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 100% automated online income33 comments
picture 6 Feb 2011 @ 12:42
Once upon a time, there was tiny blue planet. It was spinning peacefully in the lower left corner of the Andromeda galaxy around a pale yellow star, called the Sun.

The inhabitants first discovered weapons, than fire, then the wheel, a bit later electricity and half conductors, and it inevitably lead to the development of computers, networks and Cisco routers. A special breed of people had also developed, who found pleasure in fostering automation and widening networks, the locals called them Operators, Programmers and Network Specialists.

The funding rich military eagerly supported the planet wide connections of these computer networks, of course to be able to use them for their dark and sinister purposes. But then they generously - although not without ulterior motives - allowed the common population to gain access. Thus the internet came to live, a global communication network. They also called it the „world wide web” – but this was a misnomer as it was only connecting the computers of their little blue planet, and the bandwidth was also rather narrow in the first few decades.

As soon as it became less expensive and broadly available, most of the population started to use the network.

In the beginning they logged on to enjoy the quick and cheap long distance messaging, called e-mail. Some exhibitionist started to broadcast their personal messages through web-logs, blogs. But most of the population logged on to get entertained by porn, games, free movies, gambling and gossip news. Almost forgot to mention an insignificant number of people who logged on to look for some actual information, but this was almost negligible, and useful information was also rare.

The smartest users, the entrepreneurs quickly saw the opportunity to sell things, utilizing the possibility to reach a large audience with relatively low costs. They called it „making money on the internet”. But they did not really make money, the banks had.

Due to the diligent work of such online marketers and the overwhelming amount of SPAM they sent out, buyers also started to appear.

But it meant hard work. To sell online one had to research the market, optimize websites, write meaningful articles, provide interesting information, be active on other forums and blogs, read the posts of others and comment intelligently, build a faithful audience, lists and back links... So it was a fulltime job again, nothing to do with the promise of freedom they came in for.

Thus came the era of the even smarter marketers, who wanted to make more money with less work, and reach total independence from the system, the system of their dreams, the holy grail, a cash machine, which deposits a constant stream of money in their bank account day and night, without having to do anything, except logging on and seeing the heaps of cash that arrived since the last log-on. And maybe a little brainwork of how to spend it.

The smart marketers figured, that more automation would be the solution, because this way they can create a mass of websites with a mass of content reaching a huge number of potential buyers and building top rankings to their sites in a very very short time. Their allies, the Programmers designed systems for them to automatically create new websites and fill them with auto-content. Blogging robots started to create auto-sites, write auto-blog-posts and post them automatically day and night by the millions. The robots also created auto e-zines and send them out to automatically built email lists. The readers did not notice that it was all automatically written, because the Programmers were really smart. The readers got used to reading crap anyway, or they used advanced spam filters.

In the same time, to alleviate the hard work of building back-links by reading the blog of other writers and commenting, the solution of auto-comments was also born. It worked brilliantly, generating billions of smart sounding comments daily, including back links to the sales sites.

We did not even mention automated article writing and customer support – this was usually solved by applying inexpensive organic slaves from the poorly developed regions of the planet.

By the time we found this little blue planet, which is still spinning peacefully around a pale yellow star called the Sun, all human life was entirely wiped out by an accidental launch of mass distraction weapons that sent the radiation level out the roof.

But the internet remained intact and it still works, and it is very rich in content.
Blogging robots constantly post and refresh the content, comment robots read it and reply. Spam robots send out automated e-zines and newsletters to robot generated email recipients and automated lists. Automated buyers purchase automated products, and the virtual money is deposited in the online bank accounts.

All automatic, no work required.

It is a pity that this special breed of Programmers also died in the cataclysm, we could have used them to automate our planet, too...  More >

 Where are all the people?!47 comments
picture 26 Sep 2010 @ 16:04
It’s a small town. I am at the nearest local pub, listening to the pub owner’s wailing about tough economic times. We are only 2-3 guests at this pub, besides the bartender who is the daughter of the owner. This part of town has only a few pubs left, but they equally struggle because of the guests staying away. And it seems that this trend is getting worse.

Still after the turn of the millennia, only 5-10 years ago, apparently you needed to edge in sideways and elbow through the crowd of people to order your beer. There was a busy kitchen, a restaurant, large parties held and loads of guests in the pub every night.

It is similar in the other local pubs and restaurants too. They are almost empty. Home delivery is their only hope to survive. It is not much fun then to visit them either.

It is kind of strange around here for a woman to go alone to the pub – but being an independent woman I hardly care. However, they mostly like me as I like to listen to their stories with some genuine interest, so I easily make friends. But unfortunately there are not many people to talk to and the range of subjects is also more limited around survival issues: mostly about the messy economics and administration, finding or keeping a work and justice – getting along in a difficult world.

But still, how come pubs are empty now and have been full 5-10 or more years ago? It is explained that the economic situation turned worse, people have no or less money, they struggle to survive with their families so there is no money left to go to the pub or a restaurant. And they are burned out, so they don’t go out anymore, but sit at home and that’s that. I am not sure that this is the case.

My theory is that it is not only a money issue. People had not much more money 5-10 years ago either, so how come that the restaurants and pubs have been full around here? Whatever they say, they did not have much more to spend. They rather had more willingness to spend it, more hope for the future, more vigor, more feeling of abundance - more life!

It is obvious, that in the last years people seem to have become more introverted, turned more isolated, and minding their own business or that of their family. It is easier to meet someone at the hypermarket or a shopping mall than in a pub with pals.

Let’s face it, certain technologies and developments aid that introverted way of life too. Computers, Internet, virtual games and communities, play stations, TV series, and more TV series... creativity is not much needed, you just push a button and you get entertained.

It is much harder to go to a pub, and listen to others, agree or disagree, get your opinion across, and stand up for it if you have one.

At home, at little cost or effort, you can immerse is your favorite substitute universe, created for you by others, you are not bothered, do not need to think or empathize or defend, don’t need to listen to the opinions of idiots, they can keep it for themselves, and you can be left alone in peace... just inflow, slurp it in.

Let’s face it, what happens when you go to a pub? You get in contact with others - some of them you like or sympathize with, some you don’t like or can’t stand. Some you would avoid at all costs if you had a choice… But there are some interesting people you like to talk to. And you either talk or listen. If you listen, what do you have to listen to? People walk up to you, telling about their life, their narrative or story, which is mostly about succeeding in life or troubles along the way, the way they are messed with at the workplace, loosing or getting a job, the economic issues they face, mortgage rates going up, minorities, discrimination, injustice, troubles with the opposite sex, or the favorite sport club loosing again. If you decide to talk, when you originate your opinion, it is often challenged, opposed, straight invalidated, or you even might get ridiculed, laughed at or excluded. And there is the random stuff, someone attacking you physically or verbally, smoke blown in your face, toes get stepped on.

So you need some integrity, some vigor, some willingness to have a game, some empathy, regard for the viewpoint of the other or willingness to have a good debate or fight. Or even more, you need to take charge of a conversation, to reach an agreement, without loosing your own viewpoint. Now that is hard work.

As opposed to that, what do you need when you just stay at home after work, with those cheap beers you just bought at the hypermarket or discounter store?
You need your eyeballs open, stuck to a TV screen or a computer monitor, and a finger to click the remote control or the browse button. Maybe a few fingers more if you are playing a video game. And a strict policy so no one dares to disturb you when you face a screen. That is it.

But where does that lead to?

I am afraid, that if it continues this way at a mass scale, then this playing ground, this universe might get rather abandoned. More and more turn away the games played here and sink into a substitute world, which they are not really controlling, as it is created by someone else. It happened before…

But where will these people end up? It is possible that they will not even be part of a common universe anymore, but disappear in some personalized substitute worlds – arriving at a complete inversion of a unique, self created home universe of an individual god?

Practically this means, that more pubs will close, and this world will be a more and more lonely place...

Or not?

There are also hopeful signs that more and more people think similarly about all this, and they take the time and care and effort involved to come together, share their views, reach agreements and play the game. Only issue is that a growing number of these communities are in virtual space, given that the members live all over the world – which makes even more of us stick in front of a computer screen at our desks, if we want to stay connected to our friends.

But I want the ambiance of live pubs, live cafés, with lots of life and possibility to meet old and new friends!

There could be a combination of old and new ways: real-time online places where pub goers could virtually come together, each sitting in their local pub, leaning on the familiar oak bar, sipping a familiar local beer, while being connected through a camera and headset, talking to like minded friends also sitting in their local pub. Unfortunately there is also a time zone issue – but one can take a tea if it is still morning.

But that is still not the same than meeting and communicating live, face to face.

The question is open: is the time for real pubs and cafés and nights-talked-through over some drinks with friends start to be over?!  More >

 Considerations on writing44 comments
picture 16 Jul 2010 @ 22:57
Have not published in a while.

How come? I am full of ideas, I often note them down and work on some of them.
They are in my computer and on pieces of paper, waiting to be published.

I have all kind of great visions, how my input will add to the collective knowledge of the world, how it will inspire others when they read it...
Still, I am somehow not able to publish.

And even worse, I cannot put my finger on it, why I can not.
I blogged here earlier, I also send out a newsletter and write on mailing lists - and the feedback I got is usually very positive, encouraging. No reason to back off.

It seems to be a kind of a weird writers block.

I figured, there are two equal opposing truth must be present to block the flow of me publishing.

As Niels Bohr, the Danish physicist, once said,
"A great truth is a truth whose opposite is also a great truth."

The truth I want to speak about might not be great, nevertheless it is the truth.

So I decided to put forth my considerations and thoughts openly, however silly they may seem.

I just started to list out my ideas as they come up, which I believe hold me back from blogging or publishing. They seem to be opposite enough to stop me.

Will it help? We will see soon enough.
At least I will be aware of my own limiting ideas.
Or I will see how silly they are and that might help me reconsider.
So let's start. Let my considerations come up and shine in the broad daylight of the world wide web!

Why do not I publish?

Noone or only a few folks will ever read my blogpost, so whats the use?

Too many people will read it.

What will the readers think about me?

How will I deal with the attention?

There will be no feedback.

There will be a huge reaction, many comments - will I be able to deal with it?

Noone will care anyway, so whats the use?

Some will not like what I write.

Some will not agree.

Many will like what I write, then I have to excel even more.

My writing will invite adverse reactions, even attacks.

The quality might not be high enough.

There is too high quality, then I will have to match or write even better.

If I start to publish regularly, it is expected that I continue.

I cannot exatly express what I have in mind.

It might not cover the choosen topic 100%, for perfectionist it is unacceptable.

For a perfectionist, it is never perfect.

I seem to be a perfectionist.

Sigh... :)

(If I come up with more, I just edit the article and extend it. It has got to be a Perfect List of All Reasons!)  More >

 Happy spinning!11 comments
picture 7 Jan 2010 @ 19:43
Don't you feel dizzy?

No, that is not only from the after effects of the new year party.

Our blue planet has just celebrated the completion
of another cycle around this local medium sized star,
called the Sun.

The planetary population signifies this special occurrence by some typical actions: in Denmark throwing dishes at friends doors, in Spain eating 12 grapes, in Italy and Hungary cooking lentils and in Brazil putting on bright yellow underwear...

What all this have to do with completing another full circle around the
Sun? Beats me. I guess we just love to think in cycles.

Of course it is a good reason to celebrate - as our home planet is still
in one piece, it was not blown up by humans, was not hit by a stray
asteroid or comet, its magnetic field is still in place - though not very

Have you realized, that we are spinning around and around, in many
different direction at once, all the time?

First of all, Earth is spinning around its axis, very fast (too fast) -
many of us would prefer to slow it down a little, so a day would last
more like 30-40 hours...

Then, Earth is cycling around the Sun, giving a good reason to have a big
party and legally explode a large amount of fireworks at midnight once a year.

But it goes further. The whole solar system, with the sun in the middle,
is spinning around the center of our galaxy called the Milky Way (no,
it's not the chocolate bar) on a complicated orbit at a pretty high speed
of 217.215 Km/s. The Solar System completes one track around the galaxy
each 226 million years, so it is unlikely that we will celebrate a new
galactic year's eve nowadays, unless we assign the start of a new cycle
as of now.

Here is some more info about all the different motions the solar system
is performing on its way

Finally our galaxy is also spinning around on its course through the
space and dark matter of this universe... maybe the whole universe is
also spinning, on that subject I have not yet found many references - but
there are times when I have a strange feeling...

Dizzy yet?

Dizzy or not, there is almost no way to get off of this carousel ride!

So, we just keep on spinning happily - looks like one can get pretty much
used to it.

There are some interesting stellar times ahead, as it is just confirmed
by official sources that our solar system is just passing through an
interstellar cloud consisting of 6000 degree Celsius hot Helium atoms
held together by a magnetic field

But don't trouble your mind over all this. The chance of being hit by a sizable
asteroid is pretty small, it only happens once in every 100 million years.

To end off on a lighter note, I tell you a secret that I heard new years
eve, which you can test next new years eve: standing on a table or couch,
holding your wealth in your hands and jumping off exactly at midnight,
will bring wealth and double whatever you held in your hand.

I was holding my cat accidentally, so I can certainly expect some
kittens in 2010...


 Truth or a lie?26 comments
picture 1 Dec 2009 @ 02:05

How can you know that there is a lie involved in something?

Very simple. If that thing or situation or condition you want to change is NOT CHANGING, than you have not found and looked at the truth yet.

If any condition persists, if the state of affairs are unchanging, than you can be sure of one thing: there is a lie involved somewhere along the line in that equasion. You are not looking at the truth, however you try to believe that you do.

All too common examples

You say, that you do everything possible to improve your health. Let’s say, you want to loose weight, but you are not loosing any. You swear that you do everything, keep the diet, excercise program, go out jogging or walking more often – but that fat is not getting off. Damn! Honest, you only skipped every second training, only took one or two extra cookies or meals a day, only that little extra piece of pizza, it cannot do much harm! Well, let’s face it, the scale shows it’s not changing, so there is a lie involved...

Another example, financial situation, unchanging. Being in debts all the time. Oh, you wonder why? You find all kind of reasons, try this and that, but the debts just stay or grow. So the truth is somehow not confronted. The truth is, debts only collect up when one is simply spending more than one earns, and that for a long time.

Rock bottom

So the thing to do is to view your situation, your habits or the condition you find yourself in as-it-is. Rock bottom - that is, not trying to paint a better picture than it is. Not trying to explain it away at all. No justifications. Just look at it and see it as it is, and tell yourself straight what you see.

Painful? First it might seem like it. But not really. It is actually a relief to find out and view the real truth. You will suddenly see the light at the end of the tunnel. Your honesty to yourself will help you confront the situation for real, and it will open the door the solution and the permanent change.


Your mind is such a powerful device that whatever you think will become your reality and it will affect your way of experiencing life. So it’s good to realize, that you have the power to change anything, including your own mind. Indeed, you are so powerful, that YOU are the only person who can change your mind.

But before you can change your mind about anything, you must dare to take a peek and see the truth of what is there to be changed – the existing thought, the exact truth of your considerations. You can only change your mind about something that you SEE exactly as it is!

Do you like yourself?

Next time I will write about the long term effects of self deception. Why is it that you don’t really like yourself? How can you ever find any peace of mind?  More >

 How far can you go?44 comments
picture 15 Nov 2009 @ 23:45
I have not written much lately, reason being that I cannot (or should not) type. One of my shoulders suffered a hard blow and got crippled last Monday in a sport accident. The doctors advised me of course not to move at all for about three to six weeks – doctors are known to give realistic, easy-to-keep advices… So here I am, after only a short week, doing the chores around the house, typing away on the computer, playing piano, gardening. As my body is not used to sitting around, I even tried some light workout, all in an effort trying to rest the bad shoulder.

So, how have I got into that situation? Truth of the matter is that I have made a mistake. Not even one, but actually a whole bunch of mistakes, resulting in the accident. It actually turned out quite lucky in compare to the circumstances. I fell under and was simply run over by my horse – and horses tend to be heavy when they trample over a shoulder.

At this time I was able to conclude from a subjective experience that one needs to omit a whole bunch of safety precautions in order to manage a nice accident. It is not enough to make just one small error. It is a whole list of things that have to be overlooked, causing trouble.

What have I learned? Well, a lesson, that in technical sports one always needs to check the equipment and take the usual precautions. Regardless of all those years of experience, one should not get too cocky. Regardless of being an expert, one just needs to play by the rules, as the physical world is cruel and unforgiving.

Yesterday I went back to my sport club and chatted to some people about what happened. In an honest mood, I confessed all the mistakes that lead to the accident. I also added that it can happen despite more than 20 years of experience.

At that point an intellectual looking college student-type girl, overhearing the conversation asked, how could one err so badly? She nailed me, telling it’s simply NOT POSSIBLE to make such mistakes, especially when one is so experienced.

So there I was, my sole reality questioned. It’s not possible. So maybe it did not happen? But it did.
Her question raised my interest. So if it’s not possible – how could it happen anyway?

I started to look at it philosophically. How come, we know exactly what to do, how to do something correctly – still we just don’t do it? How come we don’t care sometimes and go into all kind of dangerous situations, and see if we can pull it off? The proverb “to err is human” did no satisfy me. I looked for some deeper answers. Then I asked around from my friends, and the answers I got confirmed my ideas.

It seems to me there are the following reasons:

One: We like to stretch the limits.
Yes, we do. And it seems that without doing that, there is not much progress. Playing it safe has not brought any breakthroughs for mankind. Most discoveries, forward steps in history were involving some risky business.

Two: We like to learn.
The desire to learn is a deep and ancient need. It saturates most of our experiences. And how can one ever progress or learn, after having fully mastered an area, and always using “best practices”? Sometime we choose to learn by letting things slip a bit, so new situations can emerge, that we need to figure out. It involves taking risks of course, and sometimes “bad” things happen. But, some learning always results.

Three: We like surprises – to experience something new.
It’s simply not much excitement to always know the next event. After a while it’s boring to have total control. When the behavior of something is fully predictable, a large part of the fun is gone. So one needs to set up situations with some unpredictable factors, so surprise gets a chance. And so we create some fun – sometimes the outcome is a little hard on the body, but we must admit it is still fun. Ask any racer.

Actually the three reasons are very similar, coming from a basic polarity.
There are two ends of the pendulum swing: one is to keep total order, to get everything fully under control. The other end is to see how far can one go with it?
And the pendulum swings, back and forth. We learn how to control an area – then we reach a point where it is “too much”, too predictable – and we start to swing toward the other end, let it go out of control to some degree and stretch the limits.

The long and short of it, if you want to play it safe, if you don’t want surprises then learn your subject well and play by the rules. Check and double check your equipment, and do the usual.

But if you are ready for some fun, unpredictable changes, learn some new things, involving some risks, then by any means, go for it! I will not even add, to know your limits – I know it is exactly the question: what are the limits!?  More >

 The worst lie12 comments
picture 7 Nov 2009 @ 14:52
They say, you can lie to others but you cannot lie to yourself. Now, I can tell you from hard won experience, that this is totally the opposite.

It seems that the person you are most likely to lie to on a daily basis is noone else but YOU.

„Oh, that cannot be, I am so honest, how could I cheat myself” – you say. Hmmm, is that really so?!

Sorry, but that is not what I see around me on a daily basis while working with my coaching clients. I must admit, I also gained a large part of this experience from my own personal development. It’s indeed the gravest area of dishonesty, with far reaching effects in all areas of life.

You might be an excellent actor toward the outside world, to the point that you ALMOST believe that favorable image you put up about yourself, your actions or habits. You can also be an expert at habitually lying to yourself, making it all look better than it is – but beware, however smart you try, it will slowly but surely catch up with you – because deep inside you KNOW. You cannot TOTALLY hide the truth from yourself.

Keep on reading carefully, if you dare to face up to it. If you do, there is hope for you.

You might ask: „Why should I lie to meself? What there is to gain?” – So let me tell you three good reasons.  More >

 You can just be 11 comments
picture 2 Nov 2009 @ 11:57
There is a little secret I want to remind you (and myself) about.

The trick to getting admiration is just being yourself.

No matter who you are, there is something special about you.
You are unique in many ways.

Maybe you're hiding it, maybe you're denying it... Maybe someone told you, that you couldn't or shouldn't... Maybe you tried your best and it was just never enough.

But underneath all that is who you really are.

Not the loser, but the winner, for you can't do anything but shine brighter than a supernova unless you allow yourself to be stopped. Noone can stop you, once you have started.

You've never been alone. The total separation of things in this universe is an illusion.

All the love you've ever wanted to share is right here for you, in you. All you have to do is speak up, make yourself known.

Those who care are listening. Indeed, we are always listening, for you have never left co-existence. And having forgotten, I now remember, as you can remember.

You can be free.

And you can.... just be.  More >

 The clouds of the Apocalypse24 comments
picture 1 Nov 2009 @ 00:08
Very good subject for the night of Halloween. It would also fit well in a disaster movie.

Such clouds first appeared in 2009. The meteorologists have no clue how these clouds form, but of course they've put a name tag on the phenomena. They named it Asperatus-cloud, or Apocalypse-cloud. Typical way to deal with observations that don't fit into any category - in other words, mysteries.

Let's be blunt: it looks freaking scary, out of this world! But it is real. Welcome to Planet Earth, 2009.

These clouds were first observed in Iowa, while the weather was totally still, no storm, nothing. There are ideas that the phenomena has to do with gravitational vawes, but of course there is no evidence. Only guesswork and semi-scientific theories. Only one thing they are sure about: such clouds could only form if there is a huge amount of energy and humidity present in the atmosphere. But then it is even more bizarre that there was no storm, no super cell, no tornado in the area of the sightings.

And if it is not enough, there is more.

Just a few days ago, in October 2009, an even more bizarre cloud formation appeared above Moscow - a sort of bright ring. You can see a short video on YouTube.

The local meteorologists acknowledged the observation, but they only provided an short, funny explanation, that it was the sun shining in a strange angle from the West. Well, I am not a specialist, but this seems a little weak story for such a fascinating, shining cloud ring.

Of course, UFO enthusiasts went wild. But lets stay on the ground for now. There are no explanations yet, only question marks. Is this the climate that is changing? Pollution? An experimental weather influencing project? An invisible jet?
Or was it really a flying saucer that has just passed by Moscow?

I'm looking forward to hear your explanations, on this scary, dark, full-moon Halloween night!  More >

 Life reboot - Part 3: Recognizing the trap25 comments
31 Oct 2009 @ 15:09
Part 1: Waking up
Part 2: The trap

Have you ever felt like you are dragging yourself through life?

Well, I have. On Mondays I wished it was Friday already. When the weekend finally came I got soon bored and it passed by so quickly I hardly noticed. In the autumn I looked forward the winter holidays, in the winter, I was dreaming about the summer, and when it was summer, I did not even notice it passing by.

Do you have the feeling that your life is stopped by barriers?
I had that often. I felt like I am not yet ready to go – there are obstacles I must overcome or solve first, before I can really create my life. As Father Alfred D Souza expressed it:
"For a long time it had seemed to me that life was about to begin. But there was always some obstacle in the way, something to be gotten through first, some unfinished business, time still to be served, a debt to be paid. Then life would begin.” – does it sound familiar?

I was waiting for as sign, something unexpected to happen, a miracle to turn my life around. I imagined and dreamed of all the good stuff I wanted, placed it in the future or in some kind of nirvana that may materialize if I really deserve it. I was unconsciously trying to avoid living in the moment...  More >

 Do not think!11 comments
picture 30 Oct 2009 @ 10:15

There is so much to do! Have you ever felt like you are literally dizzy from all the things that demand your attention? But your day, as well as mine, usually consists of 24 hours, whether you like it or not. So, the smart thing to do according to most time management guru's is to learn how to utilize our precious resource called TIME.

A falsehood, right there. How can we deal with a resource which does not even really exist?!

But regardless of our enlightened philosophical view on this matter, the clock is ticking away for the world. Regardless of miraculous moments in the Power of Now, everything around you seem to assert that time exists, and if we don't move along, we are left behind.

Time in this reality is agreed upon so strongly that it is almost unbendable. The sun comes up when it is set to come up in any given time of the year, and it relentlessly goes through its path in a couple of short hours and it ruthlessly sets. We measure these changes by a cruel creature called the clock. It is ticking, so we are reminded that time has passed.

Of course there are really high creative spirited moments, when we break the spell, and we are outside of the time-world. There is no time – we are free to stretch out the moment, or speed it up, it is all up to us. But those moments of being the master of time are rare – mostly we sink into the commonly agreed structure and we hurry to the next meeting, or to catch the next deadline, always racing against time.

So, lets get to the point of this article, which is not to tell you that we are doomed. There are wise ways to deal with things, even such a tough one as time.

So, what do you do if you want to win this battle, and get something done but quick?

Do not think.

Yes, do not think! I mean don't beat your brains endlessly, in place of action.

Rather, start to act, one way or another.

Did you realize, that while you are thinking, the whole project or task just stands still, dead in the middle, nothing moves forward?!  More >

 It takes only TWO points ...10 comments
picture 15 Oct 2009 @ 09:51
...to move the entire universe.

It takes at least two points.

It takes the observation and comparison of two things, to observe how something is,
what happens to it, what has changed or what effect have you created.

We tend to focus on what is the same, holding it as only one point, be it an idea,
an observation of a condition, or anything we fix our attention on.

We hold a though, a justified idea I must admit, for example that our finances are
out of control. How I come to the idea to mention that example? I do not know.
But just let's suppose you have that idea.

The ONLY thing wrong with that it is ONE idea. It does not allow for observation,
a change or a shift. It is rigidly held in place by our mind, apparently supported
by hard reality.

Now, what about another reference point?  More >

 Walking naked through the City13 comments
picture 5 Oct 2009 @ 19:44
I started my car, rolled out of the garage and headed to the city.

Comfortably drove off, wistling with the music - then I though I would give a call to the car mechanic and order that part I needed. So I reached for my mobile into my ladies purse - a deep, dark place for unknown items waiting to reemerge to the light...

I groped around in the purse while driving, tried to feel my familiar little handy.

Except, it was not there.  More >

 Life reboot - Part 2: The trap37 comments
picture 6 Sep 2009 @ 10:31
Part 1: Waking up

While I am a professional in my area and I have always been proud of doing a good job, whatever great results I delivered, however people praised me that I am brilliant, I could not get real satisfaction out of it...

OK, I know I am good. And? How does that solve it? That does not get me much closer to my original life purposes in itself.

So I still I could not get satisfaction or peace of mind, because my basic purpose, THE purpose of my life, seemed to have failed.

I did not admit that, oh, no.

It took me quite a while to admit and realize how much effect it had on me, that a group, which I have chosen to be part of eternally and give all my power to, turned out to be a false choice...  More >

 Life reboot - Part 1: Waking up42 comments
picture 4 Sep 2009 @ 21:33
Just another morning...

The alarm goes off in the late morning and I snooze it, again and again... for at least an hour. Why wake up? Dreaming is so pleasant. I dreamt for hours in the mornings. Reconstructed the past, looked at variations of unsolvable situations, tested future possible scenarios. That’s the job of the mind, searching for solutions.

How to survive, how to win. I decided to let it run away, maybe it would dream up the final solution that will set all things just right. So I pushed the snooze button on the clock every 10 minutes and dreamt away...

I am part of the elite corps again... the situation is hopeless all around, the planet is flooded, we are trying to get everyone evacuated, senior officers are shouting commands, we are running to save lives of others not caring about our own - and all what I am busy with is a strong protest, disagreement with the orders, the commanders, the whole situation. It is just not right, it should be handled another way! ...  More >

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