New Member Registration

There is an on-line member database for NCN which has the purpose for us all to get to know each other better, and to be able to customize automated services for you. The minimal requirement is that your name, e-mail address, and general geographical location is known. Other information is optional. Your e-mail address will, as a default, not be visible to other members, but you can change that later.

First, to create a member record for you, please enter this most essential information:

First Name Last Name

Your name is needed to at least have a minimal way of addressing you. Enter it with normal capitalization, e.g. John Smith. Leave any titles out here, just your first and last names.

Member ID

Your member ID is used to identify yourself with when you enter the on-line member area, and will also be visible to other members. It needs to be maximum 10 characters, letters or numbers, with no spaces. Most people use something that is easy to remember, like the first part of your e-mail address, or your first initial and last name, or a nickname of your choice. For example: JSMITH or THEARTIST. Capitalization doesn't matter.


The password is used to ensure that nobody can impersonate you or change your information. Only you and the Member List Administrators can edit your recorded information, and some of it might be designated as being hidden from others. The password should be maximum 10 characters, letters or numbers, with no spaces. The password will be converted to lower case letters. Make it something you can easily remember, but not something others can guess very easily. For example: RUFUS521.

E-mail address

It is important to get your e-mail address correct, so that the system can contact you. If this isn't correct we can't find you again. Enter just the address itself, no need to enter your name as part of it. For example: There is always an @ sign in an Internet e-mail address.

When you've entered these three pieces of information, press the Join button below. You will then enter the Member Profile screen where you can enter more detailed information. After you have submitted that form you then get a screen where you can enter any additional message you have, and then you are done. Hopefully the process isn't too complicated.

If you've changed your mind, simply leave this form without pressing Join and you won't be registered at all.

If this is all really too technical for you, you can instead send a message to the Webmaster who will make sure that you get added in the right places.

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