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 Ghoolies and Ghosties and things that go bump in the night0 comments
category picture1 Nov 2006 @ 14:09
Today being All Saints and last night having been Halloween, my thoughts turned to the dear-departed. Living as I do in Spain where this is one of the most important days of the year, it would be difficult not to tune into the theme.
If you want to visit a Spanish cementry, tomorrow is the day to do it.Banks of flowers fill every niche as every family takes pride in remembering their loved ones no longer on this dimension, florists make a killing and the resulting floral efforts area joy to behold.None-the-less there is a much wider theme here than the peacefully departed.  Read More

 Are We Alone?1 comment
category picture21 Oct 2006 @ 12:20
Scientists and Astronomers are busy searching for more life in this Universe, by that they mean human type life and planets able to sustain such life,why I ask myself are they so blind that they do not realise that we are surrounded by life on all planets and indeed on our own planet. The problem it seems is that they are not aware or prefer not to understand, that we are not an isolated vibrational frequency.  Read More

 The Paranormal1 comment
category picture7 Oct 2006 @ 17:24
What exactly is the Paranormal? The dictionary definition says:- Abnormal, esp. psychologically.
Personally I prefer to think of it as phenomena as yet not understood by science. If you think about it, how many of us understand the WWW.? Somebody obviously does because it´s here and in daily use all around the world! However we take it for granted, yet it is something of a miracle.  Read More

 Telepathy12 comments
category picture30 Sep 2006 @ 16:56
Have you ever thought of someone you haven´t seen for some time and then almost immediately seen them or heard from them? Not many of you will say no to that question.
Usually the comment is "What a coincidence, I was just thinking of you". Wrong, what you had just experienced was simply Telepathy.  Read More

 Reincarnation5 comments
category picture29 Sep 2006 @ 19:54
Having been working as a professional clairvoyant for nearly forty years and being asked occasionally to give talks on the subject I usually ask for questions at the end of the talk. It occurred to me that perhaps members might like to share some of my thoughts on various subjects. The most frequently asked question is:- "Do you believe in reincarnation?" So as my opening gambit here I would like to address the subject of Reincarnation in case anyone is interested!  Read More

What exactly is the Paranormal? The dictionary definition says:-Abnormal,esp.psychologically.
Personally I prefer to think of it as phenomena as yet not understood by science. If you think about it, how many of us understand the Web? Someone obviously does as it has been discovered and made to work, so we take it for blasé is that?

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    Television is another wonder of our world that would have been unthinkable a couple of hundred years ago, and yet , in the main we take it for granted and forget how astonishing it is that we can receive pictures from any given point on the planet (or off it) almost instantaneously! How many of us understand how it works?
    The Universe is a very ordered place, even in the apparent chaos there is order and science is, very slowly I admit, starting to become aware of that fact.
    Anything as yet not explained is so often ridiculed as unscientific or just plain nonsense, ghosts, auras, UFO´s and a lot of other related things are among the subjects lumped together under the heading Paranormal.
    If these subjects were fully understood they would then be called science, so what we are really looking at is not something "abnormal" but something quite normal once it´s governing rules have been understood.
    Take the "science" of seeing auras for example,it is now a recognised fact provable by Kirlian photography that the human body is surrounded by an electromagnetic force field,hospitals can scan these emanations and do what clairvoyants have stated was possible for centuries, namely diagnose illness.
    Now I have always been able to see auras and can remember the surprise I felt when as a child I discovered that the adults around me couldn´t and told me I had:"a very vivid imagination".Later on in life a friend asked me to analyse what was the governing factor in my seeing of auras, and sitting in the bath watching the colour play around me I realised that putting my eyes out of focus was necessary for the phenomena to appear!
    This was relatively easy for me as I have a lazy left eye!
    Bending spoons is another "hoax" or at least this was what the members of the magic circle said when Uri Geller became known for his spoon bending.They said anyone who knew how could do it, well not being a member of the magic circle I can only surmise that they had cracked the formula for spoon bending and did it at will whereas Uri Geller was doing it spontaneously.
    Over the years I have become convinced that everything has a valid and readily understood explanation and over the next few weeks I would like to share some of my own findings with anyone who is interested. Given the fact that I am no scientist these explanations will probably be open to question or even ridicule, which bothers me not one whit, but none-the-less may give you pause for thought. Once again, I am not trying to convince anyone of anything, everyone must form their own philosophy of life, all I know is that these ideas or findings make it easier for me to cope with this dimension and it´s conundrums! Perhaps these ramblings may asist those of you who have not arrived at similar conclusions to look at life in a different way.If not, I have had fun writing, how very self indulgent! Have fun.


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