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 Letter to my daughter about getting into action1 comment
category picture29 May 2011 @ 05:12
WARNING: A small amount of this may be offensive to your ego. The ego however is a small portion of who you really are so endeavor please to move it aside while your greater being gets the communication which is not so personal and about you as it may initially seem. Watch this first. Its a matter of priorities isn't it? It seems like it is not happening to me so, for now I will, maybe take note but I don't have to get into action yet. In your world if it is happening to someone in another country it is not happening to you but I say, if it is happening to my brother in another country it IS happening to me for he IS my brother, a part of my greater family. He is me. We are not separated really. We are all here to learn our lessons and standing by idly in distraction rather than in action is us not having gotten the lesson yet. We are family! We are all one! By our not being response-ABLE these travesties of justice continue. Pick up your pen (today's sword) or your megaphone. Open your mouth, speak truth to power. Take effective action. Be the qualities of LOVE. Empathy and compassion being two of those qualities. Bravery being a third. I keep waiting for you to start writing (of course now I found out that its more than writing for you) about the inequities of life in America or this world. I keep waiting for your righteous indignation to show up and move you into action for your fellow man and woman. I think your getting there but I am of course, Mr. impatience. (-; Dear, don't spend your time being offended by anything I've said here. this is as much about me and my own sentiments and feelings of ineffectiveness as it is about wanting to see you MOVE into action yourself. Into what you intuitively know you are about here on this earth. Justice and a sane and loving, respectful world. Objectively I see you having one thing after another distracting you from getting 'on your way'. Whether that is lack of a job n money, lack of having your own homespace, having to go to school to get your pre-requisites first, having to wait on the right time to go down south so you can get to the 'meat' of your schooling, having to go to school more to get some degree that isn't going to matter soon, waiting, waiting waiting. Ok, that is MY issue about MY life. None-the-less does it not appear to a be so for you too? Don't you FEEL the inner pressure to get on with it? Your life that is? Don't you feel like your always 'on hold'. I do. Now, i know there are no accidents so I account for their being purposes involved here. I am not as aware as God or Spirit is about what all the big picture here is, I admit that and allow for it and it does help me curb that impatience yet it bothers me so, that we are on board a boat where some of its passengers are busy taking an ax to the woodwork and we are taking in water rapidly with seemingly nowhere to swim to should we jump overboard. I care about my family both great and small. I am here to serve. I have my voice, my mind, my legs and my pen and while that is not a lot it is enough for I am not standing alone. My brothers and sisters are waking up and standing up. I stand in expectation that you too will continue to rise. Few do anything fast enough for me. I don't expect you to measure up in that way but perhaps you understand more clearly now that that is certainly my desire, for all of us as our physical lives depend upon it. We must stop these passengers from destroying our boat. We must talk and act upon them to NOW influence their actions and their thoughts and most of all, their feelings for their fellow humans for that is what they have obviously lost, their humanity, their clarity, their capacity for love. They are lost. We can help them find themselves. That is one of our jobs here. A Call To Arms Linking with one another so as to become ONE WHOLE FAMILY.  More >

If your going to take a trip, even to the store, your going to think about what you need to accomplish your aim in getting there and buying what you want. This journal is about considering what you need physically and otherwise to get to your destination. That being physically surviving the earth and consciousness changes of 2012 and beyond.

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