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 Constantine - The Making of a Saint8 comments
category picture9 Aug 2006 @ 15:56
This paper isn’t merely about history or religion alone. Much of the information discussed in this paper as historical fact cannot be proven or refuted. Philosophers and Religious Historians have argued about these same issues since Jesus’ time. Beginning with the publication of Dan Brown’s novel The Da Vinci Code, interested parties have formed two opposing camps of opinion. One camp says that Brown’s novel jut might have some historical basis or at least may be plausible. The other camp says it is impossible that Jesus could have had a wife and a child, let alone have chosen Mary Magdalene for that purpose.

Individuals who do not subscribe to either camp wonder what this dichotomy is all about. What difference does this debate matter? Would the true message and teachings of Jesus be any less meaningful if he actually had been the father of a little girl? The author of this paper belongs to this third, neutral camp. It really does not matter if Jesus was a father or a lifelong bachelor.

What matters to religious thought is whether or not we understand and follow Jesus’ message today or have we given up on the message for so long we can talk about the messenger? Which is more important to the public? This author generally does not subscribe to preaching or teaching any philosophy or creed unless he is approached and asked to do so. Most of the subjects in this paper are esoteric and near the occult. They are only stated because the author thinks the whole controversy of the Da Vinci is in danger of being hijacked by some political motive.

This author’s spiritual philosophy is older than the tenets of either Christianity or Judaism. Many of the sources of these ideas and knowledge were lost at the time of the first destruction of the Library of Alexandria. This knowledge was taught by the ancients in the mystery schools and was often handed down through generations to maintain the secrecy and avoid corrupting the Truth. Naturally, during the long period of the Dark Ages, any non-conforming ideas were considered heresy and were punishable by burning.

This author would like to ask the reader to research and question everything in this paper, but to read with an open mind. He asks that nothing be taken at face value. Question what you read here and accept it if it makes perfect sense, but only after serious contemplation.

This author does not wish to belittle, or any way hinder the importance of The Da Vinci Code. Rightfully, that book has proven to be one of the most important literary works of the decade. The Da Vinci Code raises religious consciousness and encourages people to think, to ask questions and to seek answers. There is nothing more any serious author could wish to accomplish via his work.  More >

The controversy and the hoopla that followed the "Da Vinci Code" made me write this paper on the background and the truth behind the story and the book that led to the movie. While the movie and the book was an important piece and fiction to make people think outside the Church dogma and spoon-fed reality - has no historic background in my humble opinion. Jesus was a highly evolved human who rose into Mahatmaship right after his crucifixion. High Souls such as that do not marry and raise children (as appealing as that would have been to an average guy).

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