Sharing Voices and Times at MAGIC ROUND- TABLES

.... your thoughtful e-mail. The sweep of its thinking is truly cosmic.... my colleges and I are dropping everything else and will try to see how we can arrange our workshop to address the issues you have raised.

In the meantime, may I wish you all success and hope that you would keep sending us the progress of your thinking?

Ashok Khosla, Development Alternatives

The structure of this new form of dialogue is very impressing, because each participant has about the chance for a statement and asking questions. The danger of the typical monologues is avoided. By giving a bonus or incentive (time credits) interesting contributions are invited to make extended contributions. I want to hear more about this method.

Ellen Henseln, UN Climate Summit

a good social invention

Hazel Handerson

a step towards civilised dialogue

Marylin Wilhelm, Wilhelm School International

Mit großem Interesse habe ich Ihren Artikel ueber .... und Ihre soziale Erfindung der 'MAGIC ROUND TABLES gelesen. Sehr herzlich erbitte ich darueber weitere Informationen. Mit besten Wuenschen fuer Ihre wichtige Arbeit .....

Walter Spielmann, ROBERT JUNGK Bibliothek fuer Zukunftsfragen

verblueffend intensiv


This is a wonderful method of time sharing/allocation

John McLaughlin, Findhorn Foundation

... thanks for the papers, I was delighted.... the comments are indeed interesting and it is good that you are associated with the Club of Budapest and ist wonderful inspirer, Ervin Laszlo.

The Right Honourable Lord Menuhin, The Club of Budapest, World Academy of Art and Science

The Open Forum is an innovative idea. It provides an opportunity for speakers and participants to interact. The technology is in place to prevent one person from monopolising the conversation.

Stanley Krippner

Today your envelop with all the interesting reprints arrived. Thank you very much, I look forward...

Yehezkel Dror, Political Sciences, Hebrew University, Club of Rome

I was impressed by your interest in "The Art of Conversation". I have been a student of cybernetician Gordon Pask, the author of "Conversation Theory" and "Interaction of Actors" Theory, (as well as of Bucky Fuller and Julius Stulman's "World Institute") and am myself trying to do development and application work. I would be happy to learn of your activities and explore prospects for further conversation and cooperation, from interlinking sites up to picking some global challenge together.

Dr. Yitzhak I. Hayutman, The Academy of Jerusalem