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I'm assuming that most of this audio radiance is living in cities. My sympathies. This backwoods memory from abdicated Mennonites and mongrel Mohawk farming families was displaced by the exponential growth of cities over the last 50 years. That was further swallowed up by the green revolution with all of the reflected madness of agribusiness. My programming comes from a world that no longer exists.
In memory it held many of the elements of sustainablitiy that we seek now in the "new age". It was a sustainable, environmentally and culturally symbiotic culture. Perhaps we're also some bit of our grandmother's bones..a homeopathic element that can rebuild in an awareness of the unfolding civilization in a multidimensional reality.  More >

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January 1975, a 2AM brain flush
A long slow response to a chance encounter in Sydney Australia in 1972 with a "critical path systems analyst" who introduced me to the global systems dynamics programs of Dr.s Forrester, Meadows et al of MIT and the Club of Rome sponsored Limits to Growth Studies.
The ensuing decades have been shelves full of books, 4 years of consultant work in the 1980's with international efforts to resolve increasingly desperate third world housing issues..a lot of frustrating discussions with governments and business circles and facing the undermining realities of layers of conspiracies and international piracies.
The scale of the self evident unfolding events forces reconsideration of personal responsibility and most importantly, personal capacity.  More >

We can not expect to diminish the scale of the required changes to the human profile. We can only struggle to be as useful as we can for as many as we assist others through the change time. nothing, save the support of the multidimensional, can guarantee our welfare

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    teams are important: we're concentrating our efforts now for a final push on an old abandoned farm. lots of them to choose from..we've experimented and floundered before, but the times require our faith that we have both the wherewithall and the responsibility to sharpen our skills. we proceed with renewed enthusiasm.