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re: Cognitive PANORAMA and other activities

Our concept map, more or less, match and it is clear that Development Alternatives has a great deal to learn from you. I hope that you will keep us informed of your progress in pushing back the frontiers of ignorance

Ashok Khosla, President, Development Alternatives

I am especially pleased to see your architectonics of thinking making such considerable progress, progress in explicating the 'fullness' of systems, especially through the open schema of yours. My hearty congratulations for your impressive body of work.

Ralph G. H. Siu, TAO of SCIENCE and founder PANETICS society

Impressed by your work - very clear and detailed

James Wellesley-Wesley, Founding Director MANKIND 2000

I honour very much your great engagement.

Hans Peter Duerr, Club of Rome, Alternative Nobel Laureate, Max Planck Institute

...found your research work to be of very high scholarly quality. We believe you can provide very significant input... and greatly contribute to quality and success...

Georg Lasker, International Institute of Advanced Study in Systems Research and Cybernetics

a great topic (Navigation in Cultures)

Roger F. Malina, founder LEONARDO

I have been very interested and excited by your researches on knowledge organisation and specially concept and context mapping for a universal ordering system my congratulations.

Pierre Weil, founder UNIPAZ, International Holistic University

Have send (your articles) to a number of people. They seem to have a high immediacy.

Edgar Westrum, ICSU CODATA

I am impressed by all your material. Wondering what it might lead to. You certainly have a fantastic career ahead of you, besides the one behind.

Christian de Laet, Development Alternatives Canada, former Secretary of the Commonwealth Science Council

This is a long-overdue note of thanks... I found your pieces interesting and useful


The challenge now is to mobilise that 'will' toward a future that is prosperous, equitable, and sustainable. ...look forward to working with you for the realisation of the Objectives outlined in AGENDA 21.

Noel. J. BROWN, former director UNEP-RONA

... von Herzen Danken, so spontan, persönlich und erfolgreich für das gelingen eingsetzt haben. Möge aus Ihrer Arbeit viel Segen erwachsen

Ingetraut Dahlberg, ISKO

These ideas seem to have enormous potential,... get the concept rolling.

Ole M. Hebin, UNEP-GRID

Thank you for ..., an extremely interesting and useful compilation. ... This admiration is extended to your capacity to integrate - as well as find good example of poetry. In a nutshell, all the material you sent is most important and useful. I hope you are going to continue compiling and commenting on such valuable information.

Magda McHale, Center for Integrative Studies, University of Buffalo

... they were struggling towards a logic that I think would end up where your thinking is.

John C. O'Connor, Senior Advisor, World Bank

the content is appealing

Wolf-Dieter Grossmann, UFZ

thanks for your extremely interesting enclosures ... visualisation can inspire, can be 'contagious'.

Ernst U. v. Weizsaecker; WUPPERTAL INSTITUT, Club of Rome

...freue mich und sehe, dass sie konkret an einer Synopsis Ihrer großartigen Ideen arbeiten.

Felix Unger, European Academy of Sciences and Arts, Club of Rome

The Hyper-link ECO-CUBE drew my attention. It maybe a solution to our need to illustrate and create learning material on Life cycle Assessment and Eco-Efficiency. I would appreciate details. I was glad we met.

Claude Fussler, BCSD, DOW Europe

I find your work from the scientific side and the einprägsame presentation very impressive and I am confident...

Heinz Haeberle, Die Umwelt-Akademie

Heiner Benking - 'The catalyst' - I thought it (your work) was very good.


(Heiner Benking) .. a great asset to your organisation (UNEP-HEM) (preparing ISY International Space Year.

Adigun Ade Abiodun, UN - Outer Space Affairs

(Heiner Benking) he is familiar with organisations and people of importance to Hem and uses this resource well,... appreciate his skills in data management.

Hartmut Keune, UNEP-HEM

Dear Dr. Brown (Director UNEP-RONA) thanks for arranging for Mr. Benking to replace you as key-note Environmental Session speaker. ... we received favourable comments from delegates... Benking's presentation focused on the power of visualisation, organisation and structure of information; the way of blending human creativity and intuitive analysis with computer systems... thanks...


Heiner, thank you for putting Anschauung, Weltanschauung, and Gestalt onto the agenda. Your holistic logic might be one possible approach to display harmonical orders, urgently needed for jointly addressing humanities issues.

Johannes Heinrichs, former philosophy professor SJ, author of the 'Dictionary of LOVE and 'ECO-LOGIC'- 'Oekologik'

An example of what is going on is the enclosed article of Heiner Benking... Information and communication technology overview) 'to a number of people'

John C. O'Connor, Senior Advisor, World Bank

I found this original and innovative work extremely interesting and are please you are applying....

Maurice Strong, ONTARIO HYDRO, EARTH COUNCIL, former UN - UNCED Secretary General

I liked very much your comprehensive, persuasive, more sophisticated new version. I feel confident...

Ann Kerwin, The Curriculum of Medical Ignorance

Thanks for the concepts, preparations, and Gestaltung (facilitation) of our expert meeting. Heartily thanks.


Thrilled to receive your letter and papers, will phone and visit you in ULM!

Godric Bader, Forerunner of the 'New Paradigm in Business', COMMONWEALTH

I was pleased to receive the draft of the Philosophy of Wholeness. Your approach to the integration of knowledge is certainly the one which ought to be followed. There are two obstructive problems. First, is to persuade the academics, especially the scientist that more than reductionist analyses and specialisation is necessary to guide mankind's future. resistance to the concept of the integration of knowledge remains strong. Seconds we need to learn how to discover and define this wholeness approach. Your proposals appear to contribute to this objective......I believe your contribution to be important ans wish it well.

Lynton K.Caldwell, Political Sciences, Public and Environmental Affairs, INDIANA UNIVERSITY

Excerpt from an INDUSTRY and TECHNOLOGY overview prepared for a number of people (1993/1994): ... The International Council of Scientific Unions (ICSU) is engaged in numerous activities that should be relevant, I presume you are already in touch with its Committee on Science and Technology, Panel for World Data Centers, etc. An example of what is going on is enclosed article by Heiner Benking of Germany's Research Institute for Applied Knowledge Processing (FAW). His Rubik's Cube of information seems much like WPC s (WORLD PRESS CENTER) although each is still so embryonic that I may be wrong.

John C. O Connor, Senior Adviser, Environment Department, The World Bank

What a background! Dear Heiner: For age info: I am 78. My oldest son is 55 and has very much the same interest as you do. I will ask him to get in touch with you. I will send you info about my book and what I do (and have done) as well as info on the April 98 program in Vienna.

Bela Benathy.
Bela Banathy is the world's foremost expert
on systemics design. When he writes about
systemics, he gathers together everyone. He taught
systemics, and was the president of a graduate school,
now is president of IFSR, ISI, and a member if ISSS.
(summarized by Tom Mandel)

Thank you for the very interesting material. The Magic Roundtable is a marvelous and original idea. It is necessary, but not sufficient to achieve integration, convergence -- an integrative residuum. Something needs to be added. However, for many purposes. The Magic Roundtable as described is wonderful. Your background and work, particularly as map maker, reminds me of the presocratic philosopher Anaximander.

Joseph Engelberg, Office of Integrative Studies and
Department of Physiology, University of Kentucky Medical Center

Mir gefaellt alles sehr gut was sie gemacht haben. .Ich glaube es sollte klar sein, daß es Dinge sind die Sie geamcht haben, aber eben in Kooperation mit uns enstanden sind. Was mir noch fehlt und was ich als Ergaenzung gut faende, waere ein hinweis auf Ueberbevoelkerung. Ich glaube auch, daß dieser Wuerfel, gerde mit seiner Zeitdimension sehr geeignet ist, ..... den Wuerfel koennte man fuer eine Datenbank fuer globale Probleme ganz gut als Zugriffsschluessel brauchen.

Prof. Dr. Dr. F. J. Radermacher, FAW, Ulm

Infoterm Constituent Assembly - We are grateful to your for having assisted the rebirth of Infoterm and should like to thank you again for your advice and continued support. With your help it will certainly be possible .... Looking forward to a close and effective co-operation,...

Christian Galinski, Prof. Dr. Erhard Oeser, inforterm, Vienna

Thanks for your mapping paradigms paper. I read it with great delight. I also appreciate your thoughts on societal evolution, which is of great interest to me. Hope we stay in touch.

Bela H. Babnathy, ISI, Saybrook Graduate School , ISSS

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