Other Like-minded Networks

* Institute of Noetic Sciences - Since 25 years, one of the organizations at the forefront of research and education in consciousness and human potential, based on rigorous science. Many networking activities and local community groups.

* Foundation for Conscious Evolution - "The Only Solution is Conscious Evolution. The Foundation for Conscious Evolution has arisen in response to the unprecedented potential of humanity to destroy this world or to co-create a future of immeasurable possibllities."

*World Peace 2000 - A huge effort to establish January 1st as World Peace Day in 2000, and every year.

SpiritWeb - The first and biggest spiritual website on the net. Lots of resources. Classes, chat rooms, mailing lists, archives, member services.

Living Universe Foundation - (formerly First Millennial Foundation) centered around an ambitious project for creating colonies in space.

* Earth Rainbow Network - Earth Concert 2000. "The time has come to revive the Great Hope of a coming together of humanity as One United Family, celebrating with conscious intent the beginning of a new era of Peace, Sharing and Unity for all beings on Earth."

*Action Coalition for Global Change - ACGC facilitates member organizations' working towards global peace; a sustainable environment; equal human rights for all; a just, global economy; and global ethics education.

* The Park - An online community with nearly 600,000 registered members, operating since 1994 based on the principles of complete inclusivity, global awareness and planetary consciousness.

Win-Win World - A New World of Liberation and Abundance.

The ARK - constructing a new economy.

Future Positive - Building a Synergic World through Co-Operation.

.netculture - digital culture networking.

* Global Ideas Bank - Institute for Social Inventions. Leave your socially innovative ideas here.

United Communities of Spirit - networking between religious, cultural and intellectual communities.

Global Visions - Directory of events and projects. Spirit Mesa Community. Music.

Peace Traveler's Network - Part cultural and community centers, part international rest stops PEACE TRAVELERS CENTERS will form a network of self-supported, linked hubs dedicated to affirming the Earth Charter and a culture of peace.

Axiom - The Prophets conferences.

The Whole Systems home page has more information and links (100+) on dealing with whole systems.

The World Transformation home page contains many areas and links dealing with spiritual, economic, ecological or sociological transformation of our world.

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