New Civilization Network

by Flemming Funch, 13 Mar 95.

I have for a long time been interested in disciplines and methods of organization that lead towards the gradual creation of a better world for all of us.

Lately it has become very clear to me that the best method of organization is to have teams of people networked with each other, all with a shared common purpose.

One place this idea is discussed very lucidly is in "The Age of the Network" by Jessica Lipnack and Jeffrey Stamps. They call it the TeamNet approach. Drawing out the benefits from both small groups teamwork, hierarchies, bureaucracies, and most notably networks.

Now, what I am interested in is what, for me at least, goes under the heading of a "New Civilization". That is, a society where the needs or everybody are met, where resources are shared for the common good, where people are free to choose how to live and how to express themselves, where the means of living are in the control of those who need and use them, where people live in harmony with each other and with the planet, and where we together can expand our knowledge, capabilities and enjoyment of life.

Lately I've run into more people who also call this kind of thing "New Civilization" and who work in similar directions. Most recently I've met Leon Vickman of New Civilization Encino, and dialogued with other people from his organization, and I am delighted with what they are working on.

But I'd like to see a lot more of people getting together to work on actual products in this area. More teams that choose to focus on particular elements that are needed for a new civilization, and who will design them, research them, grow them, collect them, or whatever is needed. And then share them with others who are working on other pieces of the puzzle.

I am very happy with the things that are being discussed in a place like the whole systems list, and a lot of it has relevance for this new civilization idea. But what I have in mind with a new civilization network is an additional level of commitment, taking action, and actually bringing some products, some artifacts, or some practically useful information, into existence.

So, what I am asking for here is volunteers, contributors and co-creators of such a thing.

I will create a mailing list for the purpose and we'll make a web area.

What I have in mind is that people choose an area of specialization, of any element whatsoever that is needed in a new, better, civilization. For example, some people will be interested in energy sources or energy distribution, some will be interested in farming, some in education, some in communication systems, some in child rearing, some in ethics, some in construction, some in art. Anything goes. Nobody is in charge, nobody will tell you what you must do. But you will get together as you please with others who are into the same areas. Multiple areas, if you choose. You then work together to do something in that area. Maybe just researching the area, figuring out what is there, maybe inventing something new, maybe simply doing the activity. You then on a regular basis present to the rest of the network what you are working on, what you've found, and in one way or another you will try to make some resources available in that area. If you are in need of resources from other areas you post a request and some other team might be able to provide assistance or resources.

The idea is not that you need to sacrifice your secure life and devote it to such projects. Rather that you find an area that you can pursue in a viable way, without jeopardizing anything, and in which you can add value. If enough people do that, and the results are networked, we will gradually get somewhere. Gradually you will find that more and more pieces of the puzzle get filled in.

Suitable organizational charts or world maps or bulletin boards can give the overview over what areas are covered, and which one's aren't, which teams you might want to join, or which you might want to network with, and where certain resources might be available. Teams can be based on subject, on geographical location, or just on who likes to hang out together. There might be several teams in the same area, and nobody's obliged to join or not join any particular team.

Many of you will of course already be doing things that are needed for a new civilization, and might already agree with such an aim. Some of you are probably full time doing such activities. What I suggest then is that you take a look at what resources or information you are willing to make available to others working on aligned purposes, in a win-win arrangement, without sacrificing your current means of living.

The New Civilization Network is a cooperative network of teams dedicated to building a viable civilization based on freedom of choice, trust, common sense and an increased quality of life for all.

Any of you who are interested in joining or contributing to such a venture, send me a message.

Progress in this activity will be posted on wholesys-l from time to time when they are pertinent, as this is obviously an experiment in applied whole systems thinking.

- Flemming