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 Mass Creativity: A Global Imperative2 comments
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Mass Creativity, a mass mobilization e-newsletter, inextricably joins all people in the single most important and most urgent action of our time: To recognize and productively engage the creative intelligence of all the earth's estimated seven billion inhabitants.

Week-006 of Mass Creativity features five intriguing news items:

1. Weekly Creativity Wit and Wisdom by Alex F. Osborn.

2. Ten new Great Insights on Human Creativity.

3. Myths about Human Creativity (Part One).

4. Challenge of the Week and Call-to-Action.

5. Creativity: Revealing the Truth about Human Nature (Key resource for mass creativity)

The weekly Mass Creativity e-newsletter is prompted by three vital global concerns:

a) Vast reservoirs of untapped human potential - the world's most precious resource - that historically has been neglected and that, for the vast majority of people, lie dormant, unrecognized, undeveloped.

b) Worsening global problems that are simply too many and too complex to be left to, or to be solved by, political leaders or intellectuals alone.

c) The absolute necessity of everyone's unique contributions, if humanity is to build a viable and sustainable global civilization that is worthy of this generation and an enduring legacy to future generations.

Here, in concise universal messages, are two vital resources in one medium:

i) Weekly key to self-discovery, personal development, and professional success.

ii) Catalyst for the much-desired global awakening to our true nature as humans and our infinite possibilities as a species.

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The world needs all the creative voices, creative hands, creative heads, and creative hearts we can possibly mobilize

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    If any economic, social, or political action is to genuinely succeed and endure, it will need to conform with the truth about human nature.