New Civilization News

 14 June 1995

I will start collecting tidbits I run into of what people are doing that contributes to a new civilization and publish them as an ongoing electronic newsletter here. So, let me hear more about what you are doing or what somebody else is doing that is helping in any fashion in creating a better future world now.

- Flemming

2020 Visions

 Bruce Baumrucker <> holds meetings and workshops in the San Francisco Bay area under the heading of '2020 Visions'. Here is a quote from him:

"This is my current project and I hope will result in a guidebook to assist people talking and thinking about desirable futures. Richard Miles and I have held two workshops so far this year, and we're planning another one on June 17th.

Our society hasn't had a shared image of the future since Kennedy said we were going to put a man on the moon and bring him safely back to earth in this decade. What individual stories and dreams make up our group picture of a desirable future today? How can we find this out? Are there ways people can inspire each other in this process? Here's 2020 Visions' Four Steps:

1) WE WILL FOLLOR OUR PATH OF INSPIRATION (#) 25 years into the future;

2) SHARE IMAGES OF A DESIRABLE FUTURE which allow and support the inspiring activities you hope for.

3) LOOK BACK TO '95 FOR EXAMPLES which are in accord with your 2020 Visions.

4) AND WATER THE GARDEN. Take actions today which support these endeavors."

(#) There are Paths of Inspiration all around: Personal Values you hope for; Inspiring Teachers; Individual acts of courage and concern; Dance, Poetry, Singing, Comedy; Individuals & Organizations doing extra-ordinary things to create a desirable future; etc.

Paul Hoffman's Earth Seals

 Paul Hoffman <> sent me a stack of info on great things he is working on. And he sent me a roll of stickers with planet Earth on, which I am now putting on most of the paper letters I send. This is the story:

(From Knight Ridder News, December 1991, written by Reed Glenn)

"Paul Hoffman was born on an island in the middle of the Nile River (his Dad was in the service). As an adult, he went to California and got a job working with a computer company. One night he had a dream and woke up at 2 a.m. realizing that he should make stickers of the Earth as viewed from space and get them out to people.

He contacted NASA, got permission to use their image, scrounged up his life savings, sent the design to a printer and has since printed about 6 million "EarthSeals" in eight different languages, distributed worldwide by donation.

Why? He says he can't really explain it, but it's to convey the image of the beauty and unity of the planet. "People can put them on their computers or give them to their kids. Many people have never seen the image of the Earth in all its blue glory."

He says people from all over order the stickers -- sometimes 2,000 at a time. "Citizen diplomats give them to rickshaw drivers; students going to Kenya on homestays or Outward Bound trips take them along to give to people," Hoffman says.

Next, he wants to create a live, computer picture of the earth from a space satelite to be continuously shown on television, kind of like MTV. "So people could tune in any time and meditate or remember where we all live."

Positive Projections

Diana Makes <> sent me a copy of her newsletter "Positive Projections". She has been publishing it since April 1994 and it goes out to about 140 people. The readers send in quotes, stories and positive items of any kind. Here is an item from the issue I got:

Peace the 21st

 How to construct a "Thought Image of Peace" on the 21st day of March, June, September and December.

Peace the 21st is a simple, yet tremendously effective non-sectarian concept, given to the world in 1984 by the Ascended Master Hilarion, an enlightened being dedicated to the peaceful evolution of humankind. There is enormous power in thought, the creative force of the universe, and the collective thought form of a large number of people assembled in common purpose is the most powerful energy on Earth to create change. The objective of Peace the 21st is to harness this power in the interest of world harmony and enlightenment four times anually in alignment with the heightened energies at Solstices and Equinoxes. On a foundation of universal cooperation and love can be created a mighty world-wide THOUGHT IMAGE OF PEACE into which our world will evolve. The concept is promoted and supported globally by its members through networking. Remember that true Peace is more than the cessation of war; it is total harmony with All That Is.

Participation is intended to be free and natural. If you are alone though circumstances of choice, link your personal energy in visualization, prayer or meditation comfortably, in conscious alignment with the millions who celebrate Peace the 21st all over the world. In a group situation, simply participate as you usually do in your group functions or arrange a special service if you prefer. AT 7:00 PM local time, bring your thoughts of Peace into focus with loving intent and dedicate the next thirty minutes to the Celbration of Peace.

Please network this material and share this vision.

Childhood Visions for a New Millenium is working on a book and it interested in receiving input. Here is his/her own message:

"I am collecting essays for a new book titled, "Childhood Visions for the New Millenium," and am interested in your viewpoints. The inspiration for the book (the last straw, if you will) was the Oklahoma City bombing. I was so disheartened by all the angry, negative and ugly public discourse in our society that I felt compelled to do something. My creative way of handling it was to invite people from all walks of life, all ages (especially children) to contribute a small essay to the book: their hopes, visions, dreams, suggestions, even full-blow plans. It can be as short as one sentence or a full page. It can be an affirmation, a prayer...anything positive in nature on any subject that effects how our inner and outer world could be made better.

I can't offer any pay but I will keep all contributors posted as to the book's progress. It is my intent to use the book to inspire people to higher thoughts and actions; made the book available to schools and socially-conscious organizations to use as a fund-raising vehicle, and to fund subsequent activities under the "Childhood Visions" umbrella. If you care to contribute something, please include your permission to publish."