe is like a sand box or an amusement park for spirits.)
  2. To have the challenge and adventure of climbing back out of materiality to become the ONE INFINITE SPIRIT again (the same reason people climb Mount Everest).

Thus, your primary Game in life is to "ascend" back to Being the ONE again. This ascension is an expansion of your Consciousness, of your Being, of your Space, Identity, and Love to Re-Integrate with the ALL THAT IS. This experience has been called many things: Illumination, Nirvana, the Third Awakening, the Birth of the Spirit, Entering the Kingdom of Heaven, Salvation, to name a few.

Your journey back to the ONE unfolds according to the chart of the 10 Stages of Human Consciousness. By understanding the Ten Stages, you can estimate where you are in the process of the Return to the ONE.

You do not need to do anything to get back. You are at this moment in the very center of the INFINITE ONE from which you come. There is no place else to go, and you are already where you want to go anyway—you have only to realize that. You have only to realize Who You Are, and that is done by going within, not without. ("The Kingdom of Heaven is within," as ONE Great Teacher expressed it.) Furthermore, your target is INFINITELY huge, so there is no way you can miss IT. On top of all that, you are an immortal Being and have all eternity to get "there." So there is nothing you have to do to be saved. You have never been lost: the ONE has always known where you are, what you are experiencing, and will always eventually bring you back into yourSELF. How can IT lose part of ITSELF?

The only question is the quality of your journey; how pleasant or painful is your sojourn in this physical reality. Life will push, pull, and kick you as needed, to get you to move along your Path. The Symptoms of Awakening Spirituality are some of the ways your Being does this.

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 Happiness & Love
category picture24 Jul 2006 @ 20:29
What does happiness depend on?
You can be rich and unhappy; you can be poor and happy. You can be married and happy or unhappy. You can be single and happy or unhappy. For any positive external situation you can name, I can name someone who lacks it and is happy; and someone who has it and is unhappy. For any negative external situation you can name, I can name you someone that has it and is happy; and someone who does not have it and is unhappy. There is no correspondence between external conditions and psycanic experience.  More >

Psycanics explains how the non-physical part of your life works.

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